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AFC Championship: Bengals @ Chiefs

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1 hour ago, membengal said:


One factor not mentioned above but which was key yesterday was Joe not holding the ball. He averaged 2.5 seconds from snap to throw, second fastest gun of the weekend behind Hurts. That was, I’m sure, a big help to the oline.

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He's absolutely gonna be gimpy. That's no secret. He will not be able to move remotely like he usually does. I expect the Chiefs to go heavy run and short quick passes. Try and limit possessions and shorten game like Ravens do. 

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A huge part of their offense is Mahomes buying time and making freak throws.  If he can’t move, game changer.  

But if one coach could reconfigure the offense in a week to accommodate a diminished Patrick Mahomes, it’s Andy Reid.  

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Well, I couldn’t let ArmyBengal Jr. and I be the reason for fucking up the mojo and have the Bengals lose.

So come this Saturday him and I will be headed to KC to attend the AFC Championship game !! The GoFundMe page will be needed come mortgage time, so don’t think I’ve forgotten. LMAO !!

DEY !!!

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I was very fortunate growing up in that my father was a huge Bengals fan.  
He had season tickets and my mother had no interest at all.  My older brother hated all things sports, so that left me to be his sidekick.
I took to it like a fish to water and have fond memories of freezing at Riverfront stadium.  I went to the freezer bowl when I was 10 and followed that up with a trip to Super Bowl XVI.
Funny story... I got separated from my Dad at the Super Bowl and a security dude scooped me up.  We couldn't find my Dad and he took me to lost and found.  Thing was, the lost and found was on the other side of the Silverdome, so to cheer me up he walked me across the Super Bowl field.  I quickly forgot I was lost !!  We went to Bengals and Reds games up until I joined the Army and then here and there as an adult.  Best times of my life.  Dad passed in 2020 and he is missed greatly.  However, I'm now doing the same with my son and hope he will look back as I do with my own father.

Sunday is just the next one and we will be screaming and yelling for the Bengals in KC !!!

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Zac, from da site:


Injury update on right guard Alex Cappa (ankle): "I think he's improving every day. We'll just see where it ends up."…

On left tackle Jonah Williams (knee): "Improving every day, we'll see where it ends up." …

On center Ted Karras (knee): "He felt good enough to finish the game. We'll continue to get rest these next two days and see where we're at on Wednesday."

No news is good news, I suppose.

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1 hour ago, Stripes said:

Looks like I was just promoted to the rank of message board "mentor". Oh gee whiz. If any zoners are looking for mentorship, I charge $300 per hour.

It looks like we can fund Army and ArmyJr's trip to KC with Stripe's mentorship fees

Dont forget about my burnt ends from LC's, Army :-)

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