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Bengals @ Steelers chat/game thread.


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Not feeling too good about this one for many reasons. First the game is in Pittsburgh, second it's a late game and third the Bengals are coming off a bye. 

We have all seen how well Marvin gets a team ready coming off a bye.

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40 minutes ago, cincyhokie said:

What is Marvin's record coming off a bye?

I know it's something putrid.

Maybe he turned over the bye week prep to Bill and Paul.  God knows his only success here has been with good coordinators.

5-8-1.; He started off his career 1-4-1 I believe, so, if you want to be optimistic, .500 since they awful start. That's stretching to find optimism though.

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Tough to believe the Bengals will be able to deal with the Steelers' defense.  Admittedly, our D is better than their offense too.

But it doesn't matter.  Factor in a few inexplicable calls that go the Steelers' way, two or three hapless blunders by Andy as he runs for his life from Shazier, Marvin general cluelessness, and some new heartbreaking crap we can't even contemplate right now, and you get a Steelers' 10 point win.

So fire up your online gambling account and give the 5.5 to our Bengals, collect some cash.

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