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Week 14: Colts @ Bengals Game Thread


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Colts coming in molten-hot, winners of 4 straight. Good news is they are without star RB Jonathan Taylor. Bad news is Gardner Minshew is playing like an all-pro.

Week 15 note: league has announced Vikes tilt will be a normal 1 pm game. Week 18 timing vs. Cleveland still TBD.

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  • HoosierCat changed the title to Week 14: Colts @ Bengals Pregame Thread

Elsewhere around the afc north this weekend:

Pats @ Steelers: Thursday night game. Should be easy meat for Pitt.

Rams @ Ravens: I’d expect the Ravens to take this.

Jags @ Browns: Trevor Lawrence has a high ankle sprain per reports today. They aren’t ruling him out, but I highly doubt he plays. So you’re welcome Clowns.

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39 minutes ago, TJJackson said:

can we sign godzilla?

I am thinking he can be a three down player on both offense and defense, and would probably be a better than average kick and punt return guy

min vet contract plus incentives (no throwing loaded subways cars across town, stuff like that)

Unfortunately Godzilla is classified as an atomic weapon, and because the NFL is run by a bunch of Second Amendment-hating commies, atomic weapons are banned from use. Buncha pansies…

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Panthers' TE Hayden Hurst's father, Jerry Hurst, tweeted that his son has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Amnesia by an independent neurologist from the hit he took in Chicago on Nov. 9. "Slow recovery, don't know when he'll be back," his father tweeted. “Prayers appreciated!"

Wow that sucks. Hope he’s ok long term.

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Post Traumatic Amnesia can strike in one of two ways:

1.  Retrograde:  they lose the ability to recall events that occurred immediately before the injury.

2.  Anterograde: they lose the ability to form new memories.  These people are confused and unhappy (for obvious reasons).

I have a family member that suffered a serious brain injury and suffered from both of these.  The anterograde resolved itself.  The retrograde did not and probably won’t.  She can’t remember anything about at least a week before her accident.  We think she’s lost a few months but she is not forthcoming about her symptoms.  

Hurst may make it back next year.  He’s probably going to be pretty susceptible to concussions in the future, though.  Might be a tough condition to deal with while trying to play in the NFL.

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Ugh, that's tough. My best to your relative, COB. And thanks for the info.

As to Hayden, obviously I'm not a doctor or anything but yeah, I would think that once your gray matter starts getting scrambled this noticeably it might be time to call it a career.

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25 minutes ago, TJJackson said:

turns out we have a "phenomenal" TE on the team, so we clearly dont need to draft one :-)

your guess is probably wrong

Cincinnati Bengals Coaches Heap Praise on Unsung Star of Monday's Upset at Jacksonville (profootballnetwork.com)

Mu guess was right! He is UNSTOPPABLE!

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Great to see Sample contributing.  I’m glad when talking about how he’s played at his new role of 3rd down blocking running back for one game, the coaches never mentioned how he’s filled his original role the last 5 seasons.  That’s right Drew Sample, I don’t forget!

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  • HoosierCat changed the title to Week 14: Colts @ Bengals Game Thread

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