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  1. Auden Tate, WR - 7th Round

    This dude is getting rave reviews. He showed up in mini camp and lived up to the hype. https://www.bengals.com/news/tate-will-try-to-reach-roster
  2. 2018 season

    More baloney coming out of PBS about how great Ced looks under Lazor’s brilliant tutelage. Newest theme is that he’s a legitimate threat to start at right tackle. Hurry up and get your jungle pass now, select a seat in a very high row so you have someplace to jump from when they run this dude out there again.
  3. It’s like the fire department is loading a still steaming dumpster onto a flatbed to be hauled away. Mike pops up from the smoldering garbage inside, yells, “Wait! There’s more!”, pours gasoline over himself and lights a match.
  4. What was worse: ‘16 they let Marvin Jones, Mohamed Sanu, and Reggie Nelson walk out of here, OR ’17 they let Zeitler and Whitworth walk out of here. Honey I Shrunk the Team!
  5. 2018 season

    Just got the following offer from the Bengals, who appareantly know that I’m cheap. 1. I pay them 200 bucks. 2. They let me attend all 8 home games and both preseason games under the following circumstances: a. No consistent seat. They assign me whatever seat they want before every game. b. No paper tickets. They only send an e-ticket to my phone. c. Hardly any advance notice of seat. They send the e-ticket to my phone a few hours before every game. d. Although not specified in the offer, I infer from the language, terms, etc., that I would not be considered a traditional season ticket holder, and therefore would not get the attendant benefits that come with that status. I’m thinking about doing it. Thoughts from season ticket holders and folks who attend a lot of games? I’d likely miss 2 or 3 regular season games, and I’d likely skip both preseason games.
  6. 3 back surgeries and can’t get going after the 3rd. Next.
  7. Yep, Pumpkin and Troy have seemingly receded into the woodwork, while Mike apparently swam in that pool full of UFO meteors from that old Cocoon movie and reset the clock to 1989. I’ll be at my nearest bridge, jumping off it.
  8. Eifert’s hurt again. The team won’t specify what’s wrong, media calling it a mystery injury. Also, clipboard QB just collected a DUI.
  9. Yes I hope he can play. But if so we’ll likely have to watch as his one year of decent play coupled with his potential earn him a stupid contract elsewhere. Won’t happen anyway, he’s just that type of guy who can’t translate what he does in drills to actual game play.
  10. I’m not buying this bullshit for one second.
  11. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    "If I could just get this truss buckled... argghh...gaahhh!"
  12. Rule Changes

    Yep. Guys today are giants compared to 30 or 40 years ago. But the brain is still encased in a bone container, floating in the same fluid.
  13. Rd. 3 78&79

    None other than AJ Green is singing Ross’ praises this year. He’s pretty reticent most of the time, which in my mind lends even more credence to the good things he’s saying about Ross.
  14. 2018 Reds

    True, the reds are currently in the middle of their 20 year rebuild plan. The tribe had it there for a couple years, but things are slowly coming undone. As I previously stated, the bullpen is failing, but that’s not all there is to it. They let Carlos Santana go to the Phillies in the off season. Dude was kind of a strange fellow, but it’s becoming clear to me that he was a very respected leader of the Hispanic players on the team. Without him, there seems to be an intangible missing. We’ll see who they can get when teams become sellers, things could change. Until then if they can just stay at .500, it would be a huge success.
  15. UDFA signings

    My neighbor's dachshund exhibits more aggression and resolve than GoByeMe. Thor Hair D2 guy makes the roster, or my name isn't Sandra Atticwizard.