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  1. If he doesn't win 8 games minimum, he's gone. If he does win 8 games, I'll be shocked.
  2. It's the NFL, just hope a spirited nut-kicking is all you (and your wallet) receive.
  3. True story - last time I used my sister's season tix to go to that stadium was 2000. Saw the Ravens destroy them. Cleveland never got past the 50 yard line the whole game. Their liquored-up fans didn't even give a shit, just like they wouldn't care if that place went up in flames. They welcome any excuse to riot and engage in violent and drunken civil disobedience. Remember the beer bottle thunderstorm those refs had to endure? How about blow up disco records on dime beer night at a tribe game in Cleveland Stadium? They're crazy. That stadium turning into an inferno would be like Christmas to them.
  4. Red House kicks ass again, gets his guy a nice fat extension, now dude will be 28 and get his 3rd deal. That is just a different world, a different century, than the one Mike lives in.
  5. Holy crap, the Bengals are the best RPO team in the league. Let's have fun and RPO together!
  6. Oh my. I kind of wish the Bengals had read that one. Maybe they did but Paul knew better. We're effing doomed, and by "we" I mean Andy's cognitive abilities.
  7. Sorry, not sure how I posted two blank posts on this thread.
  8. The NFL received a rash of shit the last couple years over domestic violence. Ray Rice, etc. I saw ESPN blab on about Mixon and repeatedly refer to the league's stance on domestic violence. This wasn't domestic violence. DV has a whole different dynamic to it. And the league should be concerned with it. If you read the news you will notice repeated occurrences of domestic violence murders. It happens all the time. The so-called sports media that covers the NFL is too lazy to bother with anything more complex than, "Oh my God! Outrage!" They just lump it in as DV because a woman was involved, which truly means nothing. You can have the same domestic violence/batterer dynamic going on in a gay couple where both partners are men. As the year progresses watch the stories they run, it'll be a sort of, "watch how the Bengals handle Mixon in light of the league office's stance on domestic violence." Just stupid.
  9. Give a dimwit a $600 titanium driver and he won't hit 300 yard drives with it. He'll probably just bash the side of your house with it.
  10. Good draft class, but a GREAT draft. I'm speaking specifically about Roger Goodell wiping a booger on the back of a one-legged girl. He's so hardcore, he doesn't give two shits what anyone thinks. I honestly didn't think the Gasmask Bongface draft could be topped. But Goodell plays for fucking keeps, and he topped it.
  11. Both my football teams, the Bengals and the buckeyes, really sucked at placekicking last year. Hoping for a better showing this year.
  12. The o-line got dominated, you say? It'll be worse this year. The Bengals' plan regarding o-line remains a mystery. Sadly, I suspect they let Obueghi flounder for a while, throw up their hands, then determine who can more capably handle LT between Fisher and Andre Smith, move them there and keep rolling. I just can't see another strategy right now.
  13. I'm almost done building my alternate reality machine. I'll get with you when it's finished.
  14. Went to the local theater and saw "The Promise," a movie that has a tragic love story taking place during the Armenian Genocide, 1915-1920 or so. Pretty good movie, beautiful scenery. The brutality and killing is mostly implied or from a distance, so it got a pg-13 rating. Worth a look.
  15. I failed to emphasize I see 4 or 5 starters in '18, not '17. This year we'll get starter type contributions from Ross, Mixon, and the kicker. I say starter like because there is no true starter at platoon type positions like RB and to some extend DE. By 2018 the center, Dielman, could easily beat out Bodine and be starting. Also by then one of the DEs will likely be in the regular rotation (I'm counting that as starting), it'll probably be the kid from Kansas State.