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The O-Line Roster


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Guys out

RT   Eric Winston

C  Russell Bodine

Guys In

RT Bobby Hart

LT Cordy Glenn

Some reserves/future PSQuaders-

T Javarius Leamon

T Justin Murray

G Oni Omoile

*G Kent Perkins (got in some games)

Regulars from Last Year

RT Jake Fisher

LT Cedric Ogbuehi

G Trey Hopkins

G Christian Westerman

G Alex Redmond

G/emergency LT  Clint Boling

C / G TJ Johnson






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It might be unpopular opinion, BUT.....

Bodine was a bottom tier Center AND was too much of whipping boy by Bengal fans. 

Cederic easily was the biggest cause of the down fall of the line and passing offense.  

The Center over 90% of the snaps is never responsible for anyone in pass pro.  Biggest responsibility is calling out which side is man and which is zone and then declaring his help side.  Post snap he reacts to what the Defense does. 

Run blocking is where he failed the Bengals, BUT I believe that’s also a scheme issue.

2014 Bodine’s and Hill’s rookie year.  They ran very good.  Downhill.   Out of necessity because Dalton was bad. 

2015 Hue worked his magic with Dalton and responded.   Along with that came more runs out of shotgun and the read and reacting off linemen reading and reacting off the the defender.

Bodine was horrible at reach blocks.  Lost too much ground trying to move laterally and arrived with no power.   This easily the difference between an adequate Center and Bodine being horrible.

As it relates to what’s next.  I have no idea what scheme Lazor and Pollack will go to. 

Mixon is a high skill back.  

I would love road grading RT or RG over Center.   But if you are going to ask the Center to execute the number of reach blocks they did previously. Then don’t screw around with it and go for top Center.  

There’s still too many questions with this line to not get them multiple 4th round and higher picks, IMO. 

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I know this is fantasy because the Bengals will never dump a whole draft into one aspect of the team but they have an opportunity to fix their o-line in one fell swoop this draft but they have to draft wisely.

I would be easy for them to take a player at need without looking at the whole draft holistically.   At #21 they will have lots of options but there is one player that, if there, will set this whole plan into motion.   That player is Will Hernandez the OG from UTEP.  They will be tempted by a tackle falling into this position but none of the tackle prospects are worth a first round selection based upon what will be available to them in later rounds (this draft is very deep in good tackle prospects).  Also they will be tempted to take a Center and while Daniels and Price are worthy of the selection there are three Centers (Daniels, Price, and Ragnow) that carry almost identical grades, one of those three guys (likely two) will be available to the Bengals at #46.   I have been charting the draft since early 1990's and since 2004 only once (2009 with Alex Mack and Eric Wood) has two centers been taken by our pick (#46) in the second round. There is simply no other guard (save Nelson who will be long gone by #21) in this draft (or in the last 5) that matches Hernandez from a movement/power perspective.  He is a smart, football junkie who played spectacularly well on a very bad football team the last few seasons.  He is a gem and will lock down the RG position for us for a decade making Dalton, Boyd, Green, and most particularly Mixon all better players.

I am also seeing a dramatic drop with Orlando Brown with at least two respected draft analysts (Rob Rang and Colin Lindsey) having the once sure-fire first rounder dropping to the late 3rd early 4th.  While I am concerned about the terrible (I mean historically terrible) combine workout, Browns tape is the best of this draft and at RT his deficiencies will be somewhat masked.  What is undeniable is that Brown could be a massive improvement in the running game and he knows how to be an NFL Tackle.

Take Hernandez at Guard in Round 1 (he will certainly be gone by our selection in Round 2), take the best of the remaining centers in Rd. 2 (46)....I am betting it will be Billy Price, and roll the dice on Orlando Brown in the third.  If Brown is gone by our pick in the third you can drop back and take Chukwuma Okorafor out of Western Michigan, Alex Cappa out of Humbolt State or Brian O-Neill out of Pitt all are excellent RT prospects though it may be worthwile to trade up with our excellent draft capital back into the 2nd to grab Brown if he is still there late in the round.  The key is to read the draft and study the recent draft history to glean trends.  If we take a tackle or a center in rd one we may get  one good player if they play their cards right they could get three and fix the O-line for years to come in one draft.

RT: Orlando Brown, RG: Will Hernandez, C: Billy Price, LG: Clint Boling, LT: Cordy Glenn looks pretty incredible to me and all are young enough to stabilize the o-line for years.

After pick #77 we can work on the rest of the team.

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I get what you are saying here, Wraith, but

1) I dont want a OG in this draft at all because I believe we will have two capable OGs between Boling plus one of : Westerman, Redmond, or  Hopkins.  Combine that with a near equally desperate need at LB, and as such I think this position needs to be skipped in 2018

2) With Orlando Brown, I think the combine results just cant be ignored, but some due diligence needs to occur.  Bring him in for a long looksie.

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We have guys that are capable backups....we do not have IMHO a starter grade OG on our roster.  Having a lockdown player at RG will go along way to fixing our oline.  Just look at the impact of a Zach Martin for example.

That being said, if a guy like Roquan Smith falls to us at #21, I would love to have him with a second round center and an early 3rd Rd. Tackle.  I think Smith will go in the top 17 however.  I would also love Derwin James but I think he goes top 12.

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If I had to predict what the Bengals' would do based on their history: 

1st - OT

2nd - LB/DB

3rd - C/G

4th - DB/DT/TE

They're stuck with Cedric and his $2.96 mil against the cap, can see him being a back-up to Glenn, and maybe he improves, but if they draft a RT in the 1st or 2nd rounds, not sure where he fits in, or who he could beat out for a position.  Weird to see Brown conceding so much money, if he does.  What a waste that guy's been though.

So I don't know.



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Is Jake Fisher likely to improve now that his health problems have been identified and (hopefully) resolved ??


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Fisher has as much chance to improve as Cederic does.

There’s just no way to know for sure one way or the other.    

I didn’t think his health reasons were effecting his play or at least don’t recall the bengals offering that up as an excuse.

Bottomline both these guys did nothing to earn the jobs except be drafted and wait.  

Anything could happen once they are starring at true competition for their jobs. 

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Realistically the Bengals have 1 spot open before they would have to cut an existing regular linemen from last season.

They keep 9.  Usually 3 tackles.  4 guards and 2 Centers.

So they either sign, draft, convert a player into a Center. 

My guess is Ced is a swing tackle for right now, depth.

Fisher is RT

Boling is LG

Glenn is LT

open job RG and C




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Fisher should not be assured of a job, much less starting. They ideally get a new RT and a new C in the draft. I would prefer that the first two picks, or two of the first three at worst, solve that problem. They do have good in-house right guard candidates. 

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15 hours ago, Wraith said:

Neither should Ogbuehi, frankly Fisher has looked better when healthy.

They've both sucked out loud. Fisher has been awful too. They need a new RT and he needs to compete not to be cut. 

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