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Hue Hired To Do Unspecified Things


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That is one thing I will admit, the offense looked and played there best under Hue.

If it was not because of the stupid cry babies on this team, the Bengals would have won there first playoff game with Hue controlling the offense with AJ at quarterback. 

I think he is a terrible head coach, but the players in the org have always looked up to him, going way back with Chad. 

I don't know what he will do here but hopefully grabs the offense by the balls as well, and puts them back where he had it! 

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I don’t mind Hue being here as an assistant.  I think he deserved this last year in Brown land only bc they blew that team apart when he arrived.  

I think he knows his football and has had success doing position groups and the O.  More effective coach so far with smaller groups rather than whole teams and all the other responsibility.

Would not be my first choice for a Head coach though just because of his lack of wins dating back to Oakland.

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6 hours ago, BengalszoneBilly said:

Sounds more like a buddy club to me 

Exactly.  At this point it’s just nepotism.  There was no significant need the bengals had.  They weren’t out there searching for a guy.  Marvin isn’t trying to win.  He’s doing what makes him comfortable.

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It's one big shit show.

I will tell you this though, it has a lot to do with beating the Browns in my opinion.  Forget the Ravens this weekend.  Who cares if they beat them??
I think the fan base would explode and I think the front office is well aware of that.

I'm so sick of this team, I'm rooting for the train wreck at this point.  Total derail.
Get swept by the Browns and watch it all meltdown.
I would love to see Mayfield run out and plant a huge "Cleveland" flag on the B at midfield after a beatdown of the Bengals.

There's not another front office that deserves this more than the Bengals.
Fuck this team...

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Oh and Hue's role is the "Special Assistant to the Head Coach" for those wondering what in the hell he will be doing here.

Fortunately Hue probably has all the cliché answers to give during a press conference down pat.
Just look at the news conference Marvin just had. 

"We did some good things, and we have to keep building on that all the way through."
"We need to stay on the field to give us more opportunities."
"Defensively, we have to do a better job of doing our jobs."
"No matter who’s in the game, we have to do a better job of executing."
"We just have to execute it. We can’t worry about ‘what ifs’, we have to just ‘do.’ ‘Do mine."

My personal favorite with obviously no concern having it roll right off his tongue because nothing will happen:
"It’s not all his fault — it’s my fault. Any time something wrong happens around this building, it’s my fault, and I accept that."

Tell me again how this guy has a job ??

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My issue is more with Marvin than with Hue, but I can honestly say that I just don't really care that much.
People have said (and I've said it myself) it won't make a difference as long as Marvin is the head coach.
Honestly, I feel that way about Mike Brown and his family owning the team.

Who's the next head coach ??  That thought use to be fun to think about.  Not any longer.
It won't matter since we have an owner that is more than content being half ass competitive.
And I'm not even mad about that anymore.  It just is what it is.  Yes, I'm at acceptance, but will not admit to hope.

I went to a preseason game (paid $10 for two tickets) this year, but have not gone to a regular season Bengals game.
Hell, I don't even watch anymore.  I didn't feel up to raking leaves and could have watched the Saints game on TV.
However, I felt it more prudent to vacuum the bedrooms and then take a nap.  I watched highlights on YouTube.

Yep, ugly...

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2 hours ago, ArmyBengal said:

It will happen because it's the easiest thing for Mike and Katie to do. 
It's familiar and doesn't require much thought or effort.
If there's one thing they are consistent with, it's being predictable.

How's the medical staff doing with AJ by the way ??  Hmmmmm...

Cheap & Easy baby.  That's the Bengal way.

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Hue Is too much of a players coach.  His reputation is sterling because he’s super easy on his players and they love him for It.  Second, he’s a media whisperer, so he gets great press.

He’s part of the reason our teams were undisciplined and mentally weak.  He instilled the same attitude in Cleveland.  They’ve got players but they sucked.  

Fuck this shit.  

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The writing is all over the board here. I said we said in other threads when Hue got fired, he will be back and it only a question on when, well we got our answer.

Welcome the new head coach Hubert Jackson. These last few games will tell us what kind of coach he is while Marvin focus on defense! 


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