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    Here is my perspective, if anyone cares. I give the Bengals a solid B+, the reason for a relatively low grade is in a word uncertainty. The Bengals are banking hard on guys becoming better pros than college players and there is some evidence to back that position. If you go simply on college production this is a very meh draft, maybe a C. Here is my breakdown of the drafted players. 1 (5): Ja'Marr Chase, WR, LSU: PFF Prospect Overall Rank 6 (first of the WR class), Dane Brugler Overall Rank 4 (first of the WR class) Everyone on this board knows how I feel about Chase, so I am not going to rehash this argument again. I have him graded as the best overall WR prospect in the last 5 years. A faster / more athletic version of DeAndre Hopkins or DeVonte Adams which is high praise. I think the single greatest need for this offense, in the wake of AJ and Ross and Erickson's departure, was a WR that can win at all levels of the defense, this is something they have not had since....well...I guess Chad and AJ would be the closest but even they did not have Chase's athleticism. Chase opens the field for Higgins, Tate, and Boyd to be their best selves. He also forces defenses to guard the entire field which should open up the LoS for Mixon. All this being said without mention that he has two years experience playing with his Pro QB and they made sweet music together on the playing field in 2019. Pick Grade: A 2 (46): Jackson Carman, G/T, Clemson: PFF Prospect Overall Rank 48 (10th best Tackle), Dane Brugler Overall Rank 90 (8 best Guard) If they would have taken Carman at #38 without gaining draft capital I would have been critical of this pick. However, they eschewed normal Bengals draft philosophy and traded down to a spot they could ensure they would get their man and still pickup needed additional impactful picks (anything for me past Rd. 5 is not impactful because the hit rate on those picks is laughably low). With this said, the Bengals did their homework, identified the guy that they wanted, manuevered the draft to get him at the right spot and maximized draft position. As a prospect Carman is a projection. He has never played Guard in his life. He has never graded (per PFF) above an 80 for an entire season in college. He was a 5 star recruit and the top prep recruit from Ohio in his draft class. He has the tools and athleticism to be great. He seems to be a very bright kid and he is enthusiastic about getting better at his craft. Carman had minor back surgery after the season in 2021 which caused him to miss much of the evaluation season, I believe this is the reason for the relatively low prospect grade. Carman was called a first round pick by Paul Alexander and Willie Anderson when prompted which, combined with Pollack's grade, is enough to convince me that he is a great pick for the Bengals especially when considering they obtained two 4th round picks for sliding back to take him. Pick Grade: A 3 (69): Joseph Ossai, OLB/Edge, Texas: PFF Prospect Overall Rank 60 (9th best Edge), Dane Brugler Overall Rank 46 (8th best Edge) Two things with this pick. One...I wanted them to take another Offensive Lineman here. Two...I watched alot of Teven Jenkins tape and the Okla. St./ Texas game was shown prominently where Jenkins used Ossai as his own personal floormat. On one play he took Ossai from the line of scrimmage and pushed him 10 yards away from the LOS and then continued to push him 5 yards out of bounds. Since Jenkins is the one of the few top tier lineman Ossai faced, I am concerned about his ability to win at the next level. Athletically Ossai is everything you want in an Edge. He is smart, aggressive, hard working, his Relative Athletic Score of 9.49 is elite and his AIM score is the best of this Edge class. I will admit I am holding my breath to see if he can take his athleticism and win in the NFL. Mostly I am still stinging that the Bengals did not use this pick to further solidify the offensive line. Brady Christensen, Wyatt Davis, Kendrick Green, Spencer Brown, Ben Cleveland, Quinn Meinerz, and James Hudson were all taken between Ossai's pick and the next Bengals pick in the 4th round. Particularly with Meinerz, Davis and Green on the board I would rather them have drafted a lineman here. Pick Grade: B- 4 (111): Cam Sample, 3 Technique/Edge, Tulane: PFF Prospect Overall Rank 88 Overall (13th best Edge), Dane Brugler Overall Rank -- (Brugler only grades up to 100 in his big board) 18th Best Edge I love Cam Sample's versatility, he can win on the Edge, he can win inside at 3 Technique. Reading between the tea leaves, I think the Bengals envision Sample to play the Geno Atkins role on the defense i.e. Interior Disruptor. Sample was the defensive MVP of the