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  1. Bengals Hire Scout

    Depends how ya look at it. 4-12 was twice as good compared to 2-14 but it wasn't good enough, nowhere near good enough so I wouldn't say last season was a good thing by any stretch. I see nothing to have changed my viewpoint thus far so I'm still firmly entrenched in the "ZT is out of his depth and should be fired" camp. Sorry if that upsets anyone it's just how I see it. We all want success, we've had 2 dismal seasons waiting for good things to come and they ain't
  2. Bengals Hire Scout

    Amen to that all day long
  3. Round 2 Pick: Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson

    Paul Alexander on the radio he thinks he is a first round talent. Surely a "first round talent" wouldn't have been a reach at 38 ???? Seems like there's a bit of confusion / mis-communication within the Bengals staff on this one
  4. 2021 Schedule Release Day

    Nice start to the season - Mike Zimmer a Cincy legend vs Sac Taylor (not a typo, I genuinely think he's a ballbag !) On the face of it a VERY interesting opener, lots of connections for the media to chew over - Zimmer, Mackensie Alexander, Trae Waynes, Riley Reiff, Nick Vigil
  5. The Trade

    Taylor has said we'll have a winning season in 2021, so as far as I/m concerned he can pack his bags and leave town as soon as that 8th defeat comes in. He inherited and squandered so much talent on this roster. He is not a capable HC in my opinion, possibly a decent QB coach and maybe a half decent OC (but we don't know cos he jumped that level) but certainly not an NFL caliber HC.
  6. Big Pro Shop Clearance Sale Coming Soon

    I absolutely F*%king detest the B - it really has put me off of buying merchandise, I can't wait until they bin that stupid logo. Whoever designed that should get a swift kick in the nuts from an elephant !!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all you 'Zoners - hope you have a wonderful time whatever your plans may be. WHODEY on Xmas Day
  8. Fantasy 2020

    What's a semi-final ??? (asking for a friend ) Good luck to all those teams in the pot-season, .....I'll see ya next year
  9. Titans @ Bengals Game Thread

    ZT has created the cancer in the locker room. The defensive guys who are so unhappy are also the ones who were in 7-9 and 6-10 teams the last two years Marvin was here ....now they are part of a team that is 2-14 and 1-5-1 (so far) so I guess it's fair to say that they ain't happy being part of a losing culture, the losing culture that ZT has manifested. Some of those guys were going to the Pro Bowl while ZT was still sucking on his mums tits - he's out of his depth, he's out of ideas, he's running out of time, and he should be run out of town. Titans 31-24 Bengals
  10. Titans @ Bengals Game Thread

    It MIGHT accomplish a winning culture. And it CERTAINLY would accomplish a smile on my face, a spring in my step, and a song in my heart.
  11. Bengals @ Colts Game Thread

    I get the sense of a big split in the fan base, those who support Taylor and say give him lots more time, and others who say they've seen enough and he's never gonna turn this thing around. I wonder if Covid is playing a factor one way or the other in that if fans were allowed into stadiums would there be a full turnout each home game or would fans shy away thus making the front office blatantly aware of their feelings ??? Colts 34-24 Bengals
  12. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    The season gets harder from now on in, Baltimore win this one by a kagillion points
  13. Chargers @ Bengals Game Thread

    I'm wondering if the expectations of Bengaldom will be a factor, too much expectation, too much pressure to make a big play especially if we trail in the game ?? That being said we shall all be sat around the TV on Sunday evening, shirts on, beers in hand, cheering on every Bengals play as we always do. WHO DEY BABY YEEEEEAH !!!!!!
  14. Fantasy 2020

    I had to auto-draft due to time difference but I did pre-rank the players, Yahoo gave me a "D" grading but I think they are way off the mark there. My team has ended up Bengal heavy (not through design) but I suppose lack of /limited stats from last year have had an effect on the grade. When the Bengals have their bye that's the week someone will get lucky
  15. Fantasy 2020

    is there a link/sign in to the League ??? The link I've previously used now just shows - "you're not in this league"