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London Calling: Bengals “@“ Rams Game Thread


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Mike is the decision maker, that’s been made clear mainly through Marvin’s sideways, cryptic, statements, plus his appearances with Mike when big decisions were made.

Sorry, but Mike is an old man who doesn’t have the stamina, the mental dexterity, or any of the other qualities that are required of a dynamic leader in today’s business world.  He’s very understandably a tired old guy who’s abilities are diminished across the board.  

He richly deserves this 0-16 season as the crowning achievement of his career of failure, as the culmination of all his stubborn, delusional, idiocy.  I hope he gets it.

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10 minutes ago, AMPHAR said:

AJ can’t get on a practice field.  There’s something weird there. 

Not sure what but it’s weird.  

Injury worse?  Injury not completely healing?  AJ balking at trade? extension?

Bengals protecting for a trade? Next year? 

Just weird scenario. 

 My guess has always been that it was a high ankle sprain, and those can take three months (or more) to get right again. And we’re about 3 months from the initial injury this week.

If we don’t see him after the bye, then yeah, something else is going on.

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We all root for the Bengals. It’s just, what does “root” mean? I root for the Bengals to win, but the organization in total as constituted, can’t. It’s demonstrated that for decades. So rooting for the Bengals comes to mean ending the organization as it exists. It can’t win unless it’s destroyed and rebuilt into something else. So I guess I root for them to lose, because it’s the only way I can see that leads out. I don’t know if that makes sense, but that’s where I’m at.

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