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Bengals Sign Orlando Brown


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I’m in total shock. I totally expected him to reset the market with a deal from Chicago. Getting him on that deal is simply unreal.

Explains why they haven’t been worrying about Perine, Hurst and company. They were busy frying the bigger fish. Kudos to the front office for pulling this off.

Frees up the draft, covers Collins not being ready and protects having to over pay Jonah as a free agent next year. Simply brilliant move that hurts rivals !!

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Well, it might be a 20 foot tentpole if the guy was an ORT rather than an OLT

or rather, if he was W I L L I N G to play ORT.

He isnt

As such, our biggest problem remains unresolved despite spending a big chunk of stadium naming rights money that was supposed to go to New Guy

I am also really still reeling from the losses of Bell, Perine, and Hurst.  All on contracts that were well within our means to pay. all heart and soul leaders of this team. 

So those losses aside, do we just park Jonah at 2nd string OLT?  I think moving him to ORT will end up being a really really really bad thing

What to do with Jonah for one year.

What indeed




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