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Coaching changes on staff


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17 hours ago, COB said:

Wade Phillips just announced that he’s looking to coach again.  He’s one of the best defensive coordinators in existence.  He would bring experience and in-depth knowledge of how to scheme against specific offenses.  

The Bengals should absolutely hire him

Would be the best thing he would do is to hire this guy. Only problem is Zac seems to love Lou for some reason, so unless Wade wants to become some kind of assistant instead of the DC then I doubt he comes here. 

Still don’t understand why he loves Lou so much, the guys defense has been nothing but trash. Burrow won games this year with Lous defense losing it for him. It’s frustrating knowing he is coming back.

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Marion Hobby didn’t stay unemployed long.

A week after Hobby and the Miami Dolphins had a what they described as a “mutually” parting of the ways, he resurfaced with the Cincinnati Bengals, accepting the same exact job he held on Brian Flores’ staff the past two seasons: defensive line coach.

Details of why Hobby and the Dolphins agreed to split haven’t been made public, but Saturday’s news — announced by the Bengals on their website — revealed it wasn’t because Hobby had lined up a promotion.

During his time in Miami, Hobby helped develop Christian Wilkins and Zach Sieler into dependable interior linemen, and was part of a coaching staff that unlocked Emmanuel Ogbah’s potential. Ogbah ranked 14th in football with a career-best nine sacks.

Hobby in Cincinnati will work with Lou Anarumo, another former Dolphins assistant who is now the Bengals’ defensive coordinator. It is Hobby’s first time working with either Taylor or Anarumo in his quarter-century as a coach.

The announcement that he would not return for a third season in Miami came two days after Flores told reporters that “we expect everyone back” from the 2020 coaching staff. However, that didn’t end up being the case. Offensive coordinator Chan Gailey resigned less than 24 hours after those remarks, and a day after that, Hobby was gone.

This is the second time in as many years that Flores has lost a top assistant to a lateral move. Last January, defensive coordinator Patrick Graham stepped down to take the same job with the New York 


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I am certainly in favor of adding Wade Philips to our staff, but since the FO has (unfortunately) decided to back and retain Lou as DC, what position would we give Philips that would have him doing the kind of things he wants to do in his return to the NFL?

I am presuming he wants to return as a DC - and many other teams not located in Cincinnati can offer him that exact position

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Not sure how much leverage Phillips has - I was pushing for him when ZT was hired and got pushback then from some that he was too old at that point. He’s 73 now. That’s getting up there.

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The statements from Hobby in this article tell me that SoaG unfortunately still remains very much involved in the FO decision making process

"Mr. Brown is straight forward. It's really clear what he's looking for in his coaches and what he expects and that's what any coach would want right there," Hobby said Saturday afternoon. "I got a chance to spend some time with Zac and Lou and it was really positive. I got a good feel for those guys and where they're trying to get with the defense. It was really good. And Mr. Brown was outstanding."

Mr Brown.  Not Pumpkin or Troy-Boy. 

*heavy sigh of deep sadness*

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4 hours ago, TJJackson said:

so I read what I could about the new running backs coach

he seems inexperienced and underwhelming

anyone got a read/take on this guy?


The entire staff is still pretty underwhelming.  Oh well, not sure Taylor can afford another 3-13 type of season, who knows, but we'll see how it goes I guess.   My biggest issue is the lack of attention to the defensive problems - but what can you do when most of your roster is either hurt or doesn't want to play for this staff.  

So, hopefully the player-coach issues are at least resolved through these changes.  

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