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  1. Packers Game.

    Eric Trampled-check was super durable!
  2. Packers Game.

    Ross out due to knee injury.
  3. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Ok, thanks Army. That helps, Sammy Watkins is on my team and blew up on Thurs night football, something like 22 points. Great! Until you read further and discover that he's now in concussion protocol. They better figure out a solution to the brain injury thing, or the NFL will live up to its nickname - Not For Long.
  4. Run On Your Own Gas

    The front office's motto is "Run on your own hubris."
  5. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Even though he inexplicably picked him, is Hoosier allowed to actually put Jay Cutler on his active roster? Can he really, really, play crappy old Jay Cutler this week against the force for righteousness and justice that is my team of champions? For the Eagle Scouts that make up the roster of COB's HGH Farm to have to share the field with the likes of Jay Cutler is a corruption, a debasement. The gentlemen on COB's HGH Farm inform humanity, while Jay Cutler looks like he just finished his shift at a Valvoline Instant Oil Change in Muncie, Indiana. This is truly a riot against common decency. Someone do something.
  6. Zampese just got fired

    I'd guess they're there already. They need to: 1. Scout and pick well. 2. When they whiff, admit it and try to fix it. Don't just stick your head in the sand and play the picks based on their salary and draft slot.
  7. Is Andy Next?

    When we ponder if this team has lost faith in Dalton, there is no one answer. The players - I'd say they haven't so much lost faith, but they are football players who have eyes. Some team leaders were certainly verbal after that last loss. The front office - Mike has faith in his system, which includes stupid levels of allowing contracts to dictate what we all think should be football decisions. If Dalton has another horrible game, I think they'll bench him. And a lot of that benching will, in my opinion, be due to players who are almost in open revolt. Mike can thank himself. Everyone knows this is very likely Marvin's last year. I don't think the players really care what Marvin says or does, they know they'll be playing for someone else next year. So they'll bitch all they want. A lame duck coach, a beggar's dynasty in bad decline, and veteran players who won't keep their mouths shut. That's the list of ingredients in this shit storm. Let's have fun and play together!
  8. Is Andy Next?

    I loved Kaepernick's game when they went to the Super Bowl. But last season while he was full time backup and full time distraction, I heard he had stopped lifting and had lost significant weight and speed. Mike probably wouldn't be adverse to bringing him in, but both our guys would have to be completely wrecked before he would do it, like a broken leg on one and a spine injury on the other.
  9. Is Andy Next?

    If they're going with this o-line, Andy has no chance to succeed. No one does. The best they can do in re-animate Fran Tarkenton, or find his modern incarnation. But even if you could find a super elusive running QB and bring him in, how long would it take to get him up to speed on our offense, in sync with our receivers and backs, etc? All season. At this point I'd be stunned if every game this year wasn't QB'd by Andy or Andy 2.0. Hopefully they can both stay somewhat vertical.
  10. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Skyline getting owned by the ball and chain, and Army's offspring is putting a beating on pre-season favorite Loch Ness. Quite a week.
  11. Is Andy Next?

    Wait, there's more! On the Score App someone named Flip Livingstone published a story that Florio said sources in the locker room are saying some of the players want Kaepernick. How much would you pay now? WAIT! There's more!
  12. Is Andy Next?

    Watching Rodgers and Matt Ryan on Sunday night football. They look like a different species playing QB than Dalton. The ball comes out so much faster, spinning in such a better spiral, more accurate, flatter trajectory, the list goes on. I watch the Bengals so much, then I see these guys throw and I can hardly believe it.
  13. Is Andy Next?

    If he continues his woeful play against the Packers, I think Andy's going to get benched.
  14. Zampese just got fired

    Arun Srinivasan reports ( on the Score App on my phone) that Marvin faced a near insurrection from his players after the Texans game. Which means AJ Green wasn't the only one complaining about the game plan. He had to make the change or it sounds like he was in danger of the cliche', "losing the team." Zampese obviously lost them when, with a straight face, he called 3 straight pass plays to Errickson with the game on the line.
  15. Army @ Ohio State.

    Damn, Clemson's defense looks incredible.