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  1. I assume Jake set you straight on those baseless worries?
  2. Round 4 Pick 2/3: Tyler Shelvin, DT, LSU

    Given his injuries and that he has barely ever played, i frankly have mentally moved on from him. Anythingt they get from his is a bonus. Tupou more likely to resume his place in the rotation.
  3. Def feel more upbeat about things involving his selection after reading that.
  4. Round 4 Pick 2/3: Tyler Shelvin, DT, LSU

    I can't get enough of it. Feel SO much better about our ability to try and slow down the AFC North run games with him in the mix behind Reader. It was a massive need on this team. Reader can't do it by himself.
  5. https://theathletic.com/2570351/2021/05/06/its-not-supposed-to-be-easy-behind-the-scenes-of-the-bengals-complicated-scrutinized-nfl-draft-path/?source=emp_shared_article
  6. Post-Draft/UDFA Thread

    This is somewhat interesting to me: https://www.si.com/nfl/bengals/news/bengals-extend-minicamp-invite-to-bethune-cookman-wide-receiver-jimmie-robinson Returns kicks too...
  7. He wasn’t injured per se - there were a variety of Covid issues that derailed his year- listen to the HTPG where Dehner interviewed Mike Potts for details. Being kept away from teaming table and weight room was extremely negative for him among other things. He plays at 305 or more but was down to 287 at one point in the fall. Back up to 306 at his pro day. Being in the nfl with access to nutritionists and the weight room and all that and a frame that can take even more weight will help.
  8. Round 6 Pick 2/2: Chris Evans, RB, Michigan

    He wasn't an off-field problem in Ann Arbor, he plagarized. I don't see him being asked to turn in any term papers as part of his employment for the Bengals.