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  1. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    Do not want Gary. Peppers 2.0 ok, Gary no way.
  2. Lap Says Bengals are looking at Sweat

    WTF. We had the worst linebacking group in the league last year. Our Oline sucks and desperately needs an upgrade. Possibly Lap is being used for a smoke and mirrors type subterfuge.
  3. Bengals 2019 Schedule

    The Browns got 4 prime time games, we got one.
  4. Bengals 2019 Schedule

    I think that's all they've announced. Possibly they want fans to get a jump on plane tickets and other travel plans. That would be really fun to see a Bengals game in Wembly. Edit - I just read that they release the schedule tonight at 8 pm. So not much of an advance notice on England, must have just been a leak.
  5. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    “Urrgghhh... brrruuughh... arrgghhh...” (barely audible gurgle)
  6. I'll start. "When's Katie going to get me the scouting report on that gigantic rugby player?"
  7. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    "Who'd we draft? A lantern-jawed gunslinger? Is this a church?"
  8. I assume he relentlessly pursues. Off topic, but Russel Wilson just got like 35 million a year. Meaning Mike just fell in love with Andy all over again.
  9. “Tackle zombie with 94 solo stops as a senior.” Made my day to read this kid described as a tackle zombie, though imho it’s a proper noun thus should be, “Tackle Zombie” in all contexts.
  10. RIP Forrest Gregg

    I liked the part of his life when he started a shrimp company and ran across the county for three years.
  11. Agreed, and various prognosticators have us taking Haskins if he’s there at 11. The writing would be on the wall then. Andy would spend a year or two getting body slammed while Mike continues his glacial pace O-line rebuild, then its Andy meet Mr. Clipboard. Kind of a backhanded compliment, but Andy would make an amazing mentor for young QBs.
  12. Not to beat a dead horse, but damn, the nfl really needs to change the timing of the draft. Way too much time between the end of the season and the draft. They want to capture the media cycle year round, but enough is enough. It seems like we’ve been looking at these same draft picks forever.
  13. 2019 Reds

    1-8? What is going on with the Reds. I watched them load up this year like they were really going for it. Puig and Kemp are not just journeymen holding a place while the talent develops in the minors. What is happening? I am a tribe fan but keep one eye on the reds, but haven’t read or heard why they’re struggling.
  14. Per various sources Dwayne Haskins’ stock is beginning to fall. If he’s there, will Mike pull the trigger on another strong-armed, lantern-jawed, statue?
  15. my point of view on Who Dey

    When people use the word “think” in this way it has a bit of a double meaning. First, it is meant to convey belief. “Who believes they’re going to beat them Bengals,” would be an accurate interpretation. Second, when “think” is used in this way there is implied a sort of taunt, a doubting challenge. For instance if two people are in conflict over money, one may say to the other, “You think you’re going to walk in here and take my money?!” What that speaker is meaning to imply is that there is no way in hell the other guy is going to take that money. In fact, if said during a conflict or under duress, that speaker is probably meaning to convey that a physical struggle, a fight, will commence if there is an attempt to take that money. That is the why “think” is used in the chant. Until I read your question about “think”, it never had dawned on me that certain words, for the deaf community, may not hold the same nuance and undertone they hold for the speaking/hearing community.
  16. Walton

    Walton waived by the Bengals, per Schefty. Probably could have had a ST career in the nfl, instead he’s a wannabe gangster. Waste.
  17. 2019 Reds

    Good golly, 3 games in a row they get shutout. Need to keep their heads above water and get through this slump, because they’re set up to make a run at it this year.
  18. my point of view on Who Dey

    I like that the team has a unique chant. Not even that many teams have anything like it. A chant, a song, just some kind of collective thing the fans can do in unison. I don’t know about the Saints Dim, but my recollection is their chant came along way after, and was inspired by, the Bengals’.
  19. I just read that Willie is announcing our second round pick at the draft. So righteous.
  20. Walton

    Ha ha! Redemption is at hand!
  21. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    Splack! (Dentures fly across the breakfast table) "The AAF is folding up? Great googly moogly, Marvin's announcing job is kaput! We'll fit him back in, let's see, 'Special Assistant to the Director of Personnel'? 'Football Operations Quality Control Auditor'? 'League Liaison for Veteran Players Affairs'? Wait, I've got it! 'Director of College Scouting and Consultant to the GM If We Had One." Perfect. Welcome back Marvin!
  22. Walton

    Walton, already facing battery and marijuana charges from two earlier arrests, runs from cops after a traffic stop. They tasered him, but since he's an NFL running back he just heroically pulled the prongs out and took off. They couldn't catch him. Running from the police is a time-honored way of staying in shape for NFL players in the off-season, but this dude had weed, a rifle, and several fully loaded clips in the car. No thanks. Goodbye to that 4th round pick. Mike better not try to redeem this dude. Driving around Miami with a rifle and several fully loaded clips is a recipe for disaster, and cutting ties with Walton now is the only way to deal with this.
  23. Trey Hopkins signed for another year. He did a good job last year filling in when Price was injured.
  24. AAF folding up. Go sign the best tackle and the best linebacker from that league.