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  1. General Free Agency Thread

    Fwiw pff did a piece ranking the top 32 centers about a week ago. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-center-rankings-2021-nfl-season Hopkins is at 17. They only ranked centers who were on a roster but did add this note at the end of the article:
  2. Vikes lower the boom on a recalcitrant coach.
  3. General Free Agency Thread

    Hmmm. Between this and Gaillard I wonder how confident they are in Hopkins making a timely return and/or Price being able to hold down the fort.
  4. General Free Agency Thread

    Camp body with a shot to impress. Fine with me.
  5. Bengals Hire Scout

    First radioactive terror pigs, now: Hurry up with that Lombardi, Burrow, the end is nigh!
  6. General Free Agency Thread

    Stoolers note.
  7. Bengals Hire Scout

    Espn peers into the future and finds (of course) that the Bengals will suck. https://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/id/31812492/nfl-future-power-rankings-2021-projections-all-32-teams-next-three-seasons#CIN paywalled of course, but here’s the Cincy entry. Fwiw the 3 teams below us are Philly, Detroit and Houston. 29. Cincinnati Bengals Overall score: 68.1 CATEGORY SCORE NFL RANK Overall roster (minus QB) 64.8 29 Quarterback 77.3 13 Coaching 64.8 30 Draft 70.5 28 Front office 64.8 30 Why they're here: Reasons for optimism in Cincinnati center around second-year quarterback Joe Burrow and a trio of receivers that reasonably could emerge as one of the best in the NFL. But the offensive line has been troublesome for several years, and this team has been devoid of defensive playmakers for too long. There are several roster holes that need to be addressed in a hurry to maximize the window of Burrow's contract. -- Yates Biggest worry: The Bengals have to protect Burrow. No excuses. No explanations. That means by playcalling, play design, personnel upgrades, helping coach Burrow into getting rid of the ball quicker ... all of it. If Cincinnati can't accomplish that, this franchise will remain where it has been, at the bottom looking up. -- Riddick What could change for the better: The secondary will eventually be good, as Cincinnati has spent big on corners and safeties in free agency. Vonn Bell, Chidobe Awuzie and Mike Hilton can all play, and the team hasn't given up on Trae Waynes, who should return stronger after missing last year due to injury. Pair these pieces with rising star Jessie Bates III at safety and Cincinnati should be a problem for offenses on the back end. -- Fowler Stat to know: Burrow struggled with the deep ball in his rookie season. His 36.1 QBR on passes at least 20 yards downfield ranked third worst, and the Bengals recorded the lowest cumulative expected points added on deep passes (minus-7.9) among all teams. -- Walder
  8. BengalsVision

    Well, yes, of course. If they win, fans will be happy and all the engagement strategies will be enjoyed. If they don’t, no amount of thrones will matter much.
  9. BengalsVision

    I’m not banging on them for trying, I’m chucking at something that reads like a mix of a generic corporate mission statement and a parody of The Incredibles. I’m sure the actual on-the-ground engagement will be fine. But once upon a time I used to have to spend a day or sometimes two (groan) a year in “retreats” with upper management that involved hours of wordsmithing vision statements and mission statements and elevator pitches that came out *exactly* like this: It’s just deeply funny to me to see the same stuff surface again, all these years later, in this context.
  10. BengalsVision

    1 sounds kind of goofy to me but yeah, it will all be in the execution. 2 is definitely a good idea, you see this basically everywhere else.