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Lewis given 2 year contract


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Lazor staying as OC yea screw this shit! Not saying he was great or awful, I just want change damnit and there is non! Fuck you Mike Brown!!!! The 32 ranked offense, hey no problem stay here and fix the problems lol lol JOKE

Oh and Gunther leaving lol what a joke anymore!

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35 minutes ago, Kazkal said:

Can Paul Alexander atleast lose his job to give me some hope?

This is literally the only thing left that would make me think they have any sort of clue in the world - if nothing else it would mean more for the future when Marvin blows another season or playoff game and is finally forced to quit.

They are going to have a very difficult time selling season tickets and tickets in general next year as it is - they better create some buzz or turnover on that staff and let people know about it.

I've been "done" with this team for years, in terms of emotional investment (it's easy now to laugh at losses, ineptitude, Marvin's choke jobs or inability to field disciplined players - it's all a big running joke) but I love football and talking about it/watching it, that won't change, although I'm much more into college ball than the NFL.

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Just now, kingwilly said:

Well, 2018 Bengals football is shaping up like a steaming pile of the same shit as every year since Lewis' first extension. 


I feel the same feeling knowing I was going to prison for 28 months. It's gonna suck, you,re not gonna like it, but you're going to have to tough it out.

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I hate this move more then anything, only hope I have if any is they actually make smart moves in picking new assistants. 

I would be ok with John Fox as DC or somebody like that there are a bunch of decent ones out there. 

Make moves on offense to prove they want to improve from the awfulness we saw this year.

Actually do something in free agency or the draft that makes sense or gets fans excited about this team again!

Until then I have no interest and fuck you Mike and Marvin!

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26 minutes ago, COB said:

Mike wants us all to be patient until we see what we've got in this Lewis fellow.

15 years is just a peek. A meer glimpse into the fortune we hold in our hands.

You have to give Marvin credit for one thing. He can stand proudly on his .500 record and zero playoff wins and actually get a new contract. It makes me understand the sheer stupidity of Mike Brown.

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32 minutes ago, COB said:

Marvin basically has a lifetime contract.  Mike's lifetime.  Because when he goes, I'll bet a million bucks Marvin goes shortly after.

I'm going to guess a few things.

Albeit, wild guesses, but here goes...

Mike Brown never got approval from his dad or many hugs.

Mike Brown has never had many friends.

Because of this he attaches weirdly and inappropriately to business relationships.

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42 minutes ago, membengal said:

You know what? I won’t let mike brown break me. I will remain a fan just to spite him. Because him trying to break all of the fan base is the only reason I can come up with for this. 

It could be he is old and feeble minded. Not competent to make such decisions, Marvin saw this and basically took advantage of the situation. 

That mother fucker cannot make halftime adjustments, but he can sure weasel his way into getting paid.

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