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Jaguars @ Bengals Game Thread


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Not sure about AJ at this point.     He's drawn the best coverage guy the last 2 games.    The ball is being spread around.

That being said there are 3 plays that completely change the conversation

1. Ref keeps the flag in his pocket.  That's a game winning throw/catch by Burrow and Green and quite frankly people have a completely different view of the season at 1-1-1

2. AJ wide open against Chargers overthrown.  Probably wins the game there too.

3. AJ caught the ball, ruled initially as a catch.  Correctly overturned opening play against the Browns.   A little better throw and that's a huge play.

So we'll see how it plays out.   I don't think other team's are going to keep their best coverage guy on Green IF he's not a threat and allowing Burrow to make hay with other targets.     Burrow has two 300+ yard games without a big factor from Green.  So it would not shock me that some in depth film room study shows coverage being rolled to AJ and he's seeing bracket and such.


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36 minutes ago, COB said:

Are you actually going to the game?

I am indeed. BengalsCaptain on Twitter did a re-tweet giveaway to make two pairs of tickets available for face and I won one of the sets. Paid $154 for two - section 124 row 11 in the north end zone. Flying out of baltimore Saturday night. 

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58 minutes ago, COB said:



the above twitter link can make your head explode so beware.

Fuck this guy. And fuck Taylor for keeping him on staff. Joe Burrow is a once in a lifetime talent and they’re going to destroy him. 

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10 hours ago, COB said:

That explains how Turner got hired.  Also explains why he hasn’t been fired.  Wake up Zac, your loyalty to this guy will destroy your head coaching career.  Toxic motherfuckers like that will gladly drag you down with them.

None of that’s new.   Twitter is trash and so is the Bengals O-line.

That doesn’t make Turner a good line coach but people are kidding themselves a coaching change is all that’s needed. 
A bigger threat to Taylor’s career is Tobin failing to provide a baseline of competent OL talent for many years. 

It was the same with Alexander.   They blamed him for Bodine despite Marvin hand picking him. 

Currently there isn’t a top half starter among the line.  

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Maybe it’s because Bengal fans know the Brown family is what it is and that therefore work up in their mind the position coach controls everything.

But you don’t let All Pro Left Tackles walk in Free Agency especially with the league difficulties of drafting young lineman. 

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Turner learned from watching Alexander - kiss the Brown family’s ass, endorse publicly all their stupid o-line decisions, act like you love the players you get because that’s all you’re getting.  All this equals job security.  I’m not ok with it.  Zac Taylor should not be ok with it.

Silver lining - we Tank 2.0 and extract a King’s ransom from the highest bidder for Trevor Lawrence.  Instant line fix.

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