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  1. We are BACK!!

    I usually try and check on the site every so often, but work has been terrible lately. Sorry to everyone that Bengalszone has been down for so long. If it ever goes down again for an significant time, someone please email me at: bengalszone at gmail.com
  2. Just wanted to show everyone a feature that I'm not sure if anyone is aware of. Posting of Twitter posts. The post on twitter will have three dots that if clicked gives you a dropdown list. The click "Copy link to Tweet", next right click the link text and click copy. Then you can paste the link here like the following. Be sure to hit your enter button after pasting the link or it will just be a link and not the actual twitter post like the following. https://twitter.com/pauldehnerjr/status/671165767111548928
  3. Happy Birthday B24!

    Thank You.
  4. Downtime

    Sorry about the excessive downtime. It was due to a hard drive failure and it took them a while to get the backups in place.
  5. Bengalszone Down/Slow

    I got some complaints about the slowness of the site and it was very very slow for me also. Glad it wasn't everyone that experienced it.
  6. Happy 10th Birthday Bengalszone!

    Wow. Seeing that Bengalszone is ten years old makes me feel old. Doesn't seem like it's been that long. The thanks should go to all the Moderators and the all the fans that frequent this site. You are all responsible for Bengalszone being here this long. As long as all of you are here, Bengalszone will be here. Here's to the next 10 years.
  7. Some of you may have noticed that Bengalszone was slow or down today. This was due to being registered at GoDaddy and they've been having DNS server issues today. They seem to be sorted out for the most part now. If you want to be informed of what the problem is next time when the site is down or slow, or is you want to send a message through twitter to notify me of a problem with the site you can follow Bengalszonecom on twitter.
  8. Mid-season Standings & Stuff

    Ranks first by overall wins, then divisional wins, then points for.
  9. We need to refrain from copying and pasting full articles from other websites on Bengalszone Forums unless you have permission from the copyright holder. If you are going to post about an article, post at most a paragraph from the article and a link back to the full article. Make sure you always link back to the full article. There have been many websites getting sued lately by a company named Righthaven. So far they are only sueing for articles from the Las Vegas Journal Review, but you never know when they are going to expand. That said, never post even a paragraph from any article published by the Las Vegas Review Journal. Don't even link to them. Posts will be deleted that don't follow the rules. Here are some articles about Righthaven sueing websites. http://www.techdirt....dition=techdirt
  10. The Forum has been upgraded.

    I've tried to reproduce your issue with older topics showing up in view new content. Once I hit the "Mark Forum as Read" link at the bottom of the page, everything was removed. Also the new board is different than the last in regards to viewing latest content. The old way it would still show this thread on it even if you'd viewed it, it would just eliminate the new post icon. The new way will completely remove the link to the topic under the view new content if you have viewed the content since latest post. I hope that makes sense.
  11. Bengalszone's Fantasy Football Leagues

    I'd like to get a spot.
  12. Favorite Guitarists

    Yngwie Malmsteen Steve Vai Jason Becker Marty Friedman Kirk Hammett
  13. My Brother...

    My condolences to you and your family Mark. I sorry for your loss. If you need anything don't hesitate to ask.