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Official Bengals Ring of Honor coming to PBS


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59 minutes ago, Stripes said:

I don’t vote Chad first personally, but I suspect fans might.

I probably vote Lemar Parrish before Ken Riley. Whatever though, they’re all great and deserving.

Yeah,  I don't bring it up (until now) because Ken Riley has a great INT number due to longevity, BUT Lemar Parrish was the better CB.

IF Bengals were a bigger market both would get their due.   However, I have ran into Bengal fans that lose their mind over Ken Riley and if everyone is being honest its mostly on INT total, which is fine but Lemar was the better CB.

Ring of Honor is a marketing deal.   So if you are trying to appeal to fans that don't remember the Superbowl years then Chad is certainly the go to guy under Marvin Lewis era.

Great they are doing it.   Many ways to slay the dragon on inductions. 

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2 hours ago, Stripes said:

Cool. Four inaugural names, two of which are Muñoz and Paul Brown. Who should the other two be? It’ll be fan voted so I’m not sure it’ll be completely obvious. My first instinct is Kenny and Chad.

Tremaine Mack and The Hamburglar.

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1 hour ago, TJJackson said:

It took them all these decades, but they are finally doing something right

Now if only they could do something right that matters for the current team

Preaching to the choir.  They just weren’t as aggressive as I would have liked in FA.  Riley is awesome, but instead I would have like a Riley level guard, and a tackle that was a step or two above Riley, with a 2 year deal minimum.  It would have

1. opened the draft a little more

2. made us a bit less vulnerable to injury on our line

3. permitted us to finally escape the Brown family fetish for taking guards from the third round on.  Which is what I’ll think they’ll do, and they’ll probably start him by design or injury necessity.

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17 hours ago, TJJackson said:

unless they plan to play Spain out of position again - his experience prior to coming to the Bengals was as an OLG - we will be starting a rookie at ORG

I suspect Micheal Jordan will be released before the season starts

Yea seems like a Spain/XSF deal. Jordan does not offer much position flexibility so that hurts a backup. From his past it seems Spain should be the clear starter. 

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XSF, Spain, and Jordan are all OLGs

Spain proved he could play just about any OL position last year......I will always love him for how well he handled jumping right in without even a full practice and held his own

But that said, Spain's natural spot is OLG, and the team knows that, and yet they did nothing to fill the hole at ORG

Trai Turner and Larry Warford are both career ORGs, and still street Free agents

Hopefully our OLG depth chart for 2021 will be XSF and Spain as the starter and primary backup (either player could win the starting spot), and Jordan will be released

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21 hours ago, AMPHAR said:

Is Pickens or Dillon included in the player banners at PBS?   Can’t remember. 

Thats why I would have done Tiers.   

Basic good player - banner

next level ring of honor

NFL HOF - ring and statue 

I don't remember them, but haven't been there in over 12 years either.  I thought they had something for Pickens though at least, the more I think about it, he didn't blow-up the team or anything when he left I don't think, was more of just a headache.  Dillon/Spikes/Palmer and not sure who else I'm missing, might be a different story.

You could have the "Asterik row" for players like Dillon, Spikes, Pickens, Palmer etc.., 

* left on bad terms 


* In Ring of Honor, but demanded to be traded


I'm genuinely curious what they'll do (and I could totally have missed something because I didn't look into this all that much) with some of them.

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Ok per the .com here’s the choices for this year. Pick 2 to add to PB and Munoz. I’d probably go with Ken Anderson and Issac Curtis. (I’d go Ken & Ken if Riley was still with us but of the older players I’d like to prioritize those who are still alive.)

Ken Anderson

Willie Anderson

Jim Breech

James Brooks

Cris Collinsworth

Isaac Curtis

Corey Dillon

Boomer Esiason

David Fulcher

Chad Johnson

Tim Krumrie

Dave Lapham

Max Montoya

Lemar Parrish

Ken Riley

Bob Trumpy

Reggie Williams

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