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  1. Bengals vs Denver 12/2/18

    Fire Marvin. Hire Mike!
  2. Other NFL games.

    Again. At home this time!
  3. College Football Thread

    Nope. Ohio State is the winner.
  4. College Football Thread

    I may have spoken too soon again. Northwestern roaring back!
  5. College Football Thread

    OSU has this one. It probably won't be enough to get them in the playoffs though.
  6. College Football Thread

    Here comes the Buckeyes vs Wildcats.
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    The Tide continues to roll.
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    Holy shit. TD Alabama!
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    Alabama ties it up!
  10. College Football Thread

    May have spoken too soon.
  11. College Football Thread

    #1 Alabama is getting whipped!
  12. Dalton to IR and Savage Signed

    Dalton was done long before he banged his thumb.
  13. Other NFL games.

    Well at least the Steelers lost.
  14. Week 11 - Ravens Talk

    I just started one. Not expecting a miracle.
  15. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Sorry guys, but with this defense? We are not beating anybody.