Senior Bowl eliminating (at least for me) any concerns I had about level of competition. I love this pick. Pick Grade: A 4 (122): Tyler Shelvin, NT, LSU: PFF Prospect Overall Rank 116 Overall (10th best IDL), Dane Brugler Position Rank 12th among IDL This pick confuses me. They have DJ Reader signed to a relatively long contract, Reader is the same kinda player and plays the same role in the defense. I am guessing this was the pick because they were concerned that Reader could be injury prone and last year they had noone else to plug is. Love the Belichek story about him calling out #72 as a must have future Patriot. Did not play college football last year because of concerns regarding COVID but was a key cog in the LSU Defensive Line during their Championship run in 2019. No doubting his ability, it just seems like a high pick for an insurance policy. Pick Grade: C+ 4 (139): D'Ante Smith, T, East Carolina: PFF Prospect Overall Rank 179 (19th best Tackle), Dane Brugler Position Rank 11 (86 overall) Yup, Brugler actually had Smith ranked higher than second round pick Carman, PFF not so much. This pick is all about what might be. This kid only played 78 snaps in 2020 but started as a true freshman in 2018 and 2019. All of his college snaps came at LT which is definitely his natural position. He actually weighed in at his pro day at 295 which is hella light in todays game. He is an explosive athlete (113" broad jump) with long arms (35") and fluid movement but he is RAW, his overall season grades were 63.8 in 2018, 71 in 2019, and (admittedly only one game) 64.8 in 2020...at East Carolina! He needs to gain 20 lbs of muscle before he sees the field in the NFL, he has the frame to handle it but can he add muscle without losing the flexibility and movement skills that makes him special....no one knows. Could be a home run, could be a strikeout, again lots of uncertainity. Pick Grade: C 5 (149): Evan McPherson, K, Florida: PFF Prospect Overall Rank N/A (PFF doesn't grade specialists), Dane Brugler Position Rank 1 Did the Bengals need a high level kicker, yes. Does this guy fit the bill, his tape is strong but who knows. Kicker is THE most volatile position to give a prospect grade. No one knows if, when the lights are on and you are playing in the NFL, you are Justin Tucker or Austin Seibert. I am going to give this grade an incomplete because only time will tell if this was a brilliant pick or a catastrophic one. Pick Grade: Incomplete 6 (190): Trey Hill, C/G, Georgia: PFF Prospect Overall Rank 266 (8th best Center), Dane Brugler Position Rank 8 This is the pick that they had to take because they did not take an offensive line prospect at 69. I know very little about Hill, he was completely off my radar screen coming into the draft. I have read some reports (after the draft) that he is a really good guard prospect, that he is a tough, strong, smart football player whose best is yet to come, others? Meh. Guys that I trust have said that Trey Hill is a major reach at this position, so for me it is a reach of a pick at a position of need. Pick Grade: C- 6 (202): Chris Evans, RB, Michigan: PFF Prospect Overall Rank 106 (7th best RB), Dane Brugler Position Rank 14 Evans evaluation is all over the map. He missed all of 2019 to academic cheating (which he acknowledged and owned). In 2020 he needed to win back his job (which Harbaugh did not make easy) and he only got 16 rushing attempts in 2020 (with 10 targets in the passing game of which he caught 9). Evans 2018 tape was very promising with 423 yards and 4 TDs rushing on 81 attempts (5.2 YPC) and 18 catches on 19 targets for an additional 148 yards. Athletically this is a slam dunk. His RAS Score of 9.85 was the second highest of the drafted RBs (behind Kene Nwangwu) ahead of Travis Etienne, Michael Carter, and Javonte Williams. Evans runs good routes and is an easy catcher of the football in the passing game. He is a very capable blocker as well and has the size to stand up in the passing game (5'11" 211 lbs). He was initially recruited as a slot receiver to Michigan. This pick is all guesswork, his body of work suggests he shouldn't be drafted but his measurables suggest he is a second round talent. At this point in the draft it is a risk worth taking. Pick Grade: B+ 7 (235): Wyatt Hubert, Edge, Kansas St: PFF Prospect Overall Rank - Not ranked in the top 300, Dane Brugler Position Rank 34 Middling Production from a middling athlete (5.99 RAS) at a middling program who has a big time attitude. This pick screams Practice Squad. With 14 d lineman on the roster right now (15 with Kerrigan) Hubert has next to no chance to make the final 53 but he is worth a flier at pick 235 because he is a reported football junkie and a great hair on fire persona. Pick Grade: Meh (let's face it, no 7th round selection is going to make or break your draft) Notable UDCFA: Pooka Williams, RB, Kansas - had a very draftable grade by both PFF and Dan Brugler (153rd overall by PFF). He is a Gio Bernard clone, quick, fast, small has a chance to stick Pro Wells, TE, Texas Christian - Also had a draftable grade from PFF...short, slow, TE who can do a little of everything. I don't even see him as a PS Drew Christman, P, Ohio State - Was Dane Brugler's 4 best graded Punter, could stick...Hubert is getting old. This is the clip of Teven Jenkins murdering Joseph Ossai. https://youtu.be/dw5E8Pks17g
