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Bengals @ Ravens game thread


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So we are sitting with 10th pick in the draft before the final weekend of games. A Bengals win and other teams around us losing would end up with us picking 12th worst case scenario. ??

Who would / should we go for?

Offencive Line - this may depend on how the coaches view Ooglie's development and if the doctors think Fisher will be able to play again?? 

LB - Burfict misses too many games and the D misses him when he's not on the field?? 

CB - Will the team pick up the option on Pacmans contract or cut him before 1st June and lose just $666,668 in dead money

QB - will a new HC want a new trigger man ??

TE - will Eifert ever be able to play a full season??

WR - will Ross ever be able to play??

RB - lacking depth ??

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New coach will have a big say in what position get priority.  If Alexander is still here he'll probably say he's fine with what he's got.  That's job security when you work for Mike.  Play your high draft picks for the life of their contracts and don't complain.

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4 minutes ago, Stripes said:

Silver lining (y'all probably don't care) if the Bengals win this game is that it can end the Bills' obscene playoff drought.  I'm pulling for those blue bastards.

Yeah, but I really don't think the Bengals will hold on to this 4 point lead.

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