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Auden Tate, WR - 7th Round


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  • 2 months later...

I really love the look of this kid and can’t wait to see him during preseason. That being said, it’s still a really tough group to crack.

Green, Ross, Boyd, LaFell, Malone, Core and Erickson

That’s 7 already and should they happen to cut LaFell (which they never do) that would still be hoping they carry 7 WR’s at all. None of the other guys are going anywhere, nor should they. Minus injury it will be a struggle for him regardless of how much praise he gets.

In regards to TE, I see the same thing. Eifert, Kroft and Uzomah, along with 3 others and the international guy, Bohringer that was a WR and is being carried as a TE.

Still rooting for Tate though...

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C'mon now Stripes.  We both know that will never and I mean NEVER happen.
That dude will be a lock to make the roster for 3 more years minimum, regardless of how fans feel.

In all fairness, he was hurt. 
The way I see it is, the front office should have known better than to take him at #9 with his injury history.
However, if he truly comes back at 100% and that speed creates the problems for defenses they hope, most won't be complaining.
I'll reserve judgment until then.

Tate equals practice squad (to be plucked) unless they cut LaFell and carry 7 WR's.
Injuries would be the only other way.

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Tate’s way into the roster could be from 30 yards in to the end zone.  He’s not a 40 yard time guy so his strength is redzone target height and jump.

with that, he could replace Erickson or Core as neither of them can beat Tate in the redzone

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Obviously, one is slower and one is faster and I get that.  My point is that with the naked eye, you cannot tell the difference unless they are running next to each other.
Since a player like Tate, a redzone matchup nightmare, isn't going to be expected to be the guy to "take the top off", what difference does it make ??
I don't really care that the 6'1 CB can run a 4.3 forty.  That big 6'5 frame going up top to grab a ball is going to have the advantage.

The question still remains on whether the coaches think he's better than they currently have.
Malone has speed as well and Erickson is a pro bowl level returner.
Come to think of it, GapControl might be onto something with Core, but the coaches have always loved the guy.
Maybe new coaches change the past line of thought...

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On 08/07/2018 at 6:54 PM, Stripes said:

If Ross continues to suck, then dump his ass.  I don't care when he was picked.


Like they didn't do with Ooglieboooglie (much to my gnashing of teeth and kicking the dog)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Auden Tate. An impressive first week of camp for the seventh-round pick continued as today he went over top of Dre Kirkpatrick to snag a pass against blanketed coverage.
Contested catches are Tate’s game and even though he had his first drop of camp on Monday, it was offset by the latest snag from the 6-5, 225-pounder.  

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Auden Tate (19) catches a pass over defensive back Dre Kirkpatrick (27) during a camp practice session at the Paul Brown Stadium practice facility in downtown Cincinnati on Monday, July 30, 2018.

Yes please, more of this !!!

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Green, Ross, Boyd, Malone, Core, Erickson and Tate

This is now the current top 7 WR's (there are more) on the roster.
If they carry 6 WR's, one of either Malone or Core have to go and then the other would be inactive on game day for Tate to get snaps.

If they carry 7 WR's, like they did last year, they still typically inactivated 2 of them on game day.
I still think Tate's path to seeing playing time is tough, even though I'm still rooting for the kid.

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On 7/31/2018 at 6:58 PM, ShulaSteakhouse said:

The 2018 training camp darling: 


Jeez, Dre looks awful. Does he not care about the film he's giving everyone? Most vids of him this camp are of him getting toasted by poor effort. 

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