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  1. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    Come on now. You don’t have ONE dollar?
  2. Awesome insight into Carman. Thrilled to read that about him.
  3. Round 1 Pick: Ja’Marr Chase, WR, LSU

    Vegas is usually pretty accurate. I’m putting some money on the touchdowns over side. He fights for the ball, they’ll gadget play him into the end zone a time or two, he’s intensely competitive. It feels more like 8 or 9 tds for him.
  4. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    I’ll take it. We complain about the disrespect from the media, so when they finally complement us, I’ll take it. Also, why is Detroit not on that list, talk about disrespect!
  5. Old Spice ad energy only adds to this touching scene. I wonder if he played any special teams. That’s be a great way for him to stick, just make the roster and let his edge rush game develop over a couple seasons.
  6. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    Agree about Reiff, I’m basically expecting them to re-sign him and let him ease into a backup/mentor role at a pace dictated by the young guys’ development.
  7. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    Levi was good, but could he deal with a six guy casino ambush? No, he could not.
  8. 2021 draft grades

    Still don’t like that trade down though. Have to trust Pollack that he got the guy he wanted.
  9. 2021 draft grades

    I give it an A. That is based solely on the first pick. If Chase plays to the level his tape, athleticism, and motor/ambition indicate is possible, he’ll change games. He’ll be the difference between winning and losing in some games. I give it an A because a whole draft often doesn’t improve a team the way Chase will. The rest of our picks I’m certain will have the usual surprises, some will rise to the challenge and some will bust. Chase makes this draft an A. He can be better than AJ, strange as that seems.
  10. That was one of the most interesting things about the draft I’ve heard. Ozzie supposedly had the opinion there is no way to predict who will pan out, so go for volume. Certainly a different thought process than the normal “Ozzie is a personnel genius” narrative we heard for years.
  11. So far Mike seems to think these 4th round picks are for defense.
  12. Round 3 Pick: Joseph Ossai, LB, Texas

    Definitely looking for teams help with those extra picks.
  13. Round 3 Pick: Joseph Ossai, LB, Texas

    “The pass by QB Joe Burrow is batted and... intercepted by OLB Joseph Ossai! The Longhorns have a good time to take the lead!” (At long last, 4 years of high school French followed by 3 years of college French have paid off big time, just like my dad always told me it would) (Also - if you were taking shop and study hall while I was killing myself in French class you can just install a free translation app on your phone and interpret it faster and more accurately than I can. Thanks dad, you were always so right about everything!)
  14. Pollack must have liked this kid, so I choose to trust his judgement.
  15. Don’t like the fully vaccinated trade down, but as Stripes said, let’s see this big fella play before we hold anything against him. He didn’t ask to be a product of a stupid, self-defeating, trade down.