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    Interesting to see how far Wyatt Davis has fallen in this process, two months ago he was a fringe 1st rounder. I still think he would be a great pickup in the 3rd or 4th. I have 12 OL with a first round grade in this class, i.e. I have 12 linemen that in an average class would be a first rounder. They are in order: Penei Sewell Rashawn Slater Alijah Vera-Tucker Christian Darrisaw Tevan Jenkins Landon Dickerson Dylan Radunz Alex Leatherwood Sam Cosmi Liam Eichenberg Walker Little and Creed Humphrey On average 5-7 olinemen go in the first round and 4-6 go in the second. If we break down this class here is the way I see it playing out 5 QB's are almost certain to go in the first round. At a minimum 5 WRs are going to go probably more (LV betting line is 5.5). Leaving out linemen for the moment, 1 TE will absolutely go (Kyle Pitts), I believe three LBs will go in the first round at a minimum (Michah Parsons, J.O.K., and either Nick Bolton, Jamin Davis, or Zaven Collins). IDL I think only one will go which will be Barmore. Edge we should have 4-5 at a minimum (at minimum Paye will go, Ojulari will go, Jaelan Phillips will go, and at least one of Ronnie Perkins, Tryon, Rousseau, Oweh or Basham with the ones that don't going high in the 2nd). That leaves Oline and DB, historically 5-7 of each go in the first round. In this draft I think only one safety goes (Moehrig) but Surtain, Horn, Newsome, Farley, and Samuel all go in Rd. 1. So out of 32, 5 QB, 5 WR, 1 TE, 0 RB, 1 DL, 4 Edge, 3 LB, 1 S, and 5 CB this is 25 picks minimum which will leave 7 picks for offensive line at most. Sewell, Slater, Darrisaw are all locks, I think Tackle gets priority over IOL so I think Jenkins is also likely a lock which is 4, I think Vera-Tucker goes as well thats 5.....then it will come down to all the fringe guys at other positions and 2 of the other tackles and/or Dickerson at most....every other linemen will drop into the second round. I have 40 players in this draft with a first round grade so it is possible only the 5 locks go for offensive line in the first which will leave a a cornucopia of linemen available to us at #38....especially when you throw in guys like Meinerz, Carmen, Mayfield, Wyatt Davis, Trey Smith and Cleveland which I have as having second round grades and Hudson which I have as still starter quality in the 3rd. Even if we have 7 olinemen go in the 1st and 7 olinemen go in the 2nd (which would be historic) someone really good is still going to be available to us at #69.
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    I think it speaks volumes that they identified him early and did their homework. It really doesn't matter what Mel Kiper, or Daniel Jeremiah, or I think of the prospect, only what the coaches think. Frank Pollack has been coaching offensive line for 40 years, seen it all and stuck his neck out to draft this guy. They spoke to his line coach in college, his head coach in college, his HS coaches, the guys that he was training with and his surgeon. They had many zoom meetings and decided that out of a very deep offensive lineman pool Carman was the guy they needed. They didn't panic and just took the next guy on their list and they didn't half ass the preparation. This is their guy and I am perfectly comfortable with the process they used to choose him. And one other thing,. People are talking about this as a huge reach. I have seen no mock draft that did not have Carman drafted in the second or third rounds, at pick #46 that was not a reach....it would have been at #38 so kudos to the draft team analyzing the board dropping down, getting extra impactful draft capital, and still getting the guy they wanted.
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    For locals: apparently this is up on the big digital advertising board on I-471
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    Yes this is Paul. The way you handed that ketchup bottle to me tells me all I need to know about you as a football player. We’re drafting you in the 5th round. Here, handle this mustard bottle so I can determine if you can help us on special teams.
