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Counting down until Home Opener

September 11, 2022 vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Game Dey!!!

Week 11 - Ravens Talk


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well happy - a bend don't break second half, held out for the W in a tough game. Just after 5:00am here so family all off to bed now with smiles. WHODEY

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One of my students is a Ravens fan.  

I've kindly prepared his desk before his arrival during 1st period: 

He always wears ugly short-sleeved purple t-shirts and I'm worried he might get cold, so I've got a nice orange and black jacket to keep him warm.

I was afraid he'd be depressed after last night, so there's a Bengals clad teddy bear for him to cuddle with.

I was also worried he'd be so distraught over the loss that he wouldn't have time to fix his hair this morning.  No worries...there's a Bengals hat on his desk for just these purposes.


Don't let anyone tell you teachers don't care.


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Having had a short night to reflect (couldn't sleep, stayed up to drink in an as much ESPN and NFL network as I could since I couldn't sleep and was anticipating a happy day at work amongst all the Ravens fans...), the following:

1. I absolutely will not kill them for the play selections to end the first half. I have railed for years that Marvin is too conservative there, I will not get mad at him for allowing them to try and put foot on throat. Execute better next time, but keep trying to score. That's how you get ready to win playoff games and other big games, frankly.

2. The Lazor offense is a joy to watch. So creative, not just at scheming guys open, but in protecting Andy and maximizing the effectiveness of the line.

3. Cool to see what Green looks like with help and someone to move him around in various sets. He is uncoverable in man in that scenario, and if they do double cover him, it makes the other weapons that much more effective.

4. Uzomah looks like Eifert's replacement in real time. 

5. Mixon looks like the real deal to me for sure, putting the ball and team on his back in 4th quarter for that last drive to go up eight and then to set up the clinching field goal felt right. 

6. Tyler Boyd is a legit weapon. Once they start sprinkling Ross in more effectively, I see no reason for them to take their foot off the gas at any point.

7. Gotta give Austin credit, that defense does look like it is trying for turnovers at all times. That's a nice change. And, while we are at it, loved the aggressiveness from Austin on the blitz call that resulted in the Williams forced fumble and recovery late in the 4th. Guenther would have had them in a shell. 

8. Big kicks from Bullock again, he has earned my trust. Wish he had a bigger leg, but nice to be able to count on him when they need him.

9. NO sacks allowed by the offensive line. That's quite something, considering what everyone expected and feared heading into the game...

Thrilled with this start to the season. Just huge. It was fun to watch the national narrative shift in real time last night...

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