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  1. Maualuga is really awful
  2. Rey gets pancaked on a simple off tackle play and they waltz in. Playoff teams don't have middle linebackers like that.
  3. I'd fully support the DeCastro move. I'm an Oregon fan and have seen first hand how damn good he is.
  4. I'm not pissed. I felt this coming. Fair point.
  5. Well, we're all pretty pissed right now. That is obvious. But with that being said, many expected this team to go 4-12 or worse this year. The foundation is there and we're moving in the right direction. So let's say Mikey's dumbass hires you to be GM, whatcha doing now? For me... Free Agency: - Resign Nelson, Hall, Simpson, Rucker, Collins and Lawson - Don't resign Livings, McGlynn, Bobbie Williams, Benson, Caldwell, Wilson or Roland - Throw Carson's money at Matt Forte (every down back, probably the best receiving back in the league, perfect fit for the offense) or Marshawn Lynch (physical, downhill) - Make a serious push at guard Carl Nicks from NO (or another premier free agent guard) - Make a run at S Laron Landry, a phenomenal athlete and great hitter, who would be a perfect fit in the division Draft: 1a. Cordy Glenn / David DeCastro - Take the best interior lineman available. 1b. Janoris Jenkins / Alfonzo Dennard / Dre Kirkpatrick / Mark Barron - Take the best defensive back available, if it's a corner a high round is safety is still a necessity. 2. Best S or CB available (whichever wasn't previously picked), or possibly an impact LB if on falls (I'm not necessarily sold on our linebacking corps) 3. Lamichael James / Chris Polk / David Wilson / Doug Martin / LB - possible spot to pickup a change of pace for Forte, there's a lot of good RBs this year 4-7. BPA Front Office: - Hire Bill Polian, easy move for him geographically with a lot of money and picks to work with. - Fire Marvin and Paul Alexander - Promote Zimmer to HC, allow him to choose his replacement from the outside Your thoughts?
  6. Wildcard GAME THREAD

    Nah, 199/200. Probably s**ttier odds than that. The dude just made a great play.
  7. Wildcard GAME THREAD

    Reason to be encouraged - this feels a lot like the Tennessee game to me. Reason to be discouraged - you can't win playoff games without a running game and run defense, and right now we've shown neither.
  8. Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh GAME THREAD

    MEANWHILE, QUAN COSBY HAS A 60 YARD RETURN AGAINST MINNESOTA. Damn it I miss that guy. That was so damn stupid. I will harp about that forever.
  9. Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh GAME THREAD

    Well it's a good day for the Bengals' draft position. Getting dialed here and the Raiders are getting their asses beat by Miami.
  10. Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh GAME THREAD

    AJ is so damn good.
  11. Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh GAME THREAD

    Also, Skuta is absolutely terrible. I know he works hard and all but he shouldn't be on NFL roster.
  12. Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh GAME THREAD

    And for reason #4080 why I miss Quan Cosby, he never did that.
  13. Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh GAME THREAD

    Aaaaand nobody tackles. Looking like a college team.
  14. Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh GAME THREAD

    Crocker's done some great things for this team, and I really like him. He plays in the slot, we're thin, all that. But this team isn't gonna win playoff games with him as a starter. Simple as that.
  15. Cleveland @ Cincinnati ... game thread

    yes. This game was the equivalent of playing with your shoes untied. Flopping around. I give it to Dalton, Benson, Gresham and Green. They pulled out the points. Nuge, too.... This win was the crapping equivalent of loose, Keystone Ice fueled diarrhea. Gotta throw Geno in there too.