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    this is exactly the reason you take Chase in the first. It is highly likely that Marshall and Bateman are gone by #38, it is an almost certainty that Waddle, Chase and Smith are gone. Even if one of the five slips into the 2nd round they will likely be snapped up before we get to our pick. If those five WRs are gone, the well is pretty dry at #38, you can always double dip on the oline, that would be fine but that leaves the WR group lacking much needed athleticism. Schwartz and Brown ran very simplified routes in college, they did not have much of a route tree and were purely vertical guys in college. Schwartz is John Ross 2.0, bad hands, can't run routes, concentration lapses....will get over drafted because of speed. Brown is a better prospect but because he was used almost exclusively as a vertical threat in UNC's offense, you have no idea if he can run good routes or not. On top of that Brown is not shifty and can't shake guys after the catch with only 4.9 yards after reception. Chase can do everything at an incredibly high level, you take him at 5 because he makes every play look better.
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    While I've not bothered with grades, I am sitting here trying to find a pick that I truly do not like. I'm not really the orange-colored glasses sort, and yet I am struggling to find one. If I really stretch hard I might be able to find a gripe with Ossai, just given that he struggled most against NFL-caliber opposition. That doesn't feel like a meaningful insight to me though and I don't care about it. I am cool with that pick too. Perhaps on the same note I am not ecstatic about any pick either (I rarely am save for Joe Burrow; I'm dead inside). They're all just solid, quality picks or at least acceptable. My favorite pick of the lot, at least relative to draft position, might even be Shelvin.
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    Levi was good, but could he deal with a six guy casino ambush? No, he could not.
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    I also think that a lot of folks are sleeping on just how excellent a pick D'Ante Smith was. He's a PERFECT developmental RT. Had excellent length and feet. I can't wait for him to spend a year learning from Reiff.
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    I think folks in the fanbase and the media drastically undersell Riley Reiff too. He might not be incredible, but he’s damned solid. If he only ends up here for one year then it won’t be the end of the world. The Bengals have given themselves options. 1) Carman kicks out 2) They draft an RT in 2022 3) They sign an RT in 2022 That’s assuming we don’t see another pickup before preseason and ignores Hakeem Adeniji, who I quite like. And I don’t think extending/resigning Reiff is impossible if he plays up to last season’s form.
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    I am reasonably happy with this pick, tho I have to say this pick was only necessary due to the moronic decision to let Gio walk. Said another way -- while I am not unhappy with this pick, I'd have preferred Gio to be on the roster still and lets say a deep speed receiver taken here instead all that aside......seems like a quick twitch high end athlete who desperately needs a second chance, and he'll hopefully get one with the Bengals.
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    I am ok with this. I did not want Carman at #38 but picking up two additional 4th rounders and Carman I will take. I think their thought process on Jenkins might be this. If you break down the film on Jenkins he take a huge kick step to setup which works for Tackle but is a major problem at Guard. I think, knowing that they were going to start whomever at RG they took a guy that had better traits but that still had the ability to play RT down the road. Let's wait to see how the rest of this draft plays out....I trust Pollack's evaluation and they would not have passed on Jenkins if the guy they were targeting wasn't graded similarly on their board. Keep in mind also that they had good local info on Carman.
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    I really do believe Atlanta is leaking this to try and get the Bengals to give up some draft capital to take the 4th pick. Fine you take the second best non-QB in the draft, I will take the best....for me it is of little concern, either way we get an impactful skill position player that will come into the league as the best player at his position in the division.
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    Best mock I have ever run in the PFF simulator. 1) Chase 2) Leatherwood 3) Humphrey 4) Davyion Nixon, DI, Iowa 5) Elerson Smith, Edge, Northern Iowa 6a) Dylan Moses, Mike, Alabama 6b) Jermar Jefferson, RB, Oregon State 7) Terron Jackson, Edge, Coastal Carolina. If the actual draft would fall like this, I might drive to Cincy and kiss Mike Brown on the lips.
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    And here's Peter King's final mock:
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    Lap then backtracked and said Chase. He said both. He doesn't know.
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    At the risk of sounding like another poster, I would very much like them to hit o-line again in the third round too.
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    The more I hear from ESPN the more I believe that they REALLY don't want a high octane offense in Cincy because they will have problems marketing that. It would be funny if the AFC were ruled by Buffalo, Cincy, and Cleveland ala the late 80's for the next 10 years.
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    They already have a WR 1
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    I guess I am off Geoff Schwartz's holiday card list now, lol.
