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  1. General Free Agency Thread

    So another Hopkins, maybe a tick better. Seems like there's real emphasis on interior pass blocking - for obvious reasons. I don't know that they have an OG who excels at it, yet any ways. So, can't fault the logic. At this point, I'd welcome Reiter if they sign him and he's not lost a step or hiding an injury. Seems like a slight upgrade to Hopkins. If nothing else having some quality depth on the interior o-line of some sort would be nice for once. I know Marvin constantly tried to do that here and had a hard time with it, for whatever reason(s). I'm guessing money.
  2. General Free Agency Thread

    Sounds like Hopkins is giving them serious concern, at least to begin the season. I actually haven't read or heard anything "good" about Reiter, was a weak link on that line apparently. But, I'm not that familiar with him otherwise. If these guys are upgrades to what they have, fine.
  3. General Free Agency Thread

    Yeah likely either Hopkins insurance, quality depth, or they plan on losing a C or two. It's possible he's better than anyone at C on the roster currently. I am not sure why he was released though.
  4. Farewell Andy Dalton

    I told you there was something odd about this guy, I picked up on it when he was on Hard Knocks as a rookie. Weird dude. Was working out with his wife. They were the super annoying fitness couple. Didn't seem too bright, as far as general intellect goes. Got that vibe any ways. Now this:
  5. How long before Palmer starts?

    This is 17 years old now. Palmer's fairly long career has already come and gone. Welcome to old age.
  6. Bengals Hire Scout

    Yeah but I think that's probably a best case scenario next sesason. And I'm guessing the improvement will be enough for MB to give him at least another year, if that happens. All Taylor has to do is score points on offense, and find a DC that can perform, so they'll run through those again most likely at some point (D-coordinators) if that group finishes in the bottom half again. I think we've seen this all before, especially in pre-Marvin years. Now if the offense sucks and they only win 2-4 games...different story I guess.
  7. Bengals Hire Scout

    Well, it's something. Could also be a future Tobin replacement.
  8. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    It is, because it's the Bengals. I think the lack of attention paid to the interior o-line will come back to haunt them again this year possibly, unless Carman works out and guys stay healthy, then it's reasonable to think they could at least be improved. But when Spain is your best/most reliable guy, I'd say there's a talent issue there.
  9. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Well you're in fantasy land son. But I think he's considering retirement also, from what it sounded like. MB ain't paying any one to not play for a year. You know that.
  10. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    I don't know what cap space they have left, but they don't seem too active, those top FA G's left are mighty expensive I'm guessing. I can't remember the last OG they signed as a FA that was one of the best available. MB has been almost completely reliant on the draft for the o-line, to a fault. They will need to have some luck if that interior line is going to be any good, i.e. Price and/or Carman or one of the other G's stepping-up. Slim pickins talent-wise.
  11. 2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-Camp Stuff

    Joe better not drop the soap!
  12. 2021 draft grades

    I think it's just the lack of traffic here, especially in the off-season. Sucks, but the cool people still go to forums. Come back when camp starts at least.
  13. 2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-Camp Stuff

    Seems to happen when you target guys who are committed to the game and genuinely want to be great, you can usually see this in how they take care of their bodies and the things they say (for fans). Burrow, Chase, Higgins, Sample and Boyd are great examples of this, as are Hubbard, Bates, and a few others. No Marvin clowns, no f'ing Pac Man idiots, Thurmans' or Burficts here. We can still question Taylor's track record and his ability to succeed in the NFL as a HC, but I won't criticize him for the type of player he's been bringing in in here. You aren't going to lose a playoff game because of boneheads doing stupid things, and that's a good thing.
  14. Round 1 Pick: Ja’Marr Chase, WR, LSU

    Not sure what else you'd say at this point, but all good. Sounds like Sewell will take more time than he should for someone drafted that high.
  15. 2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-Camp Stuff

    Any ways, Boyd is pimping Higgins' improvement: https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2021/05/28/tee-higgins-completely-different-player-bengals-workouts/