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  1. 2020 NFL Playoffs Thread

    Same here. Seems to happen to me every year.
  2. 2021 NFL Draft

    Jinxed us.
  3. Big Pro Shop Clearance Sale Coming Soon

    New Uniform Designer - “Mr. Brown, I just don’t think I can fulfill your request to base this new design on the 1955 Dartmouth football team uniforms.” Mike - “Why? You can’t find any pictures of the ‘55 Dartmouth team?” New Uniform Designer - “No, because I’m a clerk in a Mary Ann’s Fabric at the Kenwood Mall.”
  4. Big Pro Shop Clearance Sale Coming Soon

    Up to 5% off*Andy Dalton jerseys, act now! *exclusions apply, full 5% discount limited to women’s size XXXL, Rey Malaluga jerseys still full price.
  5. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    That is a difficult question. August 31st is an important date, because that’s the day teams cut their rosters to 53 players. The cap number clearly must be tabulated around then. Having 70 plus guys on the roster in July and August is clearly going to put you over the cap. There are a ton of variables that come into play. June 1st is an important date, if you cut guys before then you can spread their cap hit for that season over the next two seasons. Cut them after June 1, their cap hit stays on that season. How can they count against the cap if they’re cut? Their signing bonus is pro-rated over the life of their deal, so it still counts against the cap. Teams also sign new guys and cut guys during the season. What if they sign a great player to a huge deal that shoved them over the cap for that season? It can’t happen because the league has to approve all contracts before they can be signed. So basically there is no specified date for your team to be cap evaluated. Each team is in a constant state of being monitored cap wise, and their cap hit for a given season changes repeatedly during the season.
  6. 2020 NFL Playoffs Thread

    Mahomes now looks good to go, supposedly had a nerve in his neck pinched. Makes sense because he didn’t take some massive blow to the head.
  7. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    Hate to keep pounding the free agency drum, but this off-season is a one time opportunity to fix your roster at a great price. Example - the Saints are losing Brees, they’re 95 million over the cap next year, and they only have 4 draft picks. Some of these teams mortgaged their futures, and with the cap going down the bill is coming due with interest. Good players on decent second contracts are going to get traded for 2nd day picks. Good players are going to get outright cut. Teams that prepare now, study other teams roster and cap situations, can target players, talk to agents, basically make a killing. Come on Bengals!
  8. 2020 NFL Playoffs Thread

    Fox has their guys at halftime back in LA, standing outside talking about the game. I don’t know if it’s the format or what, but Howie Long looks and sounds bored out of his mind. No enthusiasm, no excitement nothing. Bradshaw and Strahan at least try to pump it up a little. Howie is a completely empty vessel at this point.
  9. Coaching changes on staff

    Looks like a really good hire. Also when the d-line gels under this dude and begins producing, they’ll create an identity and be known as “Hobby’s Horses.” You’re welcome.
  10. Coaching changes on staff

    Wade Phillips just announced that he’s looking to coach again. He’s one of the best defensive coordinators in existence. He would bring experience and in-depth knowledge of how to scheme against specific offenses. The Bengals should absolutely hire him
  11. 2020 NFL Playoffs Thread

    Following up on the hell that Pittsburgh is in QB wise. Above I said Ben is due 19 million next year. While true, it isn't the whole story. He signed a two year deal before this season. 68 million total. Over 30 of that paid in signing bonus. Thus the 19 million due him next year is really just a portion of the 34 million he earns next year. And finally, the best part - Ben's cap hit next season, a season when we know the cap is going to drop, is 41 million. It's just so fucking great. The whole cap next year is expected to be about 176 million. Down 22 million from this year. Ben needs to hold the line, and demand that he be paid the whole contract.
  12. 2020 NFL Playoffs Thread

    Greatest off-season plot line - every Steeler fan, employee, and teammate saying “it’s been great, see ya Ben,” and Ben saying, “I’ve got a contract for 19 million and I’m definitely playing!” Hopefully it will destroy that stupid franchise from within.
  13. 2020 NFL Playoffs Thread

    Browns up 28-0 in the first quarter. Collinsworth is in stunned disbelief, can somehow still talk with Tomlin’s nuts in his mouth.
  14. 2020 NFL Playoffs Thread

