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  1. Eifert Re-Signs with Bengals

    Good. I don't think a healthy season is so improbable that it isn't even worth a try. Perhaps a greater concern would be a healthy season preceding a larger contract preceding yet an injury in 2019. But. Cart before the horse. Catch a few TDs and we're cool.
  2. AJ McCarron Rolls Tide into Buffalo

    Goodbye, Katherine Webb. I will always love you.
  3. Bengals trade for Cordy Glenn!!

    The first round might be Marvin's worst, so I am fine with dropping nine slots. I saw Glenn had been traded in a headline earlier today and had no idea it was the Bengals. I never imagined it could have been. They never do anything interesting.
  4. This is the signing which will get Bengals fans back in the seats.
  5. Potential Coaching Candidates

    I was snooping around some Cowboys message boards to see how they felt about it. I felt kinda bad, because the positive commentary was predictable and so innocent: "Well he was an offensive line coach in one place for 23 years. He must have been doing something right."
  6. NFL Playoffs

    Yep. In that regard I am happy no matter how this all shakes out.
  7. I don't think the Bengals win that game with a healthy Palmer either.
  8. NFL Playoffs

    That's what it took for Zimmer to finally get a playoff win. If I had Marvin's personal number I'd send him a middle finger emoji right now.
  9. NFL Playoffs

    Delicious Steelers tears.
  10. NFL Playoffs

    This has been fun and therapeutic. Hopefully the Jags finish the deal.
  11. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Awesome. Now give him another 1st and/or 2nd round lineman to work with.
  12. NFL Playoffs

    I'll feel for Whitworth if he loses another playoff game tonight.
  13. Might as well talk about the game to come. What are your expectations? I foresee the most predictable outing wherein the Bengals hold the fort down for a half and then absolutely shit the bed in the 3rd/4th quarters. I'm not sure whether the embarrassment will come in the form of some spectacularly awful turnover, or an idiotic personal foul penalty in crunch time, or both. All I know for sure is that Marvin will be clapping encouragingly on the sidelines no matter what.
  14. Lewis given 2 year contract

    Can't wait until they sign an aging linebacker and draft a CB.
  15. Lewis given 2 year contract

  16. Lewis given 2 year contract

    The most unfortunate product of this garbage will be the gradual death of Bengalszone.
  17. Bengals @ Ravens game thread

    I don't care if Marvin is in the FO, as long as he isn't involved with selecting his dang replacement. Then again, I don't want Mike involved with that. Or Katie or Troy. ...we're fucked anyway.
  18. Bengals @ Ravens game thread

    I hope the next HC actually values timeouts.
  19. Bengals @ Ravens game thread

    Silver lining (y'all probably don't care) if the Bengals win this game is that it can end the Bills' obscene playoff drought. I'm pulling for those blue bastards.
  20. Lions @ Bengals game thread.

    William Jackson is one of the best corners in the league.
  21. Potential Coaching Candidates

    What hire from outside the organization would y’all hate the most? I’m thinking Jeff Fisher.
  22. Lions @ Bengals game thread.

    Hopefully they get their asses kicked every week until the season ends.
  23. Potential Coaching Candidates

    I wouldn't say outward displays of emotion is necessary for success. There's one guy less emotional than Marvin Lewis: Bill Belichick. Still, I think the argument could be made that someone with fire would be ideal under the specific circumstances reflecting the 2018 Cincinnati Bengals -- a franchise just kind of drifting through a period of mediocrity but still with a solid core of talent. That's why I want a disciplinarian. I think it's what this team needs most.
  24. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Mike Zimmer would have been the absolute perfect person for the job. %&#@ing idiots.
  25. Potential Coaching Candidates

    I actually hope they don't worry much about offense or defense when they go looking for a coach. I've always thought that mindset is short-sighted and contributes to the flash-in-the-pan nature of head coaching tenures around the league. Yes, the offense is the inferior side of the ball right now, but that can change in a minute and then we'll all be yearning for the defensive coach instead. I want someone who is well-suited to get the most out of the talent already in place while also at least proving competent in future talent evaluation. I want someone who isn't going to tolerate bullshit. I want someone in the vein of Tom Coughlin.