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  1. Farewell Andy Dalton

    Funny guy.
  2. Yes, the Bengals Actually Are Snakebit

    I think it is playing surface and what they are practicing on. Burrow raves about how good the training staff is, so if we are to believe him then it almost has to be the turf they play on. Most of it is lower leg injuries, knees, ankles, though Jonah Williams was a shoulder.... It is also odd that we can pick guys like Jonah Williams or Billy Price who never missed a game in college due to injury and when they get to the Bengals poof, brittle as glass.
  3. Yes, the Bengals Actually Are Snakebit

    Shit, man, you had me scared that we lost someone important to a terrible knitting accident or something,
  4. 2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-Camp Stuff

    They got the guy they targeted at the right position, they have so much more information at their disposal then we do I just hope that they get this right. Our recent track record at the position isn't great. Ogbuehi, Fisher, Price etc. The thing that makes me more confident about this pick is that they had a ton of information on him, HS Coaches locally, Tee Higgins a recent team mate, training with a former Bengals great and a former Bengals Oline coach. They clearly were all in on this kid, in particular otherwise, they would have taken Jenkins when he dropped, let's just hope the analysis works.
  5. 2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-Camp Stuff

    Great write up from Paul Dehner Jr. on Michael Jordan. It is locked behind the pay wall but the jest of it is the guilt Jordan felt about getting beat by Johnathan Allen to cause Joe's injury and the work he has put in to make it right. the best part is this bit. “First thing I did was I apologized to Joe,” Jordan said. “I told him he was not going to hear any more words from me. Just actions. I can tell him I’m going to do better. He doesn’t want to hear that. He wants to see it. I’ll prove what I’m saying and my convictions this upcoming season. Not a whole lot of talking; I’m just going to show it.” When the text from Jordan dinged Burrow’s phone in the days after the quarterback’s ACL surgery, it went between two players who have known each other since Jordan arrived at Ohio State in 2016. Burrow was a class ahead of Jordan and one of the players he knew best when Burrow arrived in Cincinnati as the No. 1 pick in 2020. “He really just said thank you, I appreciate it,” Jordan said of Burrow’s reply. “He told me he loved me, and I told him I loved him too. There’s always love between me and Joe Burrow. He’s a great guy — hell of a guy. I just really don’t have anything else to say to him; I just want to show him. That’s all I want to do.” It is a really good if you have a subscription to the Athletic (and I really encourage that), very much worth reading. https://theathletic.com/2642752/2021/06/10/i-took-it-really-personal-bengals-guard-michael-jordan-motivated-to-move-past-his-darkest-moment/?source=dailyemail&redirected=1
  6. 2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-Camp Stuff

    Ossai has also signed, per PFT which means the entire draft class is now signed.
  7. Round 1 Pick: Ja’Marr Chase, WR, LSU

    One of the things I worried about in the pre-draft process about Sewell is that his workout at the pro day did not look like the beast that we saw on tape. After taking a year off football you wondered about how hard he was working at his craft, never had any similar concerns about Chase not only because videos of his workouts were all over the internet but also he showed up at the pro day workout ripped and extremely athletic. Whereas Sewell's numbers were significantly worse than I expected, Chase's were much better. It would not shock me if we look back in five years to find that Sewell has "big daddied" his way to a mediocre NFL career while Chase and Slater are perennial all-pros.
  8. Can absolutely find 53 NFL players on this roster, good job of re-building this roster, now to find more good/great players but I think we have a chance with the folks on this roster to have good to great players on every level of the offense and defense, very exicted for the future which is not something I said two years ago.
  9. General Free Agency Thread

    Belichek has signed quite a few Bengals and he is pretty much striking out (with the exception of Corey Dillon)
  10. Round 2 Pick: Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson

    It's about maximizing draft position. Carman was ranked in most draft guides in the 40-60 range (PFF had him at 48), you take that guy at #38 and you are not maximizing draft position, take him at #46 and get two additional 4th rd picks and now we are cooking with gas.
  11. Round 2 Pick: Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson

    Jackson really came on at the end of last year, if you are looking at his 2019 tape, he did really struggle against speed rushers. It's his commitment to the position and his drive to get better that really impresses me. He takes nothing to chance and has been working at his craft very hard in the offseason, if that drive continues he is going to be a great pro.
  12. 2021 Schedule Release Day

    The first six games are definitely winnable and then beyond that with an infusion of confidence, who knows what we can do.
  13. Round 1 Pick: Ja’Marr Chase, WR, LSU

    By the way, Sewell has tested positive for COVID and will not appear at the Rookie Camp. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/05/12/penei-sewell-says-he-tested-positive-for-covid-19-wont-attend-rookie-minicamp/
  14. 2021 Schedule Release Day

    All time the Vikes lead the series 7-6-0 so hopefully it is our season and we can even it up. In 2017 (the game I attended at US Bank Stadium here in Minny) the score was 34-7 and it wasn't even that close. The Bengals were sleep walking through that game to the point that the Vikings players were laughing about it on the sidelines. It looked like that had completely given up. In 2013 the Bengals abused the Vikes 42-14....that is probably the Lewis game you were referring to (though both 2013 and 2017 teams were coached by Marvin). Actually, almost none of the games in the series have been close. Here are the scores from the last 5 matchups. 2017: MIN 34 - CIN 7 2013: CIN 42 - MIN 14 2009: MIN 30 - CIN 10 2005: CIN 35 - MIN 8 1998: MIN 24 - CIN 3 At least a 3 TD difference in every game.
  15. 2021 Schedule Release Day

    The talking heads up here in the Cold North are chalking week one as an easy win for the Vikes. I hope we choke them on those words, otherwise I am in trouble around the watercooler on Monday. Actually think it works out to be a pretty good matchup for us week one. They had a anemic pass rush last year and their best Edge is threatening a hold out (Danielle Hunter) and their CBs also took a hit with Jeff Gladney (their first rd. pick from last year) likely being banned from football due to a REALLY bad domestic violence issue. They are reviving the corpse of 79 year old Patrick Peterson to be their CB on the X and I have to say, I like that matchup (Peterson v. Chase). All hinges on our ability to stop the run because they will try to pound Cook down our throats. I will say however, the last time the Bengals played the Vikings I was at that game and it was down right embarrassing to be a Bengals fan that day....totally gave up....