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  1. Round 4 Pick 2/3: Tyler Shelvin, DT, LSU

    I love watching this absolutely huge human just devour blockers.
  2. I think I'll be voting on this, so I'll want to give it some thought. Ken Anderson is obvious, but the other name is tough. I think great arguments could be made for Willie, Boomer, Chad, Parrish, and Riley. I tend to think these players rank the best all-time in their position groups and/or were integral to a Super Bowl run.
  3. Round 1 Pick: Ja’Marr Chase, WR, LSU

    Oh yeah. Much more plausible then.
  4. Round 1 Pick: Ja’Marr Chase, WR, LSU

    Those numbers would top AJ Green's rookie season. I'm hesitant to buy that, though even 10 years ago the league was less pass-insane than it is now. If Burrow throws nearly as much as he did last season we could sleepwalk to three 1,000 yard receivers.
  5. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    While I've not bothered with grades, I am sitting here trying to find a pick that I truly do not like. I'm not really the orange-colored glasses sort, and yet I am struggling to find one. If I really stretch hard I might be able to find a gripe with Ossai, just given that he struggled most against NFL-caliber opposition. That doesn't feel like a meaningful insight to me though and I don't care about it. I am cool with that pick too. Perhaps on the same note I am not ecstatic about any pick either (I rarely am save for Joe Burrow; I'm dead inside). They're all just solid, quality picks or at least acceptable. My favorite pick of the lot, at least relative to draft position, might even be Shelvin.
  6. Round 5 Pick: Evan McPherson, K, Florida

    Yep Hoosier posted it on the first page. I hope the gap between the uprights proves to be as lucky.
  7. General Free Agency Thread

    Bears fans seem to hate the guy, like he’s their own Hart. I have no idea whether or not that’s valid.
  8. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    It’s fine TJ. Maybe four years from now your views won’t look pessimistic. The only thing that I think you got wrong was McPhearson (wrong as in independent of your opinion, which can validly be anything — I disagree with much more). I think we’ve already received evidence contrary to Jake Elliot part 2. This does suggest however that you may never, ever like a Bengals draft. Even if they give you lots of linemen, it will always be unlikely that it’s the exact specific linemen you wanted. I can’t imagine you’re one to get your hopes up, and perhaps you never should. :P
  9. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    Sounds like Carl Lawson to me.
  10. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    I think folks in the fanbase and the media drastically undersell Riley Reiff too. He might not be incredible, but he’s damned solid. If he only ends up here for one year then it won’t be the end of the world. The Bengals have given themselves options. 1) Carman kicks out 2) They draft an RT in 2022 3) They sign an RT in 2022 That’s assuming we don’t see another pickup before preseason and ignores Hakeem Adeniji, who I quite like. And I don’t think extending/resigning Reiff is impossible if he plays up to last season’s form.
  11. Round 2 Pick: Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson

    Isn’t it neat that he’s only the second or third worst center we’ve had in the last 15 years? Price gives him a run, but neither holds a candle of suck to Ghiaciuc.
  12. Round 5 Pick: Evan McPherson, K, Florida

    Perhaps they've learned directly from the Jake Elliot incident. That may have been Marvinball anyway.
  13. 2021 draft grades

    I tend to find draft grades to be ridiculous (we know absolutely nothing), so I choose to give it an A+.
  14. Round 6 Pick 2/2: Chris Evans, RB, Michigan

    I suspect Buckeye bias is present in this thread. He probably starts low on the depth chart anyway behind Perine and Williams, so anything he contributes is already golden.
  15. I’ve just never cared much about who in drafts. I’m much more interested in what (position). The more recognizable names might make us feel comfortable, but that’s only on the basis of worthless mocks and prognostication from people who don’t actually make picks. I mean no offense to anyone when I say: I strongly doubt anyone here has seen enough tape of any fourth round pick to assess who. This is an offensive lineman. Cool. I hope he’s good. /end thought process