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  1. If I still season tix I would be voting Ken Anderson and Boomer. That way the initial group covers the Founder, the HOFer and both your MVPs. I understand the sympathy for Ken Riley but he wasn't the best CB when Lamar Parish was on the team. Also his hallmark stat is a product of playing across from Parish and longevity. Still should have a HOF consideration but I'm putting in League MVPs first that match up with the franchise's only 2 Superbowl appearances.
  2. Round 4 Pick 2/3: Tyler Shelvin, DT, LSU

    Landon Dickerson in a couple of those Shelvin highlights. People would have killed for Dickerson pre draft. Keep in mind its just highlight tape so I'm sure there are some Dickerson highlight reals showing the opposite. Really just confirmation of how he performed against quality competition.
  3. Round 1 Pick: Ja’Marr Chase, WR, LSU

    Chase enters a much better situation offensively than AJ as a rookie. AJ had rookie Dalton which is an advantage for Chase having 2nd year Burrow. However AJ didn't have to compete with any other significant receiving threat for targets. Armon Binns, Simpson, Hawkins, Tate were the others. Higgins and Boyd certainly will demand targets that could effect Chase's rookie numbers in comparison to Green.
  4. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    The only complaint from me is the assumption of Carman being full time guard his entire Bengal career. If he transitions to RT and/or Bengals extend beyond his rookie deal (assuming he pans out as guard) then there’s not much to complain about other than wait and see how these players actually produce. Chase has the upside to carry this draft class by himself.
  5. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    Yes. Give them an F. I think you know someone has entered crazy town. Anyway Bengals were once again gifted a WR. Higgins last year thanks to some dumb assery in GB that has now set their franchise upside down. Then 9ers/Dolphins gifting Chase to them. If Chase plays to the level of his draft profile AND nobody else does crap this draft is no worse than a B. In reality teams drafting at the bottom of the round are going to have a hard time beating that impact.
  6. Round 5 Pick: Evan McPherson, K, Florida

    Maybe someone can find it and post it here. There is a video tweet if McPherson kicking a ball and slicing it enough to graze a the cap off a Gatorade bottle that’s posted in the rafters. It’s amazing.
  7. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Well I don’t know how you declare a most improved OL without snaps being played. I do think IF this group stays relatively healthy it will be much improved. At the end of the day it’s about points and yards on the board. So with a decent OL this group of skill guys (stay healthy) should do that much better.
  8. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    Draft and FA: Bengals have made PFF's list of most improved teams post draft and FA. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-most-improved-teams-free-agency-2021-nfl-draft?utm_source=benchmark&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter&utm_content=may_3_2021
  9. Round 2 Pick: Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson

    I would agree. Corey Dillon hurt himself by not playing a few more years and pad his stats like Bettis. Bettis damn lucky Palmer's knee got hurt or he'd wouldn't have had the Superbowl ring.
  10. Round 2 Pick: Jackson Carman, OT, Clemson

    I think Price is clearly the worse center they've drafted out the group. Ghiaciuc wasn't good at all but nothing has been bad as Price, IMO.
  11. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    Jonah's lack of playing time is the big issue. For sure. I'll just point out he probably could have played in a few more games but they held him out because there was simply nothing to play for. That's speculation but I think it was a reality in both 2019 and 2020. But yes, the Bengals big question along the OL remains depth IF you assume the injury history continues.
  12. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    Note: Many Bengal fans swore up and down that Whitworth was guard for YEARS. It was based on him struggling early at LT when Levi's knees finally wore down in 2008. I think Trent Cole abused him for 3 sacks in a game. That impression lasted for years. As a matter of fact IF it weren't for the NFL giving access to the All-22 allowing for products such PFF to thrive, you would have been laughed at on message boards for merely suggesting Whitworth was in the class of Joe Thomas as he grew and excelled at LT. It took alot of PFF (or similar products) pimping before Bengal fans started to realize his elite status at LT. Levi Jones suffered a lot too in fan perception. First he was considered a "reach" on draft day. Then gave up a big game sealing sack to Freeney as a rookie. What was overlooked was how confident the coaching staff was letting him deal on the edge 1v1 and the depth of drops. IMO, he never got credit for being the best LT in 2005. Unfortunately his knee issues never gave him longevity to prove it out.
  13. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    The only reason its not 7 because they took the best kicker. I'm not into predictions but getting a slew of top 150 guys is what they've done the entire offseason and its what was needed. Its what Marvin immediately did in his first two years. Now its a wait and see for me. This coaching staff has no more "talent" excuses. Time to get them to perform.
  14. 2021 Overall Draft Grade

    I think Mem is referring to Jonah Williams and the declaration that the Bengals must get a LT out of the 2021 draft. Then the declaration that its already a must for 2022. I personally think Jonah Williams has potential to be a high graded starter to elite starter at LT. Getting on and staying on the field is his first hurdle. Clearly his lack of snaps/starts is injury related BUT also a victim of circumstance due to the overall season. I think its been thrown out there in both years Williams could have been on the field in 2019 and 2020 if there was something to play for. As for his performance. Fans forget how difficult it was for Levi Jones and Whitworth in their first few starts. IMO, on a limited sample Williams looks more competent than both Jones and Whit in the first few starts. That's not suggest any of the 3 were "bad" they just weren't All Pros when they stepped on the field in their first starts. Munoz and Willie Anderson were. RT is what the Bengals could be looking for next year.
  15. Another Senior Bowl report: ECU OT D’Ante Smith is one of the biggest winners of this week so far. Frame looks light, but Smith has appeared strong and powerful all week. Great athleticism and feet. Gets his spot on his pass sets. Hope the ECU tape is like this, because Smith looks pretty darn good. — Nick Farabaugh (@FarabaughFB) January 28, 2021