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Breaking News: Adam Schefter reporting Marvin Lewis is OUT


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With reports that Marvin hasn't been happy with the fact Mike Brown has "Penny pinched" in salary for the other coaches, color me unsurprised.
That report being true would also give me great pause in celebrating Marvin leaving.  While I like it, it's not enough.

I suppose they go dumpster diving in their search for a new head coach and their will be little to no other changes.
It's not enough to get me to care about the Bengals again.

Truly ??  Who cares ??

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Not a shock really.  This was the final year in the Hue transition plan that Mike agreed to but wouldn't put in contract terms.  

Marvin took a final shot at erasing his goose egg in the playoffs and now IMO he's getting the jump on the news cycle making seem like he's breaking up with the Bengals instead of them moving on.


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1 hour ago, cincyhokie said:

I'll be done with this team if they hire within the organization.

Mark and I will meet up at a bar somewhere and talk about how we used to be Bengals fans.

Yeah that'll be it for me permanently - just enough, although I'm not hopeful it'll change either way.  As you can see, assistants are tired of the cheapness also - you can't keep or hire good coaches if you aren't going to pay them.  Same with players.   The old "you get what you pay for." And in the Bengals' case, that's a whole lot of losing and coming-up short.

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I really really want to be a bengals fan, I really want to like the NFL again, but a hiring from within will make it very hard for me to change my mind again.

With the way this team operates though it scares me that Darrin Simmons will be that guy, or maybe Paul Gunther. I just feel like this would be a huge mistake.

Just a little nervous about what they will choose to do. Hopefully they bring somebody in to make the right choices for them.

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It's going to take FAR more before I jump back on board.  Marvin is just the tip.
They have to hire from outside the organization, Alexander has to be gone, Mike should give up total control.

Those are the next three things for me to even think of buying back into this team.
Problem for me is that would anyone expect Pumpkin to really operate any differently from big daddy ??

Have to admit that I've started employing the team's "hope and pray" philosophy for myself.
I "hope and pray" the city not paying them money results in them leaving town earlier than 2026.


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