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  1. Speaking of heart, have you guys seen Wonder Woman? I just rewatched it. I cried through the whole second half of it, and I was so inspired that I only got two burritos at the Macdonalds drive thru this morning instead of three.
  2. I forgot Fisher was out. Something like a heart murmur or an irregular heartbeat.
  3. I'm phoning this shit in, just like Marvin.
  4. Well, now that our backup gets to leave and we get nothing, our backups backup just broke his arm. We’re so snakebit right now that (insert amusing allegory for how snakebit we are here.)
  5. It continues - every decision they’ve made in the last year or so has blown up in their faces.
  6. Olympics General Thread

    Latvia's female athletes are all 10s.
  7. Olympics General Thread

    Parade of Nations. Norway plays for keeps in the Winter Olympics. Be afraid! Germany's uniforms look like they've adopted Mogatu's Derelict' line. Terrible.
  8. Olympics General Thread

    I'm a huge fan of the olympics, I love both the summer and winter games. The opening ceremony is on right now. So far that maniac from the north hasn't nuked it so it's an unqualified success.
  9. NFL Playoffs

    You didn’t miss much. The new nfl means defense barely exists, old men quarterbacks throw for a million yards, records get broken right and left, and you watch truck, beer, and insurance ads until your brain falls out.
  10. The Bengals only want him back because they think he’ll be cheap, then their new wizard OL coach can get him to outperform his deal. I think this is posturing and they’ll try to move on from this dude. Or they’ll sign him as a depth guy and start a free agent.
  11. NFL Playoffs

    Don’t they though? Just have to be patient.
  12. NFL Playoffs

    How sweet. Watching Tawmy lose never gets old. Our kicker nailed a clutch kick in the 4th, pretty cool for a rookie.
  13. NFL Playoffs

    Collinsworth’s voice sounds weird with Brady’s cock in his mouth.
  14. This dissatisfaction by Rogers is a reflection of a strange dynamic on NFL teams. The quarterback, especially very successful ones, is a very different person and professional than the rest of the team. He's sometimes a lot older, has been with the team a very long time, and is locked in with his position coach, and offensive coordinator, to a degree that is unusual even for the NFL. Guys like Rogers, Brady, Roethlisberger, etc., kind of have their own team. They are on a team with the position coach and the OC and sometimes the head coach. Then there is the other football team that everyone else is on. How much does Brady relate to or care about a 5th round cb the Pats draft? Not at all. These guys have ten year relationships with their main coaches. The other players come and go. It makes sense that Rodgers is pissed. Van Pelt was probably extremely close to him, possibly in his earpiece on game day.
  15. Made me think of Mike. He's made of rats. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWvBqbntNGg