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Week 2: Bengals @ Cowboys


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I have no thoughts to share on this game regarding the outcome.
The Cowboys are without Dak, their defense looked less than impressive and overall they had a rough week 1 as well.
Without Dak, this is a game we should win, but seeing as how Trubitchkey just beat us, i've got nothing.

Maybe this will resonate with the players the way that Chicago game hit them last year.
They played like shit and had no business winning.

Man the fuck up and get after it.

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Home team that got embarrassed on national TV and have an injured QB.    Don't really like that scenario.    But the Bengals just looked like shit so hopefully they'll be laser focused.

Bengals play their A game and its 2 score victory or more.     Spot them easy points via TOs then a back up QB can manage a game just like Pitt.


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25 minutes ago, Stripes said:

I'm not sure how Dallas wins this game any way other than Micah Parsons blows the Bengals up by himself. Now, that's a reasonably possible prospect, so it's still something to take seriously.

That or Burrow throws like 5 interceptions. Which is not a reasonably possible prospect, but after last Sunday it can’t be completely dismissed.

I agree that Dallas shouldn’t be able to beat the Bengals. The question now is can the Bengals not beat themselves?

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