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    Mike Greenberg's argument is the poster child for a logical fallacy called "false dichotomy". If taking Ja'Marr Chase meant that the Bengals were going to start the 2021 season with the same oline that they had in 2020, he would be right. That ignores the possibility that they could take an olineman in the second or the second and third or fourth round that has a first round grade, this is a historically good Tackle draft. That ignores the fact that the Bengals signed Riley Reiff or fired Turner and hired Frank Pollack. That ignores that free agency is not over. Want stats? here's one.....a Top 10 WR is has double the WAR value as a Top 10 Offensive Tackle in the NFL today. Also, Ja'Marr Chase is seen as a much better overall prospect than Penei Sewell by almost the entire NFL (citing Bob McGinn's excellent article, copied in this thread so I will not recount it, just summarize). Chase is one of two WRs in recent memory with a perfect 80 rating by the NFL Scouts Bob has polled, the other? HoF Calvin Johnson. Sewell on the other hand is not even the consensus best Tackle in this draft, there are elements of his game that are concerning (footwork, hand placement) and elements of his physical stature (sub 34" arms). Comparing Relative Athletic Scores, Ja'Marr Chase has a 9.81 which is second in the WR Pool to Central Florida's Jacob Harris, Sewell? 11th out of the Tackles with a good, not great, and certainly not generational, 8.99 behind other likely post-first round Tackles like Spencer Brown, Sam Cosmi, Brady Christensen, Dillon Radunz, and Alex Leatherwood. Does that sound like a generational OT to you? As far as draft grades, Wirfs, Thomas, and Willis all are graded higher just last season (Thomas had a sub 50 grade for his rookie season). The question is....why is ESPN pushing this narrative that Penei Sewell is the only acceptable choice? We are hearing this from not only Mike Greenberg, but also Dan Orlovsky, and Mike Tannenbaum. Is it because they hate the idea of having the most marketable players playing for the Bengals? Is that why they tried the sell the narrative last year that Burrow wouldn't sign with Cincy? It is ok to think Sewell is a better choice for Cincinnati, but, to say that even exploring the idea of taking a generationally good WR Prospect that has a great relationship to your franchise QB is some sort of heresy....well that is ludicrous to the point of being insulting.
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    What wraith said, times 100. I appreciate the effort, sir, you do great work.
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    Here final take on the NFL Draft for the Bengals. They are going to have a tough pick at #5. Ja'Marr Chase and Penei Sewell will both be there, IMHO. ATL will either trade out of the pick or take a QB themselves or take Kyle Pitts, 99.99999% certain of that at this point. No one is trading up to #4 to snipe us. If they do what the pundits are suggesting they do, it will be a very good pick. They will take the best player at the greatest position of need. They will cement the oline for the next several years. They will be lauded for doing the right thing and they will get an easy "A" in their draft grade. When I started my draft prep for 2021 it was Penei Sewell or bust. That said, the Bengals will have yet again not maximized their draft position. They have stayed put and drafted the safe player...and I do believe Penei Sewell is a safe player. I believe Penei Sewell (barring injury) will be a multiple pro-bowl tackle in the NFL. I also believe there will be several pro bowl tackles coming out of this draft and I am certain that at least one of them is going to be available at #38. There are 4-5 game changing X WRs (depending on how you characterize Jaylen Waddle) in this draft pool....that is it. The best of them is Ja'Marr Chase who will certainly go top 10. Devonta Smith will not make it past 10 either. Waddle will not make it past the top 15. That leaves Rashad Bateman and Terrace Marshall, III. there is a 50/50 chance that one of those two will slide out of the first round but...first round isn't good enough because JAX, NYJ, and SF will pounce on whichever of those guys slips to pair with their new shiny QB and I am 100% certain that none of those 5 will be there at #38. Is that the end of the world? no. But the offense will stagnate without a guy to stretch the field deep, that has to be accounted for however he lines up and whatever route he runs. Not only will you not be maximizing Burrow but you also will not be maximizing your investment in Joe Mixon because teams do not today have to honor the deep field, no one on this roster is going to be able to consistently go vertical on them. There is no one that can sustain deep separation. Boyd can get separation because of his quickness but on deep routes DBs have the time to make up the ground so he is best utilized short and intermediate. Tee Higgins has absurd body control (ala AJ Green), great hands and runs great routes, that makes him an ideal Z but he is slow by NFL standards and is easy to take out of the game if used as the primary. So my ideal draft for the Bengals looks like this. 1 (5): Ja'Marr Chase, WR, LSU - no further explanation necessary 2 (38): Alex Leatherwood, OG/OT, Alabama - I chose Leatherwood because I believe he will start at LG. He has experience at the position and has familiarity with Jonah Williams. He also has the length and quickness to rotate to RT in 2022 after Reiff signs elsewhere. 3 (69): Creed Humphrey, OG/C, Oklahoma - team leader, captain. Absurdly athletic for the position, can play multiple positions. 4 (111): Elerson Smith, Edge, UNI - Here comes the run on defense, Smith is long, fast, strong....great college production, this is a Carlos Dunlap pick. Smith fits the Bengals mold for Edge rusher to a tee. 4 (138): Alim McNeil, DT, NC State - I trade my 5th and second 6th round selections to get back up into the late 4th to take a player that will likely not be available into the 5th. McNeil reminds me strongly of Geno coming out of Georgia. Great player. 6 (190): Jose Borregales, K, Miami - Need a younger option, not worried about spending a 6th round pick. 7 (235): Shemar Jean-Charles, CB, Appalachian State: Getting our obligatory CB. Jean-Charles is a good small school option and a great option in the early 7th.
