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2nd Round Pick: Drew Sample, TE, Washington


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Very little production, as you say

I did read that he never dropped a pass somewhere, so there's that, and he appears to be a 3 down TE, which is what we needed

That said, this is the kind of pick I expect at round 5 or later......this pick needed to be a potential starter for us, and this guy aint that

H A T E this pick



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The best Katherine Terrell could come up with for this pick is " you never know how they're going to play until they actually get on the field "

Yeah, KT, the same holds true for my dead gramma.....

There's a saying about damning with faint praise, so whats it called when there is no praise whatsoever?

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The only thing I can say is this...it took about 30 seconds for them to make this pick that means they had this kid targeted right away and had intelligence that he wouldn't be there in the 3rd...right or wrong this coaching staff really liked him.

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They are fixing the o-line, I get that.  Parris Campbell was still there.  We could have risked it, grabbed Campbell and tried to find someone who values late picks as much as we do to deal our way back into late 2nd and grabbed run blocking TE Sample.

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From the huddle report (whatever that is) 


Drew Sample TE Washington
by Drew Boylhart • April 10, 2019 
Drew is a complete Tight End who can block and catch. His talents are similar to the Cowboys Jason Witten. Drew is an excellent in line blocker and does a solid job running routes but his ability to catch the ball with a big catch radius is accomplished because of the effort he gives to make the catch in any situation. Drew is a Tight Ends, Tight End. He shows excellent balance to make his blocks and good run “after the catch” skills because of his size and compact style of running, making it difficult for smaller LB’s, CB’s and Safeties to tackle him. Drew really showed his route running skills and Velcro like hands to catch the ball at the Senior Bowl practices but as it is his style, not many noticed. 
I do wish he was a little faster but as long as the team that selects him keeps him to the normal Tight End routes and doesn’t try to make him into a wide receiver, Drew will impact. 
Do you really want to know why no one but me…is talking about Drew Sample? It’s because his quarterback couldn’t identify an 8 ft tall, open tight end receiver, standing in the middle of the field, waving his arms with Kim Kardashian standing next to him. I cannot tell how many times I saw on film, Drew wide open and his QB throw the ball to a covered receiver down the field. To be honest…I don’t know how Drew didn’t come back to the huddle and smack that QB in the back of the head. It shows what kind of teammate and the type of character Drew has, that he never got upset and just went back to work trying to block for him. This kid has the potential to start for the team that selects him for the next ten years and have a career that will make fans fall in love with him. He will be a fan favorite and a core player for the team the selects him. Believe it. If he was faster and flashier, and if his QB only would have passed the ball to him, someone else, other than me might have taken notice…you can bet the scouts did.

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