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Week 2: Bengals @ Bears Pregame Chatter


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So, since I'm up here in Chicagoland, I tuned into the morning show on the local espn station during my drive to work today. Needless to say, they aren't happy, and seem to view next week's game as a must-win for the Bears. "If they can't beat the Bengals I don't know who they can beat." So as far as they're concerned we're still the same trash team, though they couldn't help but give some grudging respect to the effort against Minnesota.

On offense they're already screaming for Justin Fields, arguing (with legitimate justification, I think) that Dalton doesn't bring anything special, can't stretch the field, isn't a big running threat, etc., and all appear to believe that Fields will be behind center sooner rather than later, but not next Sunday.

They thought and I agree that the oline played well all things considered, though by well, they meant at a C/C+ level. Gave props (deserved) to Montgomery.

As for the defense they are concerned it's past its prime, despite having some big names. (Oddly they also seemed to think it could hold the Bengals o to few enough points that the putrid Bears o could score enough to win, so...) Pointed out that the d gave up an average of 7.7 yards per play, which was the fourth worst in 20 years, and if you took out Stafford's kneel downs at the end of the game, it was 8.5 yards, the worst in 20 years.

Finally, if you think Bengals fans hate Zac Taylor, you ought to hear the hate-on they've got up here for Matt Nagy.

Knowing the local bozos, by Friday they'll be predicting a 100-0 Bears victory. I'll keep you updated.

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Nothing official yet obviously but among the reporters coving the Bears there doesn’t seem to be much expectation that they will get either Jason Peters or second stringer Larry Borom back at LT by next weekend. So that would put third stringer Elijah Wilkinson out there again. He played ok last night but I have to think that’s a big fat target for Lou.

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Game on the road.  It will be close.   I hope they name Fields the starter during the week but my fear is Dalton retains starting position and is yanked or knocked out in a close battle and the home crowds vibes make it even more difficult.

Another thing to worry about is Mixon having 150 total yards and Burrow still seeing the turf 5 times.   That's just got to get cleaned up. 

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It’s never easy to win on the road in the NFL. But I’d rather face Andy. I recall too many games where they got eaten alive by some rookie or journeyman QB.

As for the protection issues…well…I hope they can clean things up but many of the problems came at places where they divested themselves of potential solutions. Hopkins had a bad game, but Billy Price is a Giant now and all we got behind Trey is Hill, a rookie. So let’s hope Hopkins can regroup. One sack was on Perine, who at least in pass pro is apparently not Gio Bernard. Clearly he needs to do better.

I do think either the coaches or Burrow have to see a top flight pass rusher lined up over Drew “easy meat” Sample and change the play or call a TO or something. 

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