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  1. a bit coincidentally (or not? *laff*) cincyjungle has an article today about my "baseless" worries his weight fluctuations https://www.cincyjungle.com/2021/5/7/22423260/dante-smith-steal-draft-bengals-news
  2. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    saving it up for celebrity gutter cleaning hoping for Paul Alexander
  3. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    I updated my piece on Sample and raised the grade a half letter I am unsure if Sample is mainly an inside guy or mainly an outside guy. Seems to be a bit of both. I like him a lot better as a draft pick if he is mainly a passrushing DT, tho as per above Ledyard sees him as an outside guy and he's not nearly the only one It will be interesting to see how he is used come fall If I had a dollar to bet (sadly, I dont) I'd put it on that he will be listed as a DT with a much higher weight (275 right now) and will back up Ogunjobi. If thats the case, Daniels might be cut. I like Daniels a lot but football is as always a business.
  4. Round 4 Pick 1/3: Cameron Sample, DE, Tulane

    It helps me to understand this pick a bit better if the Bengals are looking at him as a 3TDT instead of a DE I have been looking at him until now as a DE (the listings I have read also say he is a DE) so he admittedly underwhelmed me, and thats even with knowing he was declared defensive MVP of the Senior Bowl so anyway.....3TDT is the the passrushing DT role currently manned by Ogunjobi and Daniels, where Geno was so very effective for so many years (damnit, I miss that guy) A lot of what I have been reading indicates he has been more effective as a 3TDT, so thats good. His weight is sorta tweener-ish at 275.....I mean, Geno was considered light at 290-300.......so this guy just like Smith needs to add some good weight, and quickly. Heck, it might even be a good idea to get these two to room together and get them a personal chef to stuff them both with high quality lean proteins as essentially they both need more mass and more muscle since my main problem with drafting him was that we already had Ossai and I didnt see the need for another DE, Im gonna edit that part of my draft grade now
  5. Thanks for the info, Mem so I did some more research on this guy and I have to say the weight increases over such a relatively short period of time are a little worrisome Said another way - I suspect some of the weight gained (between 287 and 305) isnt good weight, ie pure lean muscle, but I'd also say that this just means he needs some time and work getting his body sized/builtup to NFL standards Can he play at his current 305? I dunno, but hopefully he'll get a ton of snaps in preseason to see how he's progressed. I hope he is hitting the weight room like his life depends on it and chowing down on a ton of lean protein to add about 10 pounds of muscle mass and transform an existing 10 pounds into muscle mass. If he can get himself up to 315/320 in this fashion, we might just might have a heir apparent at ORT. I dont think he makes the roster at 300-305 I am confident Chase will be fine, so the main players I will be watching through all of the remaining time between now and game 1 are Ossai, Carman, and this guy Smith. With Smith, the main question for me is.......do we let him take a year off (on one of the reserve lists) to simply get bigger/stronger, or can he do enough between now and Game 1 to take u a precious roster spot by becoming one of our two swing tackles, meaning either the Big Johnson (also known as Fred) or Adeniji are released. We usually keep 4th round picks, just sayin
  6. I am sorta kinda perplexed about one thing about this guy: his weight I've seen it reported as anywhere between 287 and 305, which seems like a pretty wide range for a job where weight is a an important part of the overall resume 305 is on the light side......287 is very very on the light side possibly related second question: I see he was out most of 2020 injured. what was the injury? Based on what I am hearing, he needs to fill out his frame with more mass and muscle, and so it almost seems (not that I would wish an injury on anyone) that he'd actually benefit from going on IR for the year and just basically working on getting his body bigger/stronger while absorbing the playbook
  7. Round 6 Pick 2/2: Chris Evans, RB, Michigan

    There is a mentality that allows one to cheat or (alternately) to resist the temptation to cheat, whether it be a term paper or in some other decision one has to make I am hoping he's learned his lesson and moved on.....and for whatever reason, I just feel he has.
  8. Round 6 Pick 2/2: Chris Evans, RB, Michigan

    I absolutely didnt like them casting off Gio, but with Gio gone, I really like this pick. Very low risk, potentially very high returns My only real worry, injury (as with all players) aside, is him staying a solid citizen during his time in Cincinnati. Just guessing here, but I get the feeling he'll run (no pun intended) with his second chance here, just as Mixon has thus far
  9. General Free Agency Thread

