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  1. General AFC North thread

    I think they get broncos. 49ers game I don’t like our chances in.
  2. They’ve made a step that had to be made this year in my estimation so if they come up short I won’t be mad about it
  3. I don’t think they fall apart but I also don’t think they make playoffs. 9-8 and lose on tiebreaker for wildcard is my best guess.
  4. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    Good luck with the process. This has been as stressful as anything I have done in decades.
  5. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    Pretty chill. Mostly understood why Harbaugh went for it - generally concerned that the tightrope act they've been engaged in with lucky wins is about to come to an end...
  6. General Free Agency Thread

    Golladay left hurt again, that will help.
  7. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    I sold my home Friday and moving trucks here tomorrow - staying local(ish) to Balt City - just moving further north. Caught scattered pieces of the game. I put that loss on Jonah, Chase and Mixon. Just...make plays fellas. Those turnovers are killers and cost us 21 points really.
  8. Props for the Bengals FO.

    Shit - been busy all day and just saw this. Sorry for double post in other thread. Bengals social media team remain awesome.
  9. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    You catch their pods and you will.
  10. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    Football outsiders is so big mad we’ve been good.