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  1. Aloha! Pro Bowl Game Thread

    I hear next year the pro bowl format is being converted to flag football. Or perhaps even just a massive Madden game tournament.
  2. Greg Cook is Dead

    So long, Cook.
  3. Welcome to Hell, Blaine Gabbert

    Look--it's Shad Khan, the new owner of the Jags!!!
  4. The Emperor isn't wearing any clothes

    Really guys?? Really? This team was deemed the worst in the shortened preseason. As preseason went on, the team was a shambles. So what happened? A rookie OC, rookie QB and rookie WR led this team to a winning record and the playoffs. Everybody knew the team wasn't a threat to advance past the wildcard round. This team is who we thought it was. But having said that, good lord, how can you complain about this season? Are there areas to improve on? Oh yeah...DBs, Oline, running game, receiver corps, no doubt. but before game one on paper, this team sucked. You can't add everything in one preseason. I'm proud of this team and I think it can and will only get better from here.
  5. Holy s**t it's tebow time!!!

    You forgot the part where apparently the opening kickoff hit the CROSS bar of the goal post and landed smack on the 20 yard line.
  6. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    Danny Glover--"I'm gettin' too old for this stuff."
  7. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    Unfreaking believable.
  8. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    At least it's still a two score game. Of course, way this is going, too much time to say never.
  9. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    Defense is getting worn out this half. I put that one squarely on Ced.
  10. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    Good lord. Defense needs a break boys...Ced needs to jack off an elephant.
  11. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    there's the first down we needed. stay calm men
  12. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    Giants TD!!! WHOOO!!!!!
  13. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    I wouldn't say the Cards are back in the game still needing three scores to go ahead...but the offense needs to chew some clock and rest this D.
  14. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    I think you gotta rely on your runners to get those three yards on that third down play. Not one third down conversion this half.
  15. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

  16. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    Alright, fourth quarter...let's pound the running game and chew some clock.
  17. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    While anything can happen, here's to what appears to be a winning season nailed down. Under a rookie QB, rookie #1 WR and rookie Off. coordinator.
  18. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    alright...just saw the Simpson TD...that was the most impressive td I have ever seen in football ever...and I am not exaggerating.
  19. Arizona @ Cincinnati Game Thread!

    Alright, lets think this through...5-8 on third down conversions. NO punts in an entire half! Three sacks, two picks. Worst part is two missed FGs and a slow running game. I'll take this performance any day of the week and three times in the playoffs please.
  20. Bengals @ Rams Pregame Chatter

    If we lose to this 2 win team with a newly signed QB then not only are we not playoff worthy. We suck and it's time to pack in the season Well, yeah...we'd be 7-7 with two games left and no shot at the playoffs. Of course it would be time to pack in the season. But more importantly, we'd have to figure out what all this means. Great first half of the season...BoSox-esqu late season collapse. Obviously the powers that be will have to look at the depth of this club. We can never compete with the Ravens or Packers of this league with this paper-thin team.
  21. New issue of SI features 1986 Bengals

    Esiason--"Nothing hurts." --except maybe his a-- when he has a thought.
  22. A Jets fan's playoff prediction

    Somebody needs to contact Daniel Tosh and inform him there's a kid in dire need of a web redemption. Still, it's not as embarrassing or hilarious as the recent "Factory of Sadness" rant by a Brownie pinhead wearing a long snappers uniform. Yeah, that clip of the Browns fan was great. The ironic thing about this clip is that the kid is right on. If you can hear through his sobbing, he's making alot of sense. Probably more sense than most Jets fans. I know that Browns kid's father. He was actually shooting that video. They are season ticket holders and still never miss a home game. He's good guy.
  23. Playoff scenarios/Division tie-breakers

    That's possible I suppose, but who do you see the Bengals losing to? I assume its the Steelers, Texans and Ravens. I have a hard time believing that they will lose to both Pittsburgh and Houston, simply because that would mean 4 losses in 5 games. Anything is possible... but from my perspective, this team has too much of the "it" factor to go on that kind of losing skid. That said, I'm not convinced that 10-6 gets them in the playoffs either. They absolutely must take care of business against the good teams remaining on the schedule. Those would be the three I'd be most concerned about. Obviously Houston won't be as big of an issue with their QB situation now, but they still got a strong running game and a good defense. I wouldn't rule out an upset at this point either though. I can see a scenario where the Bengals get fired up for the Steelers and Raven sequels and let off the gas against the Cards or the Rams. While I'd think losing to either is unlikely, last week's squeaker vs. the Browns makes me realize those are not gimme games. Just think, we were a 'Brad St. Louis' away from that one being different.
  24. Playoff scenarios/Division tie-breakers

    I said before the season that we'd be between 7 and 9 wins and I stick to that. I think we finish 9-7 and, unfortunately, I think we miss the playoffs. But you know what? Given all our circumstances this season, I'm ok with that. Would I be disappointed? Sure. But I hope our fanbase doesn't build itself up for a major letdown. The 'pundits' said we'd be the worst team in the NFL. We have a lot to build on. 9-7 or 10-6 and missing the playoffs by a hair would not be the end of our world and hope if that happens, we'll all be able to maintain perspective.
  25. Cleveland @ Cincinnati ... game thread

    Ok, our train has derailed long ago. This Bengals/Browns thread has become about selling out and tickets. So...