    I dont know where we'd put this guy, exactly, but he was a pro bowl alternate in 2019 and a probowler in 2020 age 29, OLT, very durable https://www.si.com/nfl/bengals/news/should-bengals-make-a-run-former-chicago-bears-left-tackle-charles-leno but a durable pro bowl lineman under 30? I think we have to at least put the topic on the table, call him, see if we can get him in for a full medical plus Pollack looksee, etc, like right away
  10. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    We dont tend to see eye to eye on the final results, ever :-) I did complain about the lack of high quality OL picks last year, and well, the Knee........ I dont think we did enough in FA or the Draft to protect him this year either If I had to boil down my evaluation to one line, it'd be that
  11. General Free Agency Thread

    why do I think this is being addressed to me? :-)
  12. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    Borrowing someone else's format here :-) Overall Grade: C- 1 (5): Ja'Marr Chase, WR, LSU: PFF Prospect Overall Rank 6 (first of the WR class), Dane Brugler Overall Rank 4 (first of the WR class) I was never sold 100% on any of the so-called elite picks, which was in part why I was on #TeamTradedown in the weeks leading up to the draft, but i did concede that the odds said we were more likely to get an impact OL at 38 than an impact outside WR, and this alone was the reason why I preferred Chase over Sewell at 5. Tradedown then Chase then Pitts then Sewell. So when Chase was selected, there was neither anguish nor joy for me. The 5th pick was no longer (for me) the key pick of the draft, rather, the key pick was 38 followed closely by 69, both of which needed to be, yep, you know it, you love it, GIMME A LINEMAN. So I give this pick a C+ simply because I dont think we maximized value here, despite opportunities to do so Pick Grade: C+ 2 (46): Jackson Carman, G/T, Clemson: PFF Prospect Overall Rank 48 (10th best Tackle), Dane Brugler Overall Rank 90 (8 best Guard) so if you read above, this pick had to be a dominant OL. More specifically, if you read anything I typed in the previous two weeks, you know how I felt: that it really needed to be a OL who could play ORG this year and take over ORT next year. I am certain that Carman can be our starter at ORG for 2021, but I think it ends there. I dont think he has what it takes to succeed as a ORT at this level. I've heard him speak, and I like the person......seems humble and grounded. And there's nothing wrong with getting an expected starter at ORG (or any position) in round 2. But......I wanted more, and with Sam Cosmi still available at that point in the draft, I believe we had the chance to do better......Cosmi could have made the move to ORT in 2022 in my opinon and played ORG this year. So while they didnt absolutely blow this pick, imo, they could have (and should have) done better. Cosmi would have been an A+ in my book. I am increasing my grade for this pick by a full point for the extra picks received in the trade (even though they did not do well with those extra picks the gained with the trade) Pick Grade: B+ 3 (69): Joseph Ossai, OLB/Edge, Texas: PFF Prospect Overall Rank 60 (9th best Edge), Dane Brugler Overall Rank 46 (8th best Edge) Because they picked a less than good OL in round 2, and because that pick left us uncovered at ORT in 2022, I felt this pick had to be a ORT. No ifs, ands, or buts. Well, it wasnt. I like Ossai a bit, tho as others have pointed out the Tevens Jenkins take is concerning. I will also freely admit that passrushing DE is a need, probably our third biggest need going into this draft. So typically, I would like this pick a LOT......got a fringe starter at a position of need, and the cherry on the sundae.....its a LINEMAN. But for the reason stated in the first sentence of this part, I hate this pick. Not the player, the pick. Meinerz would have been good, even though he's not a OT. Mayfield would have worked, damn those Falcons for taking him one pick ahead of us. Hudson, Spencer Brown, or Brady Christiansen would have worked here. I would have also liked Kendrick Green better, though he is an IOL Pick Grade: C- 4 (111): Cam Sample, 3 Technique/Edge, Tulane: PFF Prospect Overall Rank 88 Overall (13th best Edge), Dane Brugler Overall Rank -- (Brugler only grades up to 100 in his big board) 18th Best Edge This is another one where I don't hate the player, but I hate the pick. We had just taken Ossai, so I see the need at passrushing DE as filled. and to make matters worse, since the Bengals did not take a OT in round 3, from my point of view, that absolutely needed to happen at this pick. Instead they filled a hole that was already filled. I like Cam Sample the player and hope he contributes for many years.....heck, I hope he becomes a star. But he doesnt passblock and I saw this pick as the last one where we had a chance of picking up a starter for the OL. That said, I cant penalize this pick for the same reason I used above....ie