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Week 4 (TNF): Dolphins @ Bengals


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They cleaned-up a lot of the penalties and turnovers this week - and they won handily.  Keep doing that and they'll be fine.  Wish Tee and Reader and Hendrickson had more time to recover.  Burrow got beat up...again.  Gut this one out and enjoy the long week I guess.  Pretty much have to win Thurs at home vs going 1-3, which wouldn't be good at all. 

I don't think Miami's as good as they've looked/played, surprised Buffalo blew that game.  



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The head injury to Tua - I hope he is re-diagnosed and is kept out of the game with what appears to really and truly be a concussion, based on the reaction he had after the hit

Watch the video that Joisey linked - dont have to be a doctor to see the problem

The NFL should be investigating his return to the game, honestly.....but of course, they wont

I usually prefer to beat a team at its full strength, but at 1-2-0 Ill take a W any way I can get it, especially with the chance that Reader and/or Hendrickson will be out

sucks that to get to 50% we have to beat the number 1 team in the AFC


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Mixon needs to find that playoff run mojo he had, and start breaking tackles, pick the gap and run it, quit dancing around in the backfield. I remember he did the same thing last year till later in the year. 

I still really want to see Chris Evens run and catch, not saying he should start, but damn at least give him a play or something. He must have pissed Zac off or something!

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I still think there are way too many negative plays produced by this offense.   Seeing numbers of 15 total pressures yesterday from the Jets.      They are averaging 338 yard per game and quite frankly should have rolled up more yards/points against the Jets.    They need to get this offense in gear somehow. 

IMO, defense has played winning football all 3 weeks.   The Fish are giving up yards on defense so hopefully they can get it going.  The give up run and pass yards.   The have only 6 sacks so far and 4 TOs.

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The running game has been pretty atrocious, I think I'm a little more encouraged than many in Bengaldom seem to be. It hasn't seemed like a constant issue of 1-2 yard carries, but rather it's been wild inconsistency. Mixon started the Pittsburgh game churning up 5 yards a pop reliably, but eventually negative plays screwed his average (and in part the game itself). Against the Jets it was more pronounced. The first run of the game went for -5 yards, and the Jets ended up with seven tackles for loss. That's a particularly problematic trend when you're also surrendering 20 sacks per game.

I think inconsistency is easier to fix than just total ineptitude would be though, particularly when we all knew all along that the offensive line would have to gel (and Joe Mixon would have to gel with them too). A lot of Sunday's Mixon slander struck me as silly and reactionary, as though he is and has always been crap. I've been seeing "Perine is RB1" in the Twittersphere, and I cannot help but laugh. Three months ago it was "how the hell is Perine RB2 over Chris Evans???"

I think Mixon will get it sorted just as the offensive line finds its way. They're all too talented to just be garbage all year. We already started to see some improvement as that game pressed onward. Even before Perine iced the game, Mixon was starting to find some lanes in the second half. Given that the pass protection was also visibly better all day, that's a good omen.

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6 minutes ago, volcom69 said:

The running game is there at times, Mixon is not seeing the field very well. Perine came in and made things happen, he found the holes that the o-line created and ran up for them, where Mixon is not doing that. I would love to see more Chris Evens this week. 

Well tbf Perine also got going against the Jets D after it had been out there for three-plus quarters. I suspect he would have looked a lot more like Mixon if he’d been out there in Q1.

Still, that said, Mixon has not been very impressive so far this season. Yes, the oline sucks, but go look at some of the lines that Corey Dillon and Rudi Johnson had bitd. Joe looks like a replacement-level (or even below-replacement-level) guy right now and he can’t be that given the coin he’s making.

Question is, how long does that paycheck protect his No. 1 status?

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16 minutes ago, AMPHAR said:

Hill calling out Eli Apple already; says he owes him one or something.  

That stems to the last game where Apple stopped them short of the goal line before halftime I believe.
Either way around, I don't really care.  I'm honestly surprised the Bengals are favored in the game.
Whatever though...

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