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Mike Brown Thought of the Day


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"Anybody on Bengalszone know how to fix a Lumina??"

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Back when I was at Dartmouth, This was 19 and 56 mind you, we were third in the Ivy and were 8th in the nation in touchdowns rushing.  I myself was 8th in rushing touchdowns, mind you, And first inthe nation in points scored. I will just say that Big Cedric is one hoot and nanny of a player better than my old Left Tackle...   yes sir.... yeeeees sirrre

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Uhh, Mikey boy? my gramma is dead. I think I've mentioned that a few (dozen) times :-)

Mike: "so this extra international player we get to keep - we'll draft him in the first round so we get the best one" *old man cackle followed by old man coughing spasm* "and no one will expect that, by gum! We'll show those other owners who's the boss round here!"

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