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I though Katie and Troy and Duke were taking over


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What happened?  Several years ago Mike made a lot of comments how The Blackburns were stepping in and he was receding into the margins.

Now, Marvin seems to speak only to Mike, the draft has Mike's receiver-prone fingerprints all over it, and we're on the verge of heading into another ice age.  What is going on down there?  

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They probably did.  There’s no accountability from Mike so when things get fucked up all of sudden Mike is running things. 

I disagree they aren’t heading into an ice age.  Quite a bit of talent.

In my mind it’s a question can they cash in?

Doubt it and everyone will revert they didn’t control anything all they did was take puppet positions and take millions.  Mike really was pulling the strings,lol

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I'm too bitter to really get into this and I recall too many posters from days past that simply bitched all the time.
While I don't really want to get into it too much, I will say this:

I'm just too sick and tired of this organization to try to figure out who's to blame anymore.
I've been saying Fuck Mike Brown lately, but that really should be aimed at the entire front office.

While there may be talent on this team, it's even more damning of those in charge that it's hasn't resulted in anything.
Don't tell me about making the playoffs or AFCN titles.  They say they are in the business of winning Super Bowls.

Well they suck at it.

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I would simply offer up that regardless of what someone does, they probably want to be the best at it, or at least thought to be good at it.
If they are in the business of simply making as much money by doing as little as possible, they are great at it.
The business of winning super bowls ??  They must be thinking of a bingo door prize with really big bowls.

I just hate everything about this organization and I hope fans decide their time is more valuable than wasting it on the Bengals.
That is truly the only thing that will force them to make any type of change.
Sadly, I think people just can't help themselves.

2018 is OUR year !!!

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7 hours ago, ShulaSteakhouse said:

Well it's become obvious the major sticking point for Marvin, was the ability to pick his own coaching staff.  

Can't argue with the moves.  Won't mean a whole lot in the short term unless they replace some players as well, like 6-7 starters ideally.

Marvin plays the Mike Brown card everytime the team sinks.

If Ced, Bodine, and Fisher weren’t huge misses, he’d be sitting up there letting sports media give him and Tobin credit for the turn around like he did when he was winning the division. 

2 years from now we can blame Darrin Simmons.

You can argue with the moves because no President of Football Operations was brought in with power to dictate the cap, draft, and staffing. 


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The Bengals might have won that 2005 playoff game vs. the Steelers.  If they would have won, they would have then played Denver in Denver.  THEN if they would have won that game they would have had to play Peyton Manning and the Colts in Indianapolis OR have had to play New England.  I think there is a slim chance they could have beaten the Broncos.  I don't think they had a chance to beat the Colts.  The 2005 Bengals defense was just not very good.  They created turnovers and that was it.

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At that point in time I don't think I would have cared as much.  Finally winning a playoff game against the Steelers at home ??  Yeah, that would have carried me through the offseason.
Instead we all witnessed the end of what should have been something special for the Bengals. 

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