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Steelers @ Bengals on MNF


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Might as well talk about the game to come.  What are your expectations?

I foresee the most predictable outing wherein the Bengals hold the fort down for a half and then absolutely shit the bed in the 3rd/4th quarters.  I'm not sure whether the embarrassment will come in the form of some spectacularly awful turnover, or an idiotic personal foul penalty in crunch time, or both.

All I know for sure is that Marvin will be clapping encouragingly on the sidelines no matter what.

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6-6 ??  I'd be pissed.  That would be enough for old Mikey to bring Marvin back for another go at a "retooling".
Not a "rebuild", a "retool".  The difference ??  Envision another year of all the same coaches and players we hate, but the coaches love.  (See Bodine extension)


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1 hour ago, cincyhokie said:

Ok, we all know they are going to lose this game.


What if?  Kind of like thinking of what would you do if you won the lottery...

The Bengals win this game and go to 6-6?  

How would you react?

If they beat Pittsburgh would immediately know that they will be losing to Chicago six days later. Just because that would be so Marvin. 

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Best case scenario, this team runs the table, gets in as a 10-6 wild card, and loses to absolutely whoever in the first round.

Snore.  Winning this game would not excite me much.  I'd at least be pleased to improve the dismal head-to-head Cincy-Pittsburgh numbers I guess.

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The Bengals played Green Bay close and eventually lost.  They were beaten by the Jags.  The Steelers are better than both those teams (even with a healthy Aaron R. At QB or L. Fournette at RB) so I think the Bengals offense just can’t score enough points.  The defense will play well enough until they tire out.  It’s a offense league nowadays.  Bengals are below average to bad on O in 2017.  It’s a loss. But I’ll watch it only because I’m a glutton for punishment.

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9 hours ago, cincyhokie said:

I don't think they'll win but...

I would just like them to play an aggressive game where they are taking chances, giving the ball to their best players, and not playing conservative.

In other words, a game not coached by Marvin Lewis.


The above underlined portion is exactly why I'm rooting for a loss.
Don't get me wrong, I typically always want the Bengals to win regardless, but things have changed.

Every game this team wins inches us closer to Marvin returning.  If that is the option, I hope they lose out.
I hope they lose in such epic proportions that record books need to be rewritten.

It's to a point with me that if he returns, I won't follow the Bengals at all in 2018 and until he's gone.
What's the point ??  Don't we all know how this story ends ??
Poor game management, undisciplined play, some wins to get into the playoffs (maybe), and then promptly lose their first game.
NO, I don't want to see what might happen if they get back to the playoffs this year.  NO I DO NOT !!!

I want Marvin gone and nothing else will change me wishing losses upon this team until that happens.
The time for giving him praise for turning this franchise around from a coaching perspective is over.
Thanks and buh-bye...

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I predict defensive penalties and an inevitable regression by Dalton after a hot streak with no turnovers.  Sorry I've seen this one too many times to think it'll be any different with this bunch.   Hope i'm wrong, they need to win to stay in the playoff picture most likely (unless they win out after this loss - which is highly doubtful).



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Someone in Vegas has lost his mind.  Either that or they're having a hard time getting anyone to bet on Pittsburgh. 

Because the spread is 4 points.  The Steelers will cover that just by giving Marvin a dirty look. Take the Steelers, give the 4 points, and hope you don't get arrested because this truly is theft.

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