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  1. All things T.O.

    I feel like Mikey is running a wayward school for divas right now. But I guess we will all see how well this plays out soon enough. I wonder who starts bitching first?
  2. Really can't say I blame the guy at all. I have a feeling as long as their team continues to suck any QB that gets put in there will get the same treatment.
  3. Kentucky Wildcats are #1!!

    It's alright. I'm kinda relieved they took the L. Now that's out of the way the dynasty to come can commence.
  4. Get rid of Palmer

    You draft a guy to light a fire under his ass. But let him go? That's the 118 Million dollar question. Ain't gonna happen.
  5. Just shut up!

    Personally I really don't give a rats ass what a backup linebacker on a 3rd place team thinks, to be quite honest with you.
  6. Rey Maualuga

    Ironic in that before the game he was talking about how pumped he was to play in the playoffs this year his rookie season. Guess that's not happening.
  7. Thanks everyone for your prayers. A hell of a gesture by all. Stuff like this is jaw dropping when you here about it. Again, it's much appreciated.
  8. Well this is going no where fast.
  9. http://video.adultswim.com/carl/carls-pick-bengals-vs-vikings.html
  10. Marvin Lewis mic'd up

    This is the same ref that called the roughing penalty on Smith in that Tampa Bay game that cost us the playoffs, BTW.
  11. That's the bitch about FF. Half the time if you're playing against a Bengal, it makes you root against your own team. Or at least coming up with which player you want to score. It's so weird really. But to answer your question, I start Benson and Ocho.
  12. Official Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread!

    I like how the Ravens don't refer to Indy as the "Colts". They announce them as the "Indianapolis Professional Football Team" during starting line ups.
  13. The Official Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    Time to ball these bitches. Time to drop the hammer boys!
  14. />http://cincinnati.com/blogs/ludwig/2009/11/13/back-off-steelers-fans/