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  1. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    I don’t understand why we didn’t run a ton of play action against the Bears. Possibly the empty set cataclysm we experienced in that game has pushed us to the run. We’re evolving.
  2. Ha ha! I must sound like a complete buzz kill, like a grumpy old man telling teenagers to get off my lawn.
  3. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Big Ben is full of shit with these various injuries.
  4. This has been a pet peeve of mine for several years. It started with “Big Nut”, a guy who dresses up in a Halloween costume, goes to every Buckeye game, and gets on tv. Same dynamic now in the pros. All I can figure is these folks are desperate for attention. All those people at the game and at home watching tv are there to watch football and football players, but they’re a captive audience there to be exploited, I guess. So these desperate opportunists just figure if they make a complete spectacle out themselves, someone will look at them, someone will point a tv camera at them. What that ultimately does for them, I do not know. I’d be interested in Hokie’s input on what is going on with those folks, I do not get it.
  5. 2021 Final Roster Thread

    Well, if things are looking up, watching the Bengals for a few weeks will put that to the test!
  6. Week 2: Bengals @ Bears Pregame Chatter

    Just watched Price get tossed aside and his QB gets sacked. Looked oddly familiar.
  7. The ball was coming loose before he was down, you could see that much. You couldn’t tell where in the process of coming loose it was, but it was definitely in the process. That decided it, I’m sure.
  8. Week 2: Bengals @ Bears Pregame Chatter

    That would be laughable if I weren’t so intent on driving my truck over whoever said it.
  9. Week 2: Bengals @ Bears Pregame Chatter

    Fun game to watch. The ravens will get better, I’m sure. But that team tonight, the Bengals can play with that team.
  10. Week 2: Bengals @ Bears Pregame Chatter

    “Even Bengals work over Giants in trades.” Hey fucking idiot, the Bengals massacre people in trades. Ask the raiders or whoever we traded Palmer to. Typical dumbass sportswriter, just assumes Bengals suck at everything but doesn’t really know jack shit about the nfl.
  11. Week 2: Bengals @ Bears Pregame Chatter

    I’m assuming Dalton will play a little better against us. Last night was a prime time game on national tv, of course he was going to suck. Next week will be different, though I’m sure we can count on a couple throws into the helmets of his o-linemen.
  12. I think his personality just fits DC. Head coaches are often analytical, hyper-organized, buttoned down. Zim is a fiery motivator. He’s a defensive schemer on the highest level. Just ascended one rung too high on the ladder. As commonly happens.
  13. One huge takeaway from this game for me: I no longer want Zimmer as our head coach. I was enamored with him beyond reason. That’s over.
  14. Cousins is a selfish prick, our qb is a leader! So pumped for this game. Get pumped!
  15. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    “Last year when Bisciotti outbid me for the original Astrodome turf, (cement floor included) to use as a practice field, who could have imagined him calling me today and offering it to me for half what he paid?”
  16. I'll start. "When's Katie going to get me the scouting report on that gigantic rugby player?"
  17. Bad News in Baltimore

    Man Baltimore is getting hit. They’ve still got the 3 essentials - good owner/org, good coach, good quarterback.
  18. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    We really are loaded at the skill positions. MIKE BROWN!
  19. 2021 fantasy?

    I’m in if we are.
  20. As if I didn’t hate Penn State enough, now I see Joey Porter’s son is playing db for them.
  21. General Free Agency Thread

    He thought about running hard and that strained his hamstring.
  22. 2021 Final Roster Thread

    Glad to see Moss on the PS. I was a bit worried when they cut him that they’d been purposefully letting him put stuff on tape for his next team. I just felt with how much they played him that he would end up elsewhere pretty quickly.
  23. 2021 Final Roster Thread

    The Lions cut Fat Randy, and the Bills cut Andre Smith. They’re both in Marvin’s living room getting a pep talk.
  24. 2021 Final Roster Thread

    I’m not concerned with 3 left from the ‘19 class. There was a time when guys were just kept on the roster for the length of their rookie deal almost no matter what. Did it with two underperforming centers. New era - look what we just did with our underperforming center. I like it. What I’m trying to say is Alexander was married to his draft picks. It really was absurd. Letting a 6th round rookie beat out a first rounder from 4 years ago is more like a meritocracy, which is what good teams are.
  25. 2021 Final Roster Thread

    Man, kind of an ignominious tenure for Michael Jordan here.