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Cut Hubner


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8 minutes ago, HoosierCat said:



Okay, we've covered Star Wars and Star Trek so far in this Game thread. Could we top it with anything more nerdy? Just wondering...

Nevermind got my threads mixed up.

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Guys, Hubner had the largest hands at the combine, he was an incredible pole vaulter in high school, and even though he only played in one game in college (after wandering by the final game of the season his senior year and being accidentally inserted into the game by a confused assistant coach), he's got huge potential and in his 11 years here in Cincy he's done nothing but get better!  Please do not cut!

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1 hour ago, redsbengalsbucks said:

Had an old guy tell me that when you start having to dry your balls off after taking a crap, you don't have much time left.  Thanks for reminding me of that humorous    conversation Army!

Lol that's hilliarious. I had an old guy at work ask if we could lower the water in his toilet, so his balls don't get wet every time he sits lol lol.

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