    I watched with one eye yesterday, I’ll watch today though, as long as the games are competitive. By far, I find myself rooting for the AFC teams. Bills would be an amazingly fun champion. Chiefs are a blast to watch with Mahomes running things, I also like Andy Reid. I’ll even root for the Ravens, Jackson is a freak, and I respect their coach. Titans are even interesting with their bone-crushing run game. The other side of the coin - Like most of us I despise the Steelers. The Most interesting thing about the Browns is that their QBs unlikeable personality is able to shine through even in a 30 second progressive ad. He can make a 30 second ad feel like it’s taking 5 minutes to get through. And compared to the AFC teams, what a dreary lineup the NFC has put forth this year. The Saints - we’ve seen it all before. And Brees can’t really throw any more. The WFT, their appearance is just the manifestation of a whole division’s utter failure. The Rams, I love Whit but their game yesterday was not fun to watch. Their system is dull. The Seahawks, again it just seems stale. We’ve seen it all before. All I can ever think about with them is that stupid call Pete Carroll made that lost them the the super bowl. It’s depressing. Finally the Bucs - how much HGH is Brady taking? He looks younger than he did 12 years ago, and his times on running events they do at the combine are better now in his 40s than they were when he was 22 and actually at the combine! Can’t root for or enjoy Brady, he cheats every chance he gets, then destroys the evidence and puts on that fake smile. Can’t stand this dude. Finally the Bears. Oh, they’re in the playoffs? I’d barely noticed.
  15. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    Sewell is a can’t miss guy (allegedly). We could easily miss on our round 2 pick. I’m for trading up to get him, but getting to number 2 is too expensive. Have to have a game plan in place if he falls on draft day, be ready to move up a spot or two. thanks Mem, I meant 5, didn’t proofread as I blather away on my phone. Using the phone instead of the laptop has substantively changed the stuff I write and even how I write it. And not for the better, I’m afraid.
  16. Dunlap traded to the Seahawks

    6 playoff games and all losses? Carlos seriously needs to win a Super Bowl, that’s about the only thing that’ll minimize that 0-6 record.
  17. Coaching changes on staff

    Wish Pollack had never left. Glad to have him back.
  18. Coaching changes on staff

    That might give Mike a flashback to when his father got fired by the Browns.
  19. The Complete 2020-21 Offseason Plan v2

    I interpret Hobson’s “o-line is all set” stance to mean we’re not trading up to get Sewell. Just have to accept whatever is there at 6. SOP for Mike and company, trading a pick is just too much work. Remember all the GMs etc a year or two ago? They couldn’t even figure out who to call up begin trade negotiations. Easiest way to justify not trading? We don’t need a trade!
  20. Coaching changes on staff

    Marvin would be perfect for the Jets. He’s exactly what they need. In about 5 years he’ll be exactly what we need (jk, I hope that’s not the case).
  21. Coaching changes on staff

    See if he can bring Ragnow with him. Really wanted that dude on the Bengals.
  22. Coaching changes on staff

    I knew Jim Turner would be taking a new job soon. But I was surprised today to see that he’s apparently already taken the job as leader of the U.S. Capital Building police force.
  23. Coaching changes on staff

    I'm starting to understand keeping the DC. Knowing Zac is on thin ice, who are we really going to get to come in here? Probably only someone on Lou's level. So we might as well keep they guy who at least has some experience with these players and this organization. Also let the players flourish as much as possible under the same system. Mike always finds a way not to pay coaches who aren't actually coaching. I can kind of see him sitting around ruminating, "So, other organizations reward a coach for failing by paying him not to work for two seasons? A two year paid vacation? Not around here!"
  24. Coaching changes on staff

    That would be an absolute outrage. The running backs were good this year. Perine developed, Gio looked great, even our depth guy ran people over in garbage time. Result? Running backs coach gone. The receivers were good this year. Boyd is great, our rookie looked really good. Result? Receivers coach gone. The offensive line was the problem with the offense. If they keep Turner it would make no sense at all. (Welcome to Mike's world!)
  25. 2021 NFL Draft

    Parsons looked so good last year. And we got trampled by the Ravens on Sunday. We really need a great linebacker to deal with the AFC North. The Ravens could have set the all time NFL record for rushing yards if they’d wanted to. It really was disheartening.