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  1. General AFC North thread

    It doesn’t matter what the arbitration result is on Watson, Cleveland’s owner will do something stupid and sabotage their season.
  2. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    Dude dresses like it’s 1996, I can tell you that much. Pleated khakis.
  3. I'll start. "When's Katie going to get me the scouting report on that gigantic rugby player?"
  4. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    That was well said. Easiest thing in the world is to sit in the sideline and lob grenades at people trying to accomplish difficult tasks. I do it all the time. It’s a different thing to provide insight, knowledgeable analysis. Doc couldn’t make the transition.
  5. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    Doc was pretty merciless back in the day. It is difficult to say this, but good for him, mending fences a little. I’m glad he noted that while others took his insults personally, Mike stayed above it all. If Doc really wants to do a service on the way out the door, he should reassess all Mike’s business practices and NFL votes. He ridiculed Mike for what he perceived as outdated stances on league issues and finance. Sometimes Mike was the lone dissenter in league votes. Time has proven Mike correct on a lot of those things. All that would be a lot of work though. So Doc’s farewell column about Mike Brown turns out to be all about Doc. I’ll miss Daugherty. Daily papers used to have these sports columnists who were a little like local celebrities. They could sort of speak for the local fan base. With the internet and the fracturing of our traditional media, those guys are a retiring breed.
  6. General AFC North thread

    Gonna have to wear rubber gloves to handle that “contemporaneous evidence.” The Browns pile mistakes on top of blunders on top of self-destructive idiocy. That owner, man, there is no one like him. He’s just an incompetent poser.
  7. Offseason Thoughts

    Didn’t watch it, what was he being asked?
  8. Offseason Thoughts

    I just read that season tickets are sold out. Mike can buy that new monocle he’s been lusting after.
  9. Happy for him but I’m nauseous.
  10. 2022 Offseason Roster Notes

    He’s a problem. The Bengsks FO would be insane to bring in an injured diva who undercut Mayfield in Cleveland. Sure, he WANTS to come here, who wouldn’t with our QB. He helped the Rams win a super bowl and they are apparently not willing to pay him. That speaks volumes.
  11. 2022 Offseason Roster Notes

    I keep seeing the same rumor, OBJ to the Bengals. What? He’d be subtraction by addition. Hard no.
  12. Dude looks like he had to get all the first cutting hay stored up in the loft of his daddy’s barn. Probably explains the delay in signing.
  13. Two more plaintiffs filing lawsuits. Dude can’t catch a break. Probably so stressed out over all this that the only thing that can help is a nice relaxing massage.
  14. The Texans, it would be them.
  15. Just sitting, patiently waiting for the Browns organization to spontaneously combust.
  16. I think the Browns will pressure the league to let Watson play at least half the season. If unsuccessful, as seems likely, I think they’ll beg the league to give them back their draft picks, or at least some of their draft picks. I don’t know if there is precedent for it. Absent outright fraud by the Texans, I think the Browns should get no relief. But I think they will get relief. Their argument will be we’ve stupidly put ourselves at such a competitive disadvantage that it’s bad for the league. So for the sake of the league, the common good of the NFL, we need a couple of those first round picks back. For some reason I think the league will fall for it.
  17. Site Upgrade/New Logo

    Thanks for keeping it going B24, much appreciated. It truly is the best bengals site in my opinion.
  18. General AFC North thread

    Only the incredible football insight of OBJ and his dad can save that dumpster fire now.
  19. 66 massage therapists in 17 months? His future in the league is in doubt. Not in doubt - the utter stupidity of the Browns owner. He inherited all his money and his biggest accomplishment is using $92 million, not a typo, of that money to buy his way out of being prosecuted for a massive fraud scheme he perpetrated on his truck stop customers. The current fraud scheme he’s executing is called owning the Browns. He truly is a parasite.
  20. Plaintiffs are coming out of the woodwork now to file suits against Deshaun Watson. It is looking more and more like the Browns will be without Watson for the whole season. I was thinking half, but with two more plaintiffs signing up, a resolution of his civil suits seems more and more unlikely. Good job Browns!
  21. General AFC North thread

    So they went all in this year. Next year they’ll be cutting guys. Watson will be suspended at least half the season this year. Absolute idiocy. They had quite a window there, starting to shut now. Bringing OBJ in was a massive mistake. He turned the team against the Olive Garden Parking Lot Cowboy, who despite his flaws was at least intensely competitive. Before he got there that team didn’t do shit, no leadership. He’s weird as hell but he will do almost anything to win.
  22. General AFC North thread

    Fat deal for Njoku. They don’t have anyone to throw him the ball this year.
  23. 2022 Reds

    A tribe fan has to start the 2022 Reds thread. That about says it all. I’m watching your ownership, looks like they’ve got a good grip on things.