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Broncos @ Bengals Game Thread


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Yeah, I know, a bit early for the Set. 25 home opener but...


Trevor Siemian will be the Broncos' starting quarterback

Posted 2 hours ago

mason_pregame.jpgAndrew MasonSenior Digital Reporter

ENGLEWOOD, Colo. -- Trevor Siemianicon-article-link.gif has earned the job.

Head Coach Gary Kubiak announced to the team Monday morning that Siemian will be the team's starting quarterback, bringing down the curtain on a competition that had been the team's dominant story of the offseason and training camp.

Kubiak informed Siemian, Mark Sanchezicon-article-link.gif and Paxton Lynchicon-article-link.gif of his decision prior to sharing it with the entire team.

Siemian and Sanchez were considered "neck and neck" by Kubiak at the end of OTAs and through the first few weeks of training camp, but Siemian nudged ahead thanks to his work in camp and in the three preseason games to date.

He started the last two games, directing a touchdown drive in each contest during three and a half quarters of work.

Siemian finished the preseason with 27 completions in 43 attempts for 285 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions, and guided the offense to 1.86 adjusted points per possession and 1.64 actual points per possession, the best among the three quarterbacks


Per PFT Broncos are now trying to trade the Sanchize and will likely cut him if they can't.

So...Geno,Dunlap & Co. get a second-year rookie to feast on...

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Probably true. Hard to say where Siemian is at now. He fell off the radar in 2015 because of a torn ACL. From SBN's Northwestern site:



At about 6'3" and 220 pounds, Siemian possesses good size for a quarterback. Throughout his time at Northwestern, he showed an ability to check the ball down effectively, especially if wideouts were breaking towards the middle of the field. Siemian usually delivers an accurate pass on short throws, like slants, ins, hitches and screens. Although not necessarily fast, he is somewhat mobile and can move some in the pocket and at times get outside the pocket. He shows some zip on passes over the middle beyond ten yards. Finally, he has a lot of experience in the shotgun, and he has run an up-tempo offense in college, something that is becoming popular in the pros.


Siemian struggled with his decision making at times this year and really struggled with his deep ball. He often underthrew open wide receivers, either resulting in interceptions or incompletions on plays that could have gone for much more. At times Siemian looked uncomfortable in the pocket and went to his check down options too quickly. He has trouble making the long throws to the sidelines, as seen in the interception he threw against Ohio State in the video above. Inside the hashmarks, he shows a lot more zip on the ball than he does on those outside the numbers. He's not a particularly agile runner and won't often make defenders miss. And when in the redzone, Siemian struggles at fitting the ball into small windows

That makes him sound a bit like a slightly bigger Dalton. There's some highlight vids at the link. My gut says expect this to be a defensive ballgame now.

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Score just enough to beat the Broncos' D at home and you win.  Their offense is garbage even with Thomas and Anderson.  They really should win 2 of the first 3 games this year w/o Burfict, Cedric (who hasn't shown much any ways) and Eifert.  I can only hope Dalton has learned something from watching AJ manage a game and not make critical errors in tough situations.  



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Is it bad of me to have liked the fact that the only player to kneel down during the national anthem got dinged during the game?

As an official Cam Newton hater, I enjoyed seeing him lose again.  The Broncos have given every team in the league a template to beat him, now they only have to have the same D talent as the Broncos to pull it off.  Cincy, Seattle and maybe the Rams, jets or Stealers have that talent.

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Broncos running game vs. that Panther front 7 was impressive.    Overall a solid game from both teams.    I don't hate Cam but I love seeing the read option and a different offensive look in the pros.    About a decade ago Pro offensive football was boring because it seemed everyone ran basically the same stuff.

Enjoy the read option looks.   Now if we could get a hard core run and shoot team in the mix.

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1 hour ago, HoosierCat said:

All I know is if the Bengals had been playing last night we'd have multiple suspension this morning for helmet to helmet hits on the QB from dirty, dirty, dirty Cincy defenders.

It's amazing what other teams get away with, yup. 

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Ced better get some help or Andy will be digesting a lot of turf Sunday. They also need to decide how to get the most out of Gio, since he's been put on the back burner, with Hill being the focal point so far (with very limited production). 

Simian does nothing to inspire fear. Anderson is talented but has maybe two runs that he makes hay on. First name Rey is key to stopping their run game. I've not been super impressed with Dansby to this point. He looks like the slow vet he is. We didn't get much improvement with Dennard back (a till rusty), so would much rather have Shaw work the slot. Faster and more physical. 

Williams is out of position quite a bit, as far as I can tell. This hurts since his role in run support is really important. 

Atkins has been relatively quiet and Hunt gets push but has no finish, more production needed up front. 

As long as we don't get wildly one-sided Refs, this will be a close game. 

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