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Bengals @ Titans Game Thread


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33 minutes ago, kingwilly said:

Don' do that, just kick the neighbor. Fucking prick leaving his dog out in all manner of extreme weather. Asshole. Just kick him. 

He's a stay at home dad named Pete, a couple days ago he told me he was going to start selling firewood to make a little cash.  Asked me if I had any trees down he could come and get.  I told him no, but that I'd let him know if any fell over in the future.  

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23 hours ago, BengalszoneBilly said:

Personally I see a repeat of last Sunday' game. I see nothing to give me hope it could be otherwise.

what he said

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21 minutes ago, TJJackson said:

do they give a reason that isn't along the lines of "he's mad as hell,, and he isnt going to take it anymore'?

It was more along the lines of wanting to redeem himself after losing his temper last week.

We'll see.

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