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Samaje Perine Appreciation Thread


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One thing I noticed about Perine vs. Mixon (and a lot of other backs) is that Samaje seems to me to run a lot more like a wide receiver than a running back or even tight end. They tend to have a bit of a crouch to their stance when running. Perine is mostly vertical. And defenders go more for his upper body versus trying to take out his legs, letting him get yards after contact. I dunno maybe I’m nuts but that’s what I see on the videos.

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Perine has a quick first step.  Like the hole appears and he’s in it.  He’s not looking for 50 yards on every run.  

Having said that, do you know who has the ncaa record (FBS) for most rushing yards in a game?  It’s Perine.  Played for Oklahoma, had like 460 yards against Kansas, or Kansas State.

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I dont see that mixon should automatically be rb1 on his return. He was mediocre at best apart from 1 freak game against the panthers. 

Perine deserves to start, has been excellent in run, pass and blocking in mixons absence (I admit that the o line has certainly been better) and seems to run hard every down.

Now if mixon comes back and is hungry again and runs as we know he can, the  that would be a massive boost for us to have a Brooks/Woods type of backfield again. 

Certainly a good dilemma to have, and who'd have thought we'd be where we are now a few weeks back without mixon, chase, reader and awuzie? Full credit to zac and every member of staff as they have all stepped up.

Now, just don't lose to the fecking browns again http://www.bengalszone.com/forums/uploads/emoticons/grin.png

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I haven't always been a fan of Perine's game.  I've given him more shit than praise, but I have to give credit where credit is due.
I spoke about Perine in the game thread earlier, so won't belabor the thread by repeating it all again.
I will just say, having two capable RB's in the backfield is far from problematic.  Adding Chris Evans in the mix is all gravy !!!
Having an O-line like ours is performing now is a huge boost for the RB's as well.

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Hard for me to call it. Mixon has been out during a time when the o-line has really started to perform well, so I’m not about to call him out.

That being said, I’m also about giving credit where credit is due and Perine certainly deserves the credit these game when Mixon has been out !!

I’m pretty happy knowing we will have one of the best 1-2 punches at RB in the league moving forward and again, that doesn’t even include Evans.

Nice !!

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