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Worst Draft Pick


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Saw a thread on FB Bengals group asking for opinions on what draft pick turned out to be the biggest flop in franchise history.

Picks like Akili Smith, John Ross, David Klinger, Billy Price etc.

From someone who's been following since franchise birth, I don't see any pick playing out any worse than the 1976 first round pick of Archie Griffin, TWO TIME HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER!!

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Akili Smith, not just because he busted but looking at what might have been with the Saints deal. Rumor has it that they offered the Bengals more than they ended up giving the WFT  (6 picks in that years draft, a first and third in the next year's) to move down to 12.  What could we have done with that haul????

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Orson Charles sighting!


 Former NFL tight end Orson Charles was arrested and charged after pulling a gun on two off-duty police officers in Ybor City, Florida on Saturday night according to police reports. 

The dispute was over a parking spot according to WTSP in Tampa Bay.

Charles, 31, was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and carrying a concealed firearm. 


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