if they had picked correctly at 69, there'd be little to none of these outside issues with this pick. I will say I would have preferred Elerson Smith or Jordan Smith for the selected role/position Pick Grade: B- I am writing my evaluation from scratch here because I was rating this guy as a DE, or as it is more commonly said of late, Edge. I now believe his intended spot is pass rushing DT, specifically the 3TDT spot manned for so long and so well by Geno. The pick is a lot more understandable this way, and stuff I have read since my initial evaluation leads me to believe that this is what the Bengals see him as. That said, a number of sources still see him as an outside guy. But...he does seem to be more suited to me to playing inside in pretty much every way I can see except his weight. Geno was a little light playing at 295-300, and this guy is only 275, so he needs to add a lot of good weight to his frame quickly, but hes a bit taller than Geno so he has a bigger frame to work with. It is impressive that he was named the Defensive MVP of the Senior Bowl and best DL of the practice week. That said, he didnt test well relative to that success. And why if he was all that did he play at Tulane instead of a stronger program? I expect we will see him at a 290 pounds or more by the time the preseason games roll around, and playing inside. I do have to add that I like the versatility here......experience playing both inside and outside. I do see it as strongly possible that come preseason game 3, you might see Khalid Kareem let go since he pretty much is a run fending DE only with little in the way of pass rushing ability, and they use this guy in his place. (edited) Pick Grade: B 4 (122): Tyler Shelvin, NT, LSU: PFF Prospect Overall Rank 116 Overall (10th best IDL), Dane Brugler Position Rank 12th among IDL I do feel we could use another DT in the draft this year, in fact I tended to project the 5th pick (which became this pick because of the trade in r2) as a DT in mock drafts I did ....but.... I was looking at 3TDT, not NT. I dont think we need a NT. Unless theres a problem we dont know about with DJ Reader. Since I dont know of any such problem, I see this as a horrid waste of a pick. Dan Moore would have been my pick here - a player with a chance to be our ORT Pick Grade: F 4 (139): D'Ante Smith, T, East Carolina: PFF Prospect Overall Rank 179 (19th best Tackle), Dane Brugler Position Rank 11 (86 overall) We have developmental OTs already. Two of them. Both with some starts under their belt to boot. We need potential starters in r4, not developmental guys like this guy Pick Grade: F 5 (149): Evan McPherson, K, Florida: PFF Prospect Overall Rank N/A (PFF doesn't grade specialists), Dane Brugler Position Rank 1 I'd been talking in the offseason about the age at long snapper and punter, and mused that with the heir apparent at LS already on the roster (Godsil) that we might target punter with a fairly low draft pick, say a 6th or 7th rounder. On the other hand, the Bengals thought highly enough of Seibert to use a valuable roster spot to keep him on the team and not on the practice squad where he could be picked off at any time. Why oh why then did they pick a kicker after showing such confidence in Seibert in 2020, particularly at the end of the year when he got the snaps and Fat Randy was benched. Makes no fuckin sense to me. I think this guy has a 50/50 shot at making the roster, and if not, another team will pull a Jake Elloit and win the superbowl with him. Despite Simmons claims that he couldnt wait til round 6. I say they should have waited til round 6 and picked up a deep speed WR like Fehoko or Stevenson here instead Pick Grade: D+ 6 (190): Trey Hill, C/G, Georgia: PFF Prospect Overall Rank 266 (8th best Center), Dane Brugler Position Rank 8 A developmental OG/OC. We do need a developmental OG/OC. Solid value in r6. I do think Marquez Stevenson would have been a better pick here, tho Pick Grade: B 6 (202): Chris Evans, RB, Michigan: PFF Prospect Overall Rank 106 (7th best RB), Dane Brugler Position Rank 14 Tremendously gifted athlete with some off the field issues with a late round pick. Bernard Scott, anyone? Will they allow him to carry a vibranium shield on the field? He seems like a kid badly in need of a second chance and he will hopefully he will straighten out his off the field issues to earn that chance with the Bengals Pick Grade: B 7 (235): Wyatt Hubert, Edge, Kansas St: PFF Prospect Overall Rank - Not ranked in the top 300, Dane Brugler Position Rank 34 I havent read a single good thing about this guy, but Joe Goodberry seems to like him. I pray he is a special teams demon, as I dont see any other way aside from injury to get him on the roster Pick Grade: F
  13. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    I, uhm, disagree.....especially since the Bengals did very damned little to improve the OL
  14. Round 2 Pick: Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson

    Jeffro Bodine and Guychick what a pair