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    I think guys are trying to sell the narrative that the Bengals NEED to draft Sewell, so they are giving guys to the Bengals at WR #38 that just don't make sense. They have statistically the best slot receiver in the NFL (seriously look at PFFs statistics in the slot), they do not need another slot guy, they desperately need an X. A do it all guy who can be a threat at all levels of the field, they do.not.have.that.guy. They threw the ball 102 times to AJ to force that but AJ wasn't that guy in 2020. You put Chase on that team last and throw him the 102 passes you threw to AJ, we win 7 of the 10 games we played with Burrow last season before the injury. It really is that simple.
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    Deep in slot receivers. Not deep in outside #1 guys. I was listening to some draft guys say you take tackle early because you can get your wideout later and I am thinking, are you looking at 2020 instead. This draft ain't that one. I think it was Steve P. From PFF.
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    Charles Davis thinks 6 edge players go first round. I hope that’s the case.
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    Chase is 6' 0 3/8" which means he is 5/8" shorter than Chad Johnson, he also has long arms and a 41" vertical which means his catch radius is about that of AJ Green..... https://relativeathleticscores.com/ras-information/?PlayerID=9213 https://relativeathleticscores.com/ras-information/?PlayerID=17555
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    We need a WR1, there is no option better than Chase. OL is the deepest class in this draft and the team has already signed Reif for next year. Im fine going OL 2nd and 3rd, but it has to be Chase if he is there.
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    Billy would be proud
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    I love him as a third round option, not so much in the second, where he is likely to go, just not alot of game tape and what is there is against DIII
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    My dream scenario as well with some slight amendments. Chase/Pitts, BOTA, BIOLA, BDPA Something like Chase, Leatherwood, Humphreys or Wyatt Davis, Milton Williams
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    Josh Dubow on Twitter just noted that Gio leaving completes the Palmer trade. We got 8 years out of Gio and 8 years out of Kirkpatrick. Really strong move by Mike Brown there. Took a player who wasn’t going to play for us anyway, and instead of cutting him, he really made an amazing move. I bash Mike but have to give him credit on this one.
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    Hey - did you all hear/see the reported measurement of him with sub 33” arms is wrong? Paul Alexander said he measured him at 33 1/4 and that was verified by another party. i have him sticking at guard but if his measurements really are 33 1/4 for arms he could definitely help back-up tackle spots. "I measured his arms at 33 1/4", the 32 1/2 measurement was wrong. The 33 1/4 was later confirmed on April 15th. Same thing happened with Joe Thomas' measurements."
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    They're going to take the Clemson guy anyway, so I think the sweating is probably moot.
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    Better be a trade down or third round.
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    It has the potential. What about the Chad Johnson in the 2nd round or Housh in the 7th year?
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    Joe texted him today and said "pack your bags."
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    Listen to these cry babies talking like the bengals didn’t add any o-lineman in free agency. Didn’t realize there was only 1 lineman in this draft. Keep crying ESPN lol
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    I’d just like to point out that Eichenberg is a dead ringer for Mr. Incredible.
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    Baltimore can have Marshall. They absolutely never get first round receivers right.
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    Change the BOTAs and BIOLAs to just "BOLA" and I'm on board.
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    That Tweet is the most Chad Johnson thing I've ever seen, and it's been a while.