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Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread


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Bengals make shift line did a great job not turning a bad pass rushing team into a decent one.   Step in the right direction, but now you face the exact opposite.  

Zach needs some redemption from the Ravens fiasco and deliver a team that can handle the all out rush because that's what they'll see.


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46 minutes ago, TJJackson said:

...and Stripes' voodoo stuff, just to be certain of victory

I’ve already begun fashioning a doll in the form of TJ Watt with hair from the shower drain. At the stroke of midnight on the eve of the game I will cut my palm, dampen it with my dark blood, and cast it into the flames.

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I've got some very nice rum here....Jobu can have as much as he wants of it

But when we ask Jobu for help with the curve ball....err, I mean the Steelers.....can we ask for not just the victory, but no injuries to New Guy?  Or is that too much to ask?

I mean, I can buy a case of rum if that'd get us two requests.......

Humor aside.....of the two, I would honestly M U C H rather have Burrow emerge from the game healthy than get a win, since we're not going to the playoffs anyway

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I’d expect a tight game. The Pitt D will get pressure but they do give up points. Every team they’ve played has scored at least 21 except for the Clowns and the hapless Giants. They should have taken their first L against Baltimore but Lamar turned the ball over like 87 times so...

I would guess it will end something like 31-28, 28-24, 24-21, something along those lines. Who wins is probably the last team with the ball.

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It feels weird to type this but...they REALLY cannot afford to have Johnson out for Pittsburgh especially if Bobby Hart is still out.

Also need to hope that Johnson is asymptomatic because you really don't want him to be symptomatic at his size for the sake of his own health.

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holy crap

who the next man up at a position....ORT....i keep talking about?

has to be one of our many OGs and probably someone from the Practice Squad

My guess, with it assumed that none of the OL players out on injury will be coming back for this game: Sutherland

Sutherland played some ORT at Texas A&M and was at some past point ( tho not currently) listed as a OT on the Bengals roster, and Turner was his coach at A&M.  He also started a few games for the Dolphins.  Finally, he has been with the Bengals in some capacity for a while and seemingly the only reason he isn't listed as a OT is his short-ish arm length

My second guess would be Redmond sliding over from ORG to ORT

Now if Jonah Williams (and no other OL) were to be approved to return early this week, since he's "day to day"

then I'd say the lineup will be

OLT Williams  ORG Spain  OC Price/Finney  ORG Redmond/Finney  ORT Adeniji

which I'd be a lot happier with than the "no OL comes off injury list" possibile lineups


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It’s a match up deal.   You have Dupree and Watt no matter what.

Take the % on which side they rush from and then figure out who’s skills line up best against each rusher.

Offenses are waaaay behind this.  If defenses are going to move rushers then they need to start moving linemen. 

By the way Dupree needs to be a Bengal next year. 

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