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It's finally Chris Perry's Time


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Yes, it’s finally Chris Perry’s time

By Chick Ludwig | Tuesday, September 2, 2008, 03:07 PM







===LUDWIG AT LARGE notices a change in Chris Perry. The ‘Tude is gone. The confidence is here.===

Hey, Bengals fans.

What time is it?

According to my watch — the alarm is set for Sunday, Sept. 7, at 1 p.m. — it’s time for Chris Perry to start running with the football tucked under his arm.

Sure has been a while.

November 26, 2006, to be exact.

On his first “touch” in the Bengals’ 30-0 slaughter of the Browns in Cleveland that day, Perry burst through the line of scrimmage for a 10-yard gain only to get his right ankle crushed.

Now he’s fully mended and he no longer has the spectre of Rudi Johnson hovering over him like a helicopter.

And that’s causing Perry to run the way he wants to run … downhill … like he did at Michigan.

In four NFL seasons, four long, agonizing, injury-plagued seasons, he’s played in 22 games with 3 starts, rushed for 337 yards on 73 carries for a 4.6 average with a long gain of 30 and zero touchdowns.

But he’s caught 63 passes for 403 yards (6.4) and two TDs.

How many rushing yards will Chris Perry gain in 2008?

Less than 400

400 to 599

600 to 799

800 to 999


Once considered an easily breakable China Doll with an attitude, Perry has grown up. He’s more mature, more humble and more appreciative than ever before for this opportunity.

The big questions:

Can he stay healthy?

Will we see the Chris Perry we anticipated and expected when he became the Bengals’ first-round draft pick in 2004?

Or will he get injured and fade away, again, as Bengals fans mutter the words, “Coulda had Steven Jackson!!!???”

Pretty soon it’ll be 1 o’clock at M&T Bank Stadium in B-more near the Inner Harbor.

It’s time.

Chris Perry’s time.


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I had my doubts about Perry, but in one of the preseason games he lowered his shoulder and ran over a safety... It might have been the Detroit game... Anyway I saw something different, he was running hard, running tuff.... I decided that Chris Perry was alright in my book..

Btw Chick is an idiot..

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two words...CONTRACT YEAR I have said it in many threads..this guy is in a contract year and if he doesn't come out and have at least a 1,000 yard year, he might be out of the NFL next year or playing for close to the league minimum. Basically his entire NFL future rides on this year.

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