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  2. a bit coincidentally (or not? *laff*) cincyjungle has an article today about my "baseless" worries his weight fluctuations https://www.cincyjungle.com/2021/5/7/22423260/dante-smith-steal-draft-bengals-news
  3. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    saving it up for celebrity gutter cleaning hoping for Paul Alexander
  4. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    Come on now. You don’t have ONE dollar?
  5. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    Yeah, I think they are looking at Sample as Geno replacement with scheme versatility.
  6. I assume Jake set you straight on those baseless worries?
  7. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    I updated my piece on Sample and raised the grade a half letter I am unsure if Sample is mainly an inside guy or mainly an outside guy. Seems to be a bit of both. I like him a lot better as a draft pick if he is mainly a passrushing DT, tho as per above Ledyard sees him as an outside guy and he's not nearly the only one It will be interesting to see how he is used come fall If I had a dollar to bet (sadly, I dont) I'd put it on that he will be listed as a DT with a much higher weight (275 right now) and will back up Ogunjobi. If thats the case, Daniels might be cut. I like Daniels a lot but football is as always a business.
  8. Round 4 Pick 1/3: Cameron Sample, DE, Tulane

    It helps me to understand this pick a bit better if the Bengals are looking at him as a 3TDT instead of a DE I have been looking at him until now as a DE (the listings I have read also say he is a DE) so he admittedly underwhelmed me, and thats even with knowing he was declared defensive MVP of the Senior Bowl so anyway.....3TDT is the the passrushing DT role currently manned by Ogunjobi and Daniels, where Geno was so very effective for so many years (damnit, I miss that guy) A lot of what I have been reading indicates he has been more effective as a 3TDT, so thats good. His weight is sorta tweener-ish at 275.....I mean, Geno was considered light at 290-300.......so this guy just like Smith needs to add some good weight, and quickly. Heck, it might even be a good idea to get these two to room together and get them a personal chef to stuff them both with high quality lean proteins as essentially they both need more mass and more muscle since my main problem with drafting him was that we already had Ossai and I didnt see the need for another DE, Im gonna edit that part of my draft grade now
  9. Thanks for the info, Mem so I did some more research on this guy and I have to say the weight increases over such a relatively short period of time are a little worrisome Said another way - I suspect some of the weight gained (between 287 and 305) isnt good weight, ie pure lean muscle, but I'd also say that this just means he needs some time and work getting his body sized/builtup to NFL standards Can he play at his current 305? I dunno, but hopefully he'll get a ton of snaps in preseason to see how he's progressed. I hope he is hitting the weight room like his life depends on it and chowing down on a ton of lean protein to add about 10 pounds of muscle mass and transform an existing 10 pounds into muscle mass. If he can get himself up to 315/320 in this fashion, we might just might have a heir apparent at ORT. I dont think he makes the roster at 300-305 I am confident Chase will be fine, so the main players I will be watching through all of the remaining time between now and game 1 are Ossai, Carman, and this guy Smith. With Smith, the main question for me is.......do we let him take a year off (on one of the reserve lists) to simply get bigger/stronger, or can he do enough between now and Game 1 to take u a precious roster spot by becoming one of our two swing tackles, meaning either the Big Johnson (also known as Fred) or Adeniji are released. We usually keep 4th round picks, just sayin
  10. Round 4 Pick 2/3: Tyler Shelvin, DT, LSU

    Given his injuries and that he has barely ever played, i frankly have mentally moved on from him. Anythingt they get from his is a bonus. Tupou more likely to resume his place in the rotation.
  11. Last week
  12. Def feel more upbeat about things involving his selection after reading that.
  13. Round 4 Pick 2/3: Tyler Shelvin, DT, LSU

    I hope Wren can come back. Sometimes you just need the biggest strongest baddest dude
  14. Awesome insight into Carman. Thrilled to read that about him.
  15. Round 4 Pick 2/3: Tyler Shelvin, DT, LSU

    I agree, same goes for the Ossai v Jenkins game. Both won on different snaps. That is what happens with quality battles
  16. Round 4 Pick 2/3: Tyler Shelvin, DT, LSU

    I can't get enough of it. Feel SO much better about our ability to try and slow down the AFC North run games with him in the mix behind Reader. It was a massive need on this team. Reader can't do it by himself.
  17. If I still season tix I would be voting Ken Anderson and Boomer. That way the initial group covers the Founder, the HOFer and both your MVPs. I understand the sympathy for Ken Riley but he wasn't the best CB when Lamar Parish was on the team. Also his hallmark stat is a product of playing across from Parish and longevity. Still should have a HOF consideration but I'm putting in League MVPs first that match up with the franchise's only 2 Superbowl appearances.
  18. Round 4 Pick 2/3: Tyler Shelvin, DT, LSU

    I love watching this absolutely huge human just devour blockers.
  19. I think I'll be voting on this, so I'll want to give it some thought. Ken Anderson is obvious, but the other name is tough. I think great arguments could be made for Willie, Boomer, Chad, Parrish, and Riley. I tend to think these players rank the best all-time in their position groups and/or were integral to a Super Bowl run.
  20. Gotta be Ken Anderson and Boomer Esiason
  21. Ok per the .com here’s the choices for this year. Pick 2 to add to PB and Munoz. I’d probably go with Ken Anderson and Issac Curtis. (I’d go Ken & Ken if Riley was still with us but of the older players I’d like to prioritize those who are still alive.) Ken Anderson Willie Anderson Jim Breech James Brooks Cris Collinsworth Isaac Curtis Corey Dillon Boomer Esiason David Fulcher Chad Johnson Tim Krumrie Dave Lapham Max Montoya Lemar Parrish Ken Riley Bob Trumpy Reggie Williams
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