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General AFC North thread


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I just wanted one collapsed place to talk about the division moving forward.

Week 7 games:

Denver @ Cleveland, Thursday night
Cincinnati @ Baltimore
Pittsburgh is on their bye week.

Tomorrow's game is a big one. Given their extreme injury report and Mayfield's shoulder, I think the Browns might just plain be screwed for 2021. We'll get a very good idea of that when they face Denver at home, a team that I would call plainly inferior on paper if everyone's healthy. If it goes as badly as I think it might, then I think they're toast and Pittsburgh will be a bigger threat in 2021. What a huge break it'd be for the Bengals if a premier division competitor fell off the map, both for their division and wild card prospects.

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Cleveland’s QB is obviously hurt.  For the cardinals game, both their starting tackles were out.  Watt beat up on their backups.  Cleveland’s D line is obviously good, but other than that they are not what anyone expected.  

Ben will wear down and get worse as the season goes on.  He can’t move.  

It does seem to be us vs the Ravens for the division.  I’m not expecting to beat them on the road on Sunday, but just compete with them and maybe put it out at the end or in OT.  Jackson is a weapon, watching him this year is scary.  On third down if no one gets open he seems to always pick it up.  But we’ve got good players too!  

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  Player Position Injury Mon Tues Wed
Odell Beckham Jr. WR Shoulder DNP DNP DNP Questionable
Nick Chubb RB Calf DNP DNP DNP Out
Jadeveon Clowney DE Ankle/Chest/Knee LP LP LP Questionable
Jack Conklin T Knee DNP DNP LP Questionable
Myles Garrett DE Knee/Ankle FP FP FP (-)
A.J. Green CB Shoulder/Groin DNP DNP DNP Out
Malik Jackson DT Knee LP LP LP Questionable
Baker Mayfield QB Left Shoulder DNP LP DNP Out
Malik McDowell DT Elbow/Foot FP FP FP (-)
Takkarist McKinley DE Ankle LP FP FP (-)
Greg Newsome II CB Calf FP FP FP (-)
David Njoku TE Knee LP LP FP (-)
Malcolm Smith LB Abdomen DNP LP LP Questionable
JC Tretter C Knee DNP DNP LP Questionable
Denzel Ward CB Neck FP FP FP (-)
Greedy Williams CB Knee FP FP FP (-)
Jedrick Wills Jr. T Ankle DNP DNP LP Questionable
Mack Wilson LB Calf LP LP LP Questionable
Jordan Elliott DT Neck   LP FP (-)


Gonna learn a whole lot about the Cleveland Browns tonight.

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1 hour ago, HoosierCat said:

Baker could potentially be out for some time…


With a fractured humerus Baker will have time to make like ten more Progressive ads where he acts like he lives in the stadium, then when they start showing up on the tube I can jump off a very high bridge.  

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Dude, that game was just painful to watch.
One of those where no one deserved to win.

Those Mayfield commercials where he lives in the stadium are just ridiculous.
1 maybe 2 ??  Ok, clever. 
10 ??  Hire someone new to come up with creative content.

Mayfield saying he hopes it heals quick so he can play next week is hilarious.
Someone might want to discuss how broken bones work with him.

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Look, I have no idea why Palmer brought Tomlin's name into the mix.
However, it has been mentioned that Palmer is still involved to some degree at USC.  To what degree, I have no idea.
Enough to bring Tomlin's name up ??  Possibly.

So when a reporter hears Palmer say Tomlin's name regarding the USC job and that same reporter then asks Tomlin about it, he's wrong?
What's not to like?  When I heard that Palmer brought it up yesterday, I immediately thought... why doesn't someone just ask Tomlin?
Well, they did and got an answer.  A shitty, snide answer, but an answer nonetheless.

What I don't understand is what the premise behind bringing up Payton and Reid was?
Were they somehow connected to USC as well?  Is it because he's black and they are white?
Is it because they have had success as well as Tomlin?  I don't get the connection.

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16 minutes ago, membengal said:

Yeah, Palmer is such an irritant.

Thing is, knowing how Palmer and his family have always been deeply tied in to the SoCal sports scene, I believe him when he says Tomlin's name has come up. Of course that doesn't mean anything is actually happening, but I completely buy that he's been mentioned among USC's sports brain trust.

I doubt anything happens, but you can make very Marvin-ish case that it's time for the Steelers to move on. Tomlin's been there 15 years and while he's led them to excellent regular season results (148-81 so far) all their postseason success is way back in the rearview mirror. The only Super Bowl they've won under Tomlin was in his second year (2008) and that was arguably Cowher's team, even if Mike was on the sideline. They went back in 2010, lost the big game, and in the 10 seasons since they're 3-6 in the playoffs, including four one-and-done Wild Card losses and a fifth where they beat us then promptly exited the following weekend.

With this looking like Ben's last year, there's an argument to be made for a fresh start. I don't think its likely unless they really crater, but the case is there nonetheless.

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