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Steelers @ Bengals MNF Game Thread


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If they fire someone tomorrow then that’s probably all your getting from the Brown family.   

At minimum they have to fire OL coach.  Seems like they are benching players every game. 

Defense is horrible.  I have no idea how they fix any of this in 1 offseason.  Tremendous pressure on Burrow to carry the load. 

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Pittsburgh hasn't been playing well at all for a 2 loss team.   They should be thankful they get 2 off weeks vs the Bengals in the 2nd half of the season.

I'm sure they'll walk all over Sweet Lou's unit, as we've seen here in Cincy it's so damn hard to run an offense having to rely on getting the ball out in 2.5 seconds.   Buffalo was giving up pressure but they were challenging down the field at the same time.

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I hope the Steelers put 70 on Zac. Zac makes me sick to my stomach everytime I hear him speak. I can't stand the guy. On a side note. Listening to AJ green's post game interview. it's clear he has made up his mind. He wants wants out. I can't blame him. Another high caliber player who waisted his career here. I hope he gets out and goes and gets a chance to win it all.

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Fantasy advice? ( for a money league I am in)

I'm gonna need 20 yards tonight to win ( and no fumbles). I have juju or boyd available to choose from.

Twice this year JuJu had less than 20 yards in a game. Once 6 yards and once 19 yards.

Boyd has gone below 20 once, but that was a game after burrow got hurt with Allen at qb (against the giants). 

Finley at qb for Cincy. Boyd had 62, 0, and 101 yards last year in Finley's three starts. The zero was against the raiders. The 101 was against the Steelers.

Nightmare 1: I go with Juju, Steelers control game and run it a ton and game script it to other receivers and juju goes under 20 when I pick him.

Nightmare 2: I go with Boyd, Finley is Finley, Steelers D line mauls bengals o line, and Boyd never really sees the ball, as happened a few weeks ago in giants game with Allen or last year once with Finley.

Nightmare 2 more likely, right? I gotta go w/ Juju?

It’s just 20 yards dammit. I shouldn’t be swearting it this much

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