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  1. The first class is official. Anthony Munoz, Paul Brown, Kenny Anderson, and Ken Riley. There's probably 3/4 retired Bengals I would have went with for induction over Ken Riley but not a bad class. Issac Curtis, Boomer, Willie Anderson, Parrish and then maybe Riley, IMO. Many former coaches and teammates have concluded Parrish was Deon before Deon and Curtis was Jerry before Jerry. I think Riley gets over hyped by the fan base because of his impressive all time INT ranking.
  2. General Free Agency Thread

    Good pick up for the Steelers. They have been ultra successful at finding edge rushers for their scheme.
  3. BengalsVision

    Yes winning. Also investment. All this stuff is very low hanging fruit and stuff I'm sure many fans have griped about for years. Fans will still be able to go down a few blocks and see a baseball stadium and a team that may be guilty of doing too much. Many Bengal fans travel up to Indy pre season and regular season (when scheduled). Lucas Oil is clean. It's vibrant. It's classy. Green Bay, I would say the same thing. There are many many upgrades needed to the concourses and a whole game plan for game day experience at PBS.
  4. BengalsVision

    I had season tickets for years. The overall growth of the fan base and demand for tickets kinda sucked. They'll never be able to completely separate the marketing from the football operations. Winning is a big factor. "who dey" is cheesy as hell. But it came along during a Superbowl season and then had a rebirth in 2nd superbowl season. Now its a tradition. Of course that was completely organic from the fan base. To this day no one really knows how the chant came about. So we'll see if the generic corporate mission statements work, but I've been to 200+ games Riverfront, PBS and away games. Hokey, generic/cheesy mission statements is very necessary when just talking about improving fan experience/growing the fan base outside of winning. Not everything will work but its the effort. A lot of other NFL markets are able to execute hokey, cheesy things. A Jungle throne sounds hokey as hell. Go to the Superbowl and it becomes a life long tradition. Just hopefully they'll win some stuff of significance and these things will be embraced by the fan base.
  5. BengalsVision

    IMO, some good small game experience things being emailed out today. As a former season ticket holder that participated in multiple fan surveys; finally some the ideas mentioned by me are being implemented in some form. So they are listening somewhat as these ideas were communicate a decade ago. 1. Some sort of Throne. Good idea. See how it is executed pre game but sounds like this will be long the line of raising of "12" man flag in Seattle, KC Chiefs war drum, Viking Horn etc. 2. Stripes Squad. Good idea. Reds did this years ago. So basically a propaganda squad to infiltrate tailgate areas and other areas to spread the word of Paul Brown. Which is what you want when you go to a game. I would love for them to bring back the drum core they tried a few years back. One cool thing that the Viking stadium has in it is a mural with every local highschool football helmet on it. I believe they even took the time to put a gold helmet for the current state champions. Ideas will come and go and probably a lot more fail that are successful. Anything that will tap into a fan's inner pride is a good idea, IMO. That's what this fan base that goes PBS needs.
  6. 2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-Camp Stuff

    Been to practices Wilmington, Georgetown, and PBS. 3 recommendations: 1. Plan for the heat 2. Print or make sure to grab a hand out roster with numbers. 3. If you are Reds fan try to work a double header Bengals Practice/Reds. Fun day. I think I read no autographs so that probably cuts down on the crowd. Practice is practice but its fun to watch
  7. Bengals Hire Scout

    Hasn't had the talent. That excuse is gone. Better win. No need to go deeper than that.
  8. Big Pro Shop Clearance Sale Coming Soon

    What would the black helmet with orange stripes look like with the all white jersey and pants?
  9. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    They keep interjecting LG competition with Adeniji. Obviously at this point we won't see the out come of this, but his injury might not change the picture at tackle. The injury to Adeniji probably extends the life of an interior bench player that would have otherwise been cut. Supposedly LG was were he was going to get the first run at for a chance for playing time. Xavier, Spain, Carman the most likely top guys for the two guard spots.
  10. 2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-Camp Stuff

    HUMP daaaaaay!
  11. 2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-Camp Stuff

    Seriously what do they say about Thursdays? NBC used to say it was must see TV with Family Ties and Cosby back to back. Also Friends, Seinfeld, ER mega prime time line up.
  12. Round 1 Pick: Ja’Marr Chase, WR, LSU

    Wouldn't be surprised to see Sewell struggle early in his career. Simply doesn't have a high number of snaps/reps. Its one thing I was worried about IF he were to be the selection. Not surprised about the Bengals comments on Chase. That's what you expect when you get the No. 1 target on your draft board.
  13. General Free Agency Thread

    Sold his home in Ft. Thomas a long time ago.
  14. 2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-Camp Stuff

    We'll see. I think the defense has been in steady decline since 2015. Some of that was vets getting by on reputation vs. production. However, I'm not sure we got a "Zimmer" type leading the fresh faces either.
  15. Post-Draft/UDFA Thread

    Sounds